Diplognathodus aff. stevensi, from Chernykh et al. (2013).

Belongs within: Spathognathodontidae.

The Sweetognathidae are a Carboniferous to Permian lineage of conodonts bearing alate Sa elements with a long, denticulated posterior process, and carminiscaphate Pa elements with a relatively short anterior blade (Sweet 1988).

<==Sweetognathidae [Sweetognathinae]
    |  i. s.: Homoiranognathus Ritter 1986S88
    |           `--*H. huecoensisS88
    |--Rabeignathus Kozur 1978S88
    |--Iranognathus Kozur, Mostler & Rahimi-Yazd 1976S88
    |    |--I. taraziS88
    |    `--I. unicostatusS88
    |--Isarcicella Kozur 1975S88
    |    |--I. changxingensis [=Hindeodus changxingensis]FP12
    |    |--I. inflata Perri & Farabegoli 2003FP12
    |    |--I. isarcica (Huchkriede 1958)FP12
    |    |--I. lobata Perri & Farabegoli 2003FP12
    |    |--I. peculiarisFP12
    |    |--I. priscaFP12
    |    `--I. staescheiFP12
    |--Diplognathodus Kozur & Merrill 1975S88
    |    |--D. coloradoensisS88
    |    |--D. edentulusS88
    |    |--D. ellipticusS88
    |    |--D. expansus Perlmutter 1975S88
    |    |--D. illinoisensisS88
    |    |--D. mooreiS88
    |    |--D. movshovitschiS88
    |    |--D. orphanusS88
    |    |--D. sakmariensisS88
    |    `--D. stevensiS88
    `--+--Sweetognathus Clark 1972S88
       |    |--S. adenticulatusS88
       |    |--S. iranicusS88
       |    |--S. merrilli Kozur 1975S88
       |    |--S. sweetiS88
       |    `--S. whitei (Rhodes 1963)S88
       `--Neostreptognathodus Clark 1972S88
            |--N. clineiS88
            |--N. newelliS88
            |--N. pequopensisS88
            |--N. pneviS88
            |--N. prayiS88
            |--N. ruzhenceviS88
            |--N. sulcoplicatusS88
            `--N. tschuvaschoviS88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FP12] Farabegoli, E., & M. C. Perri. 2012. Millennial physical events and the end-Permian mass mortality in the western Palaeotethys: timing and primary causes. In: Talent, J. A. (ed.) Earth and Life: Global biodiversity, extinction intervals and biogeographic perturbations through time pp. 719–758. Springer.

[S88] Sweet, W. C. 1988. The Conodonta: Morphology, taxonomy, paleoecology, and evolutionary history of a long extinct animal phylum. Clarendon Press: Oxford.

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