Female Tachysphex pompiliformis, copyright Ian Tew.

Belongs within: Larrini.

Tachysphex is a diverse genus of wasps found worldwide, whose species provision their nests with various Orthoptera, mantids or cockroaches. The majority of species are black with the legs and/or metasoma often partially or entirely red (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Inner orbits converging above, often narrowly separated at vertex; hindocellar scars usually oval or oblong, their long axes forming an angle of 80° to 130°, scar sometimes with a “tail” shaped like an accent mark, but length of scar shorter than or at most equal to distance between midocellus and lower end of scar; frons weakly to strongly convex, and just above antennal sockets with a pair of prominences which are usually polished, a pair of diverging linear swellings or transverse polished bands sometimes associated with these; frontal line present or absent; scape moderately long, slender to stout, flagellomeres usually longer than broad: clypeus usually strongly convex, sometimes partially divided by a pair of vertical suturelike lines into 3 sections, free margin with a prominent median lobe which may be arcuate, truncate, or angular and variably toothed; labrum sometimes with a median notch and usually hidden, or sometimes triangular, convex, and prominently exposed; inner margin of mandible usually with one or two subbasal teeth, externoventral margin with a deep notch; malar space usually absent; mouthparts short to moderately long; dorsum of collar usually thin, usually much lower than and closely appressed to scutum; propodeum short to moderately long, episternal sulcus usually extending ventrad nearly to anteroventral margin of pleuron, scrobal sulcus usually absent; subalar fossa usually not margined below by carinae; terga usually impunctate to finely, sparsely punctate, exceptionally densely punctate, tergum I with lateral carina; female usually with a flat, triangular pygldial plate margined by carinae laterally, apex often narrowly to broadly truncatge, rarely emarginate, surface shining or dull, impunctate to densely punctate, usually asetose or with a few scattered inconspicuous setae; male tergum VII usually flatted, metallic setae absent; male sterna sometimes with marginal hair fringes, male sterna III–IV sometimes with oblique grooves (graduli); male forecoxa and trochanter unmodified; male forefemur usually with a shallow depression or semicircular notch on ventral side near base (rarely near middle); midcoxae sometimes narrowly separated; outer side of foretibia sometimes with a few spines, mid and hindtibiae sparsely to moderately set with short or long spines which are arranged in rows, hindtibia not ridged; female with a well developed foretarsal rake which is usually composed of long, fine, closeset, flexible spines, tarsomere II usually with numerous rake spines but sometimes as few as two; male with or without a foretarsal rake; last tarsomere in some females short, stout, and asymmetrical, with unequal or deformed prehensile claws; marginal cell apex narrowly truncate; apex of male sternum VIII bispinose, sometimes weakly trispinose; volsella long, slender, often bearing a mediodorsal lobe, head of aedeagus nearly always with teeth on ventral margin.

