Subonoba insculpta, copyright Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Rissooidea.

Subonoba is a New Zealand genus of rissooid gastropods with a thin shell ornamented with spiral cords but no axial ornament, and with a continuous, usually thin peristome.

<==Subonoba Iredale 1915 P61
|–*S. fumata (Suter 1898) [=Rissoa fumata] P61
|–S. alpha Powell 1955 P61
|–S. aupouria Powell 1940 P61
|–S. beta Powell 1955 P61
|–S. delicatula Powell 1933 P61
|–S. delta Powell 1955 P61
|–S. edita Powell 1939 P61
|–S. fallai Powell 1955 P61
|–S. fouveauxiana (Suter 1898) P61
|–S. gamma Powell 1955 P61
|–S. inornata Powell 1933 P61
|–S. insculpta (Murdoch 1905) P61
|–S. morioria Powell 1933 P61
|–S. oliveri Powell 1955 P61
|–S. parvula Powell 1931 P61
|–S. paucicostata Powell 1931 P61
|–S. sorenseni Powell 1955 P61
`–S. tenuistriata Powell 1933 P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[P61] Powell, A. W. B. 1961. Shells of New Zealand: An illustrated handbook 4th ed. Whitcombe and Tombs Limited: Christchurch.

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