Creek lilly-pilly Syzygium australe, copyright Arthur Chapman.

Belongs within: Myrtaceae.

The Syzygieae are a group of myrtaceous trees and shrubs that usually produce terminal, paniculate inflorescences and fleshy fruits containing a single large seed (Wilson et al. 2005). Some species of Syzygium are cultivated for their edible fruits, such as the rose apple S. jambos and the wax apple S. samarangense, whereas the flower buds of clove S. aromaticum are used as a spice. Species of Syzygium have seeds with a papery testa and separate cotyledons whereas in Acmena the testa is absent and cotyledons are fused.

Characters (from Wilson et al. 2005): Trees, rarely shrubs; lacking simple hairs. Leaves opposite. Inflorescences mostly terminal and paniculate; perianth free or calyx calyptrate, petals often cohering and falling as a unit; stamens free, numerous; anthers versatile, dehiscing by longitudinal slits. Ovary inferior, mostly 2-locular; placentas axile or apical, ovules unitegmic and anatropous, pendulous or radiating; vascular supply to ovary axial. Fruit indehiscent, usually fleshy; seeds usually solitary; embryo usually with thick cotyledons, occasionally more or less ruminate, rarely leafy.

|--Anetholea anisataWO05
| |--A. graveolensWO05
| `--A. smithiiNC91
|--S. angophoroidesLK14
|--S. aromaticumH93
|--S. australeWO05
|--S. bamagenseB00
|--‘Eugenia’ benguellensisEB17
|--S. bourdilloniiING03
|--S. buxifoliumHTN02
|--S. caryophyllatumMMS02
|--S. cordatumDP72
|--S. cormiflorumB00
|--S. cuminiWO05
|--S. deiningeri Engler in Engler & v. Brehmer 1917EB17
|--S. erythrocalyxB00
|--S. eucalyptoidesLK14
| |--S. e. ssp. eucalyptoidesLK14
| `--S. e. ssp. bleeseriLK14
|--S. forteLK14
| |--S. f. ssp. forteLK14
| `--S. f. ssp. potamophilumLK14
|--‘Eugenia’ fourcadei Dümmer 1912EB17
|--S. fruticosumDD73
|--S. gambleanum Rathakrishnan & Chithra 1983 (see below for synonymy)ING03
|--S. gerrardiiDP72 [=Eugenia gerrardii Sim 1907EB17]
|--S. guineenseE09
| | i. s.: S. g. var. urophyllum (Welw.) Engler in Engler & v. Brehmer 1917 [=Eugenia urophylla Welw. 1898]EB17
| | S. g. var. rudatisii Engler in Engler & v. Brehmer 1917EB17
| |--S. g. ssp. guineenseE09
| `--S. g. ssp. afromontanumE09
|--S. heyneanumMi72
|--S. huillense (Hiern) Engler in Engler & v. Brehmer 1917 [=Eugenia huillensis]EB17
|--S. intermedium Engler & v. Brehmer 1917EB17
|--S. jambolanumMa72
|--S. jambosH06
|--S. kerstingii Engler in Engler & v. Brehmer 1917EB17
|--S. kurandaB00
|--‘Eugenia’ masukuensis Baker 1897EB17
|--S. myhendraeING03
|--S. neesianum Arnott 1836 [=Eugenia neesiana Wt. 1843]MMS02
|--S. nervosum [incl. Eugenia gigantea]JG19
|--S. oleosumB00
|--S. pachycladumB88
|--S. palghatenseING03
|--S. paniculatumH06
|--S. periyarensisING03
|--S. pondoense Engler in Engler & v. Brehmer 1917EB17
|--S. puberulumB00
|--S. samarangenseWO05
|--S. sriganesaniiING03
|--S. suborbiculareLK14
|--S. tierneyanumB00
|--‘Eugenia’ tungoEB17
|--S. wilsoniB00
`--S. zeylanicumING03
|--S. z. var. zeylanicumING03
|--S. z. var. ellipticumING03
`--S. z. var. megamalayanumING03

Syzygium gambleanum Rathakrishnan & Chithra 1983 [=Eugenia microphylla Bedd. 1871 non Abel 1818, S. microphyllum (Bedd.) Gamble 1969]ING03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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