Tachysphex Kohl 1883 C85 [incl. Atelosphex Arnold 1923 BM76, Schistosphex Arnold 1922 BM76]
    |–T. albocinctus (Lucas 1848) BM76, E12 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |–T. a. albocinctus BM76
    |    `–T. a. peculator Nurse 1909 [incl. T. argyrius Gussakovskij 1933] BM76
    |–T. brullii (Smith 1856) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |    |–T. b. brullii GOY03
    |    `–T. b. galileus Beaumont 1947 GOY03
    |–T. isis Beaumont 1940 BM76
    |–T. julliani Kohl 1883 [incl. T. semenovi Gussakovskij 1933] BM76
    |    |–T. j. julliani BM76
    |    |–T. j. aficanus Pulawski 1971 BM76
    |    `–T. j. ‘nigripes’ Tsuneki 1972 non Pulawski 1967 BM76
    |–T. obscuripennis (Schenck 1857) [=Tachytes obscuripennis; incl. Tachytes lativalvis Thomson 1870] BM76
    |    |–T. o. obscuripennis BM76
    |    `–T. o. gibbus Kohl 1885 [incl. T. philippi Saunders 1910] BM76
    |–T. panzeri (Vander Linden 1829) BM76 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |–T. p. panzeri BM76
    |    |–T. p. cyprius Pulawski 1971 BM76
    |    |–T. p. dolosus Arnold 1923 BM76
    |    |–T. p. fortunatus Beaumont 1968 BM76
    |    |–T. p. nanus Arnold 1924 BM76
    |    |–T. p. oraniensis (Lepeletier 1845) [=Tachytes oraniensis] BM76
    |    |–T. p. pentheri Cameron 1905 [incl. T. caliban Arnold 1923] BM76
    |    |–T. p. pulverosus (Radoszkowski 1886) [=Tachytes pulverosus; incl. Tachysphex ablatus Nurse 1909] BM76
    |    |–T. p. rufiventris (Spinola 1838) [=Lyrops rufiventris] BM76
    |    |–T. p. sareptanus Pulawski 1971 BM76
    |    |–T. p. sycorax Arnold 1923 BM76
    |    `–T. p. zavattarii Guiglia 1939 BM76
    |–T. plicosus (Costa 1867) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |–T. pompiliformis (Panzer 1804) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |–T. schmiedeknechti Kohl 1883 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |    |–T. s. schmiedeknechti BM76
    |    `–T. s. satanas Pulawski 1971 BM76
    |–T. brevipennis group BM76
    |    |–T. brevipennis Mercet 1909 BM76
    |    |–T. lugubris (Arnold 1924) [=Atelosphex lugubris] BM76
    |    |–T. minutus Nurse 1909 [incl. T. lilliputianus Turner 1917] BM76
    |    `–T. miscophoides (Arnold 1923) [=*Atelosphex miscophoides] BM76
    |–T. erythropus group BM76
    |    |–T. erythropus (Spinola 1838) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |    `–T. sericeus (Smith 1856) [=Larrada sericea; incl. Lyrops fluctuatus Gerstaecker 1857] BM76
    |         |–T. s. sericeus BM76
    |         |–T. s. flavofimbriatus Arnold 1945 BM76
    |         `–T. s. kalaharicus Arnold 1924 BM76
    `–T. geniculatus group BM76
         |–T. geniculatus (Spinola 1838) [=Lyrops geniculatus] BM76
         `–T. luxuriosus Morice 1897 [incl. T. seth Pulawski 1964] BM76

Tachysphex incertae sedis:
  T. fugax (Radoszkowski 1877) [=Tachytes fugax; incl. *Tachysphex filicornis Kohl 1883] BM76
    |–T. f. fugax BM76
    `–T. f. excerptus Turner 1917 BM76
  T. aborigenus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. acutemarginatus Strand 1910 BM76
  T. acutus (Patton 1880) [=Larra acuta; incl. T. bruesi Rohwer 1911] BM76
  T. adjunctus Kohl 1885 BM76
  T. advenus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. aemulus Kohl 1906 BM76
  T. aequalis Fox 1893 (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. aethiopicus Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. aethiops (Cresson 1865) [=Larrada aethiops] BM76
  T. agilis (Smith 1856) [=Tachytes agilis] BM76
  T. agnus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. alayoi Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. alpestris Rohwer 1908 BM76
  T. ambiguus Arnold 1923 BM76
    |–T. a. ambiguus BM76
    `–T. a. congoensis Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. ambositrae Leclercq 1967 BM76
  T. amplus Fox 1893 [incl. T. gillettei Rohwer 1911, T. neomexicanus Rohwer 1911] BM76
  T. anceps Arnold 1945 BM76
  T. angularis Mickel 1916 BM76
  T. angustatus Pulawski 1967 BM76
  T. antennatus Fox 1893 BM76
  T. antillarum Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. anubis Pulawski 1964 BM76
