Tachinus rufipes, copyright Nikolai Vladimirov.

Belongs within: Staphylinidae.
Contains: Conosoma, Tachyporus.

The Tachyporinae are an assemblage of staphylinid beetles lacking a distinct neck and with an epipleural keel on each elytron (Newton et al. 2001).

Characters (from Newton et al. 2001): Body usually more or less sublimuloid, small head more or less retractile to level of eyes and lacking distinct neck, broad pronotum and elytra, and relatively short tapered abdomen; antennal insertion more or less visible from above, anterior to eye; antenna not verticillate; elytron with epipleural keel; procoxa large, prominent, with widely exposed trochantin; tarsi 5-5-5; abdomen with six visible sterna and 0–2 pairs of paratergites per segment.

<==Tachyporinae [Tachyporides]
| i. s.: WasmannotheriumS57
| Termitoplus Silvestri 1945S57
| `--*T. grandis Silvestri 1945S57
| ConosomusS57
| |--C. convexiusculus Wasmann 1902S57
| |--C. heathi Wasmann 1902S57
| `--C. termitophilus Wasmann 1902S57
|--VatesusS57 [VatesiniNT01]
| `--V. clypeausLC20
`--Tachyporini [Tachyporina]O86
|--Nitidotachinus Campbell 1993NT01
|--Tachinomorphus Kraatz 1859 [incl. Physetoporus Horn 1877]NT01
|--Cilea Jacquelin du Val 1856 [incl. Leucoparyphys Roger 1856]NT01
| |--C. discipennis Fauvel 1878O86
| |--C. lampra Olliff 1886O86
| `--C. silphoides (Linnaeus 1767)NT01
|--Sepedophilus Gistel 1856LC20, NT01
| |--S. basalisN90
| |--S. bipunctatusLC20
| `--S. bisignatusN90
`--+--‘Tachyporus’ hypnorumLC20 [incl. T. hypnorum var. atratus Csiki 1901C01]
`--+--Coproporus Kraatz 1857LC20, NT01 [incl. Erchomus Motschulsky 1857NT01]
| `--C. ventriculusN90
`--+--+--‘Sepedophilus’ castaneusLC20
| `--+--AustrotachinusLC20
| `--Leucotachinus luteonitensLC20
`--Tachinus Gravenhorst 1802LC20, NT01 [incl. Tachinoderus Motschulsky 1857NT01]
| i. s.: ‘Tachinoderus’ australis Fauvel 1877O86
| T. bipustulatus [=Tachyporus (Tachinus) bipustulatus]G20
| T. caelatusGE05
| T. elegansC01
| T. fimbriatusNT01
| ‘Tachinoderus’ fulvipesO86
| ‘Tachinoderus’ haemorrhous Fauvel 1877O86
| T. luridus Erichson 1840GN09
| T. marginellus [=Staphylinus marginellus]O86
| T. memnonius Gravenhorst 1802GN09
| T. mongolicus Csiki 1901C01
| T. novitius Blackb. 1891M96
| T. rufescensR26
| T. signatusV09
| T. striatusR26
|--T. fumipennisLC20
`--+--T. rufipesLC20
`--+--T. humeralisLC20
`--Derops Sharp 1889LC20, NT01 [incl. Rimulincola Sanderson 1947NT01; Deropini]
|--D. divalis (Sanderson 1947)NT01
`--D. uenoiLC20

*Type species of generic name indicated


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