Golden-breasted fulvetta ‘Alcippe’ chrysotis, photographed by Yann Muzika.

Belongs within: Passerides.
Contains: Stenostiridae, Remizidae, Paridae, Alaudidae, Macrosphenidae, Acrocephalidae, Cisticolidae, Locustellidae, Bernieridae, Hirundinidae, Pycnonotidae, Sylviidae, Yuhina, Timaliidae, Pellorneidae, Alcippe, Leiothrichidae, Phylloscopus, Aegithalidae, Scotocercidae.

The Sylvioidea is a clade identified by molecular analysis that includes the Old World warblers and related taxa such as tits and bulbuls. Many of these taxa have been classified in the past into the family Sylviidae, but this taxon its broader sense has been shown to be polyphyletic. Most sylvioids are small insectivorous birds. The clade is most diverse in Eurasia and Africa; relatively few lineages have reached the Americas.

<==Sylviida [Acrocephalinae, Panurinae, Paradoxornithinae, Pomatorhinini, Suthorinae, Sylviinae, Sylviini]OF19
    |  `--Hyliota [Hyliotidae]OF19
    |       |--H. australisJT12
    |       |--H. flavigasterJT12
    |       |--H. usambaraJT12
    |       `--H. violaceaJT12
       |  `--ParidaeOF19
          |  `--Panurus Koch 1816B94 [PanuridaeOF19]
          |       `--P. biarmicus (L. 1758)K00
          `--+--Nicator [Nicatoridae]OF19
             |    |--N. chlorisJT12
             |    |--N. gularisJT12
             |    `--N. vireoJT12
                   |    |--+--Pnoepyga Hodgson 1844GC09 [PnoepygidaeKF-V21]
                   |    |  |    |--P. albiventerJT12
                   |    |  |    |--P. formosanaJT12
                   |    |  |    |--P. immaculataJT12
                   |    |  |    `--P. pusillaJT12
                   |    |  `--+--Graueria vittataOF19
                   |    |     `--AcrocephalidaeKF-V21
                   |    `--+--CisticolidaeKF-V21
                   |       `--+--LocustellidaeKF-V21
                   |          `--+--BernieridaeOF19
                   |             `--Donacobius [Donacobiidae]KF-V21
                   |                  |--D. atricapillaGC09 (see below for synonymy)
                   |                  `--D. vociferansB94
                         |    |--PycnonotidaeOF19
                         |    `--+--SylviidaeOF19
                         |       `--+--YuhinaOF19
                         |          `--+--TimaliidaeOF19
                         |             `--+--PellorneidaeOF19
                         |                `--+--AlcippeMF09
                         |                   `--LeiothrichidaeOF19
                                 |  `--ScotocercidaeOF19
                                      |--Hylia Cassin 1859JT12, B94 [Hyliinae]
                                      |    `--H. prasina (Cassin 1855)SPS03
                                      `--Pholidornis Hartlaub 1857SPS03, B94 [Pholidornithidae]
                                           `--P. rushiae (Cassin 1855)SPS03
Sylviida incertae sedis:
  Bebrornis rodericanusFP64, USDI77
  Trichocichla rufaFP64
    |--T. r. rufaHSS13
    `--T. r. cluneiHSS13
  Cichlornis grosvenoriFP64
  Calamodus Kaup 1829 [incl. Calamodyta Kaup 1829; Calamodytinae]B94
    `--‘Calamodyta’ newtoniS66
  Eroessa Hartlaub 1866H66
    `--*E. tenella Hartlaub 1866H66 [incl. Damia pusilla Pollen in Schlegel 1866 (n. n.)S66]
  Randia pseudozosteropsJT12
  Poliolais lopeziJT12
  Chaetornis striataJT12
  Amphilais seebohmiJT12
  Buettikoferella bivittataJT12
  Hemitesia neumanniJT12

Donacobius atricapillaGC09 [=Turdus atricapillusL03; incl. D. albolineatusL03, T. brasiliensisL03, Mimus brasiliensisL03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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