  T. apakaensis Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. apicalis Fox 1893 [incl. T. fumipennis Fox 1893] BM76
  T. apoctenus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. araucanus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. arenarius Arnold 1947 BM76
  T. argentatus Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
  T. argenticeps Arnold 1959 BM76
  T. argentifrons Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. ashmeadii Fox 1893 (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. asinus Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. asperatus Fox 1893 BM76
  T. aterrimus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. atlanteus Beaumont 1955 BM76
  T. atratus (Lepeletier 1845) [=Tachytes atratus] BM76
  T. aureopilosus Tsuneki 1972 BM76
  T. auriceps Cameron 1889 BM76
  T. auropilosus Turner 1917 BM76
  T. barkeri Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. beaumonti Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. beidzmiao Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. belfragei (Cresson 1872) [=Larrada belfragei; incl. Tachytes minimus] BM76
  T. bengalensis Cameron 1889 [incl. T. brevitarsis Kohl 1901] BM76
  T. bipustulosus Arnold 1949 [incl. T. bituberculatus Arnold 1923 non Cameron 1905] BM76
  T. bituberculatus Cameron 1905 BM76
  T. blattivorus Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
  T. boharti Krombein 1963 BM76
  T. brachycerus Arnold 1940 BM76
  T. brasilianus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. braunsi Arnold 1923 BM76
    |–T. b. braunsi BM76
    |–T. b. boer Arnold 1929 [incl. T. debilis Arnold 1924 nec Pérez 1907 nec Turner 1908] BM76
    `–T. b. rufopictus Arnold 1929 BM76
  T. breijeri (Arnold 1922) [=*Schistosphex breijeri] BM76
  T. breviceps Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. brevicornis Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. brevipecten Beaumont 1955 BM76
  T. brevipes Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. brinckerae Turner 1917 BM76
  T. bruneiceps Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. buccalis Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. buyssoni Morice 1897 BM76
  T. capensis (Saussure 1867) [=Tachytes capensis] BM76
  T. carli Beaumont 1947 BM76
  T. changi Tsuneki 1967 BM76
  T. cheops Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. chephren Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. circulans Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. clarconis Viereck 1906 BM76
  T. clypeatus Arnold 1947 BM76
  T. cockerellae Rohwer 1917 BM76
  T. conceptus Pulawski 174 BM76
  T. conclusus Nurse 1903 BM76
  T. confrater Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. consanguineus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. consocius Kohl 1894 [incl. T. cabrerai Mercet 1909, T. minutulus Arnold 1923] BM76
    |–T. c. consocius BM76
    `–T. c. mookonis Tsuneki 1972 BM76
  T. contrarius Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. convexus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. coquilletti Rohwer 1911 [incl. T. dentatus Williams 1914] BM76
  T. coriaceus (Costa 1867) [=Tachytes coriaceus; incl. Tachysphex reiseri Kohl 1901] BM76
  T. costae (De Stefani 1881) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |–T. c. costae BM76
    |–T. c. canariensis Beaumont 1968 BM76
    `–T. c. fertoni Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. crassicornis Arnold 1945 BM76
  T. crassiformis Viereck 1906 BM76
  T. crassipes Arnold 1923 BM76
    |–T. c. crassipes BM76
    `–T. c. claripennis Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. crenulatus Fox 1893 BM76
  T. crocodilus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. ctenophorus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. cubanus Pualwski 1974 BM76
  T. dakotensis Rohwer 1923 BM76
  T. decorus Fox 1893 BM76
  T. denisi Beaumont 1936 BM76
  T. depilosellus Turner 1917 BM76
    |–T. d. depilosellus BM76
    `–T. d. fallax Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. depressiventris Turner 1916 C85
