Syringopora sp., from here.

Belongs within: Syringoporoidea.

Syringopora is a genus of tabulate corals known from the Lower Carboniferous. Members of this genus have tubular corallites connected by horizontal tubes.

Syringopora Goldfuss 1826 [Syringoporinae]W77
|--S. auloporoidesF71
|--S. bellensis Etheridge 1898F71
|--S. dingmanaZP86
|--S. harveyiW77
|--S. mapingensisG31
|--S. multattenuataW77
|--S. novaecambrensis Etheridge 1899F71
|--S. porteri Etheridge 1899F71
|--S. ramulosaZP86
| |--S. r. ramulosaZP86
| `--S. r. apinaZP86
|--S. reticulataG31
|--S. serpens (Linnaeus 1758)C01, L58 [=Tubipora serpensC01]
|--S. spelaenus Etheridge 1902F71
|--S. surculariaZP86
`--S. syrinx Etheridge 1900F71

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[ZP86] Zhang, R., & J. Pojeta, Jr. 1986. New bivalves from the Datang Stage, Lower Carboniferous, Guangdong Province, China. Journal of Paleontology 60 (3): 669–679.

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