  T. descendentis Mercet 1909 BM76
  T. deserticola Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. desertorum Morawitz 1894 [incl. T. abjectus Kohl 1901] BM76
  T. diabolicus Arnold 1923 BM76
    |–T. d. diabolicus BM76
    |–T. d. analis Arnold 1924 BM76
    |–T. d. claripes Arnold 1924 BM76
    `–T. d. trifasciatus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. dicksoni Arnold 1962 BM76
  T. dignus Kohl 1889 [=T. digenus (l. c.)] BM76
  T. discrepans Turner 1915 C85
  T. diversilabris Arnold 1960 BM76
  T. dzinghis Tsuneki 1972 BM76
  T. ebeninus Arnold 1929 BM76
  T. egregius Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. eldoradensis Rohwer 1917 BM76
  T. erythraeus Mickel 1916 BM76
  T. erythrophorus Dalla Torre 1897 (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. eucalypticus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. euxinus Pulawski 1958 BM76
  T. excelsus Turner 1917 [incl. T. mysticus Pulawski 1971] BM76
  T. excisus Arnold 1945 BM76
    |–T. e. excisus BM76
    `–T. e. dimidiatus Saussure 1892 BM76
  T. eximius Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. exsectus Fox 1893 BM76
  T. fanuiensis Cheesman 1928 C85
    |–T. f. fanuiensis C85
    |–T. f. corallinus Pulawski 1977 C85
    `–T. f. howeanus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. fasciatus Morice 1897 BM76
  T. ferrugineus Pulawski 1967 BM76
  T. flavogeniculatus (Taschenberg 1880) [=Tachytes flavogeniculatus] BM76
  T. foliaceus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. formosanus Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. fortior Turner 1908 C85
  T. fulgidus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. fulvicornis Turner 1918 [incl. T. imperfectus Beaumont 1940] BM76
  T. ‘fulvicornis’ Tsuneki 1972 non Turner 1918 BM76
  T. fulvitarsis (Costa 1867) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |–T. f. fulvitarsis BM76
    `–T. f. erythrogaster (Costa 1882) [=Tachytes erythrogaster] BM76
  T. fuscispina Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. fusus Fox 1893 [incl. T. foxii Rohwer 1908] BM76
  T. gagates Arnold 1940 BM76
  T. galapagensis Rohwer 1924 BM76
  T. galeatus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. gegen Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. georgii Arnold 1940 BM76
    |–T. g. georgii BM76
    `–T. g. montivagus Arnold 1944 BM76
  T. gibbus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. glaber Kohl 1906 BM76
  T. gracilicornis Mercet 1909 [incl. T. eduardi Morice 1910] BM76
    |–T. g. gracilicornis BM76
    `–T. g. baal Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. gracilitarsis Morice 1910 BM76
  T. graecus Kohl 1883 BM76
  T. grandii Beaumont 1965 BM76
  T. grandissimus Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
  T. gujaraticus Nurse 1909 [incl. T. laniger Pulawski 1974] BM76
  T. gussakovskii Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. halictiformis Arnold 1945 BM76
  T. harpax Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. helianthi Rohwer 1911 BM76
  T. helveticus Kohl 1885 BM76
    |–T. h. helveticus BM76
    |–T. h. aegyptiacus Morice 1897 BM76
    `–T. h. quadrifasciatus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. hermia Arnold 1924 BM76
    |–T. h. hermia BM76
    `–T. h. angustus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. heterochromus Beaumont 1955 BM76
  T. hippolyta Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. horus Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. hostilis Kohl 1901 BM76
  T. hurdi Bohart 1962 BM76
  T. hypoleius (Smith 1856) [=Tachytes hypoleius] C85
  T. idzekii Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. imbellis Turner 1908 [incl. T. adelaidae Turner 1910] C85
  T. incanus Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. incertus (Radoszkowski 1877) [=Tachytes incertus; incl. Tachysphex pygidialis Kohl 1883] BM76
    |–T. i. incertus BM76
    |–T. i. kallipygus Pulawski 1971 BM76
    |–T. i. nattereri Kohl 1888 BM76
    `–T. i. rufiventralis Ferton 1905 BM76
  T. inconspicuus (Kirby 1890) [=Tachytes inconspicuus; incl. Tachysphex blatticidus Williams 1941] BM76
  T. inextricabilis Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. instructus Nurse 1909 [incl. T. striolatus Cameron 1908 non Cameron 1903] BM76
  T. insulsus Arnold 1945 BM76
  T. iridipennis (Smith 1873) [=Tachytes iridipennis] BM76
  T. jujuyensis Brèthes 1913 BM76
  T. karrooensis Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. kaszabi Tsuneki 1972 BM76
  T. kodairai Tsuneki 1972 BM76
  T. krombeini Kurczewski 1971 BM76
  T. lacertosus Arnold 1944 BM76
  T. laevifrons (Smith 1856) [=Larrada laevifrons, T. levifrons Dalla Torre 1897] BM76
  T. lanatus Arnold 1947 BM76
  T. laticauda Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
  T. laticeps Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. latifrons Kohl 1884 [incl. T. cyrenaicus Beaumont 1947] BM76
  T. leensis Rohwer 1911 [incl. T. consimiloides Williams 1913] BM76
  T. lihyuetanus Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. limatus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. lindbergi Beaumont 1956 BM76
  T. linsleyi Bohart 1962 BM76
  T. liriformis Pulawski 1967 BM76
    |–T. l. liriformis BM76
    `–T. l. tenax Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. longipalpis Beaumont 1940 BM76
    |–T. l. longipalpis BM76
    `–T. l. simplex Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. lucillus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. mackayensis Turner 1908 C85 (see below for synonymy)
  T. maculipennis Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. maidli Beaumont 1940 [incl. T. simillimus Gussakovskij 1952] BM76
  T. malkovskii Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. marshalli Turner 1917 BM76
    |–T. m. marshalli BM76
    `–T. m. terrificus Arnold 1935 BM76
  T. mauretanus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. maurus Rohwer 1911 BM76
  T. maximus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. mediterraneus Kohl 1883 BM76
    |–T. m. mediterraneus BM76
    `–T. m. collaris Kohl 1898 BM76
  T. melas Kohl 1898 BM76
    |–T. m. melas BM76
    `–T. m. eatoni Saunders 1910 BM76
  T. mendozanus Brèthes 1913 BM76
  T. micans (Radoszkowski 1877) [=Tachytes micans] BM76
  T. micromegas Saussure 1892 [incl. T. sikorae Saussure 1892] BM76
  T. miniatulus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. minutulus Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. mocsaryi Kohl 1884 BM76
    |–T. m. mocsaryi BM76
    `–T. m. algirus Kohl 1892 [incl. T. maroccanus Beaumont 1947] BM76
  T. moczari Tsuneki 1972 BM76
  T. modestus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. montanus (Cresson 1865) [=Larrada montana; incl. T. compactus Fox 1893, T. inusitatus Fox 1893] BM76
  T. morawitzi Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. morosus (Smith 1859) [=Tachytes morosus] BM76
  T. multifasciatus Pulawski in Evans, Matthews & Pulawski 1976 C85
  T. mundus Fox 1893 [incl. T. glabrior Williams 1914] BM76
  T. mycerinus Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. nambui Tsuneki 1973 BM76
  T. naranhun Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. nasalis Morawitz 1893 [incl. T. abditus Kohl 1898, T. mongolicus Kohl 1898] BM76
  T. nefarius Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. nigerrimus (Smith 1856) (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. nigrescens Rohwer 1908 BM76
  T. nigricolor (Dalla Torre 1897) (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. nigrior Fox 1893 BM76
  T. nigrocaudatus Williams 1914 BM76
  T. niloticus Pulawski 1964 BM76
  T. nitelopteroides Williams 1958 BM76
  T. nitidior (Beaumont 1952) GOY03
  T. nitidissimus (Beaumont 1952) GOY03
  T. nitidus (Spinola 1805) [=Astata nitida; incl. T. borealis Pulawski 1971] BM76
    |–T. n. nitidus BM76
    `–T. n. ibericus (Saussure 1867) [=Tachytes ibericus] BM76
  T. nonakai Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. notogoniaeformis Nadig 1933 BM76
  T. novarae (Saussure 1867) [=Tachytes novarae] C85
  T. nubilipennis Beaumont 1950 BM76
  T. oberon Arnold 1923 BM76
    |–T. o. oberon BM76
    |–T. o. halophilus Arnold 1940 BM76
    `–T. o. mashona Arnold 1929 BM76
  T. obscurus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. octodentatus Arnold 1924 BM76
    |–T. o. octodentatus BM76
    `–T. o. inermis Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. omoi Guiglia 1943 BM76
  T. opacus Morawitz 1893 BM76
  T. osiris Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. pacificus Turner 1908 C85
  T. palopterus (Dahlbom 1845) [=Tachytes palopterus] BM76
  T. parvulus (Cresson 1865) (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. paucispina Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. pauxillus Fox 1893 BM76
  T. pechumani Krombein 1938 BM76
  T. pectinatus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. pectinipes MS01
  T. pekingensis Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. perniger Arnold 1947 BM76
  T. persa Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
    |–T. p. persa BM76
    |–T. p. catharinae Pulawski 1964 BM76
    |–T. p. confinis Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
    `–T. p. nigripes Pulawski 1967
  T. persistans Turner 1916 C85
  T. pilosellus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. pilosulus Turner 1908 C85
  T. pisonoides (Reed 1894) [=Larrada pisonoides] BM76
  T. pisonopsis Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. platypus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. plenoculiformis Williams 1914 BM76
  T. plesius Rohwer 1917 BM76
  T. pleuralis Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. politus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. powelli Bohart 1962 BM76
  T. priesneri Beaumont 1940 BM76
  T. propinquus Viereck 1904 BM76
  T. prosopigastroides Bischoff 1913 [incl. T. sipapomae Arnold 1923] BM76
  T. proteus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. psammobius (Kohl 1880) [=Tachytes psammobius] BM76
  T. pseudopanzeri Beaumont 1955 BM76
  T. psilocerus Kohl 1884 BM76
  T. ptah Pulawski 1964 BM76
  T. pubescens Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. pugnator Turner 1908 C85
  T. pulcher Pulawski 1967 BM76
  T. punctatiformis Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. punctatus (Smith 1856) [=Larrada punctata] BM76
  T. puncticeps Cameron 1903 C85 (see below for synonymy)
  T. punctifrons (Fox 1891) [=Larra punctifrons; incl. T. fedorensis Rohwer 1911] BM76
  T. punctipes Pulawski 1967 BM76
  T. punctiventris Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. pusulosus Beaumont 1955 BM76
  T. quadricolor (Gerstaecker 1857) [=Lyrops quadricolor] BM76
  T. quadrifurci Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. quebecensis (Provancher 1882) [=Larra quebecensis] BM76
  T. radiatus Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
  T. radoszkowskyi Morawitz 1893 BM76
  T. ramses Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. reedi Menke in Pulawski 1974 [incl. T. erythropus Herbst 1921 non Lyrops erythropus Spinola 1838] BM76
  T. remotus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. rhodesianus Bischoff 1913 BM76
  T. rhynchocephalus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. robustior Williams 1914 [incl. T. crenuloides Williams 1914] BM76
  T. rubicundus Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. ruficaudis (Taschenberg 1870) [=Tachytes ruficaudis; incl. Tachytes pullulus Strand 1910] BM76
  T. rufitarsis (Spinola 1851) (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. rugosus Gussakovskij 1952 [incl. T. rhodius Beaumont 1960] BM76
  T. saevus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. sanguinosus Mickel 1916 BM76
  T. saturnus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. saundersi Mercet 1909 BM76
  T. scabrosus Arnold 1929 BM76
  T. scaurus Arnold 1945 BM76
  T. schlingeri Bohart 1962 BM76
  T. schoenlandi Cameron 1905 BM76
    |–T. s. schoenlandi BM76
    |–T. s. detritus Arnold 1924 BM76
    `–T. s. luctuosus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. sculptilis Fox 1893 [incl. T. sphecodoides Rohwer 1911] BM76
  T. sculptiloides Williams 1914 BM76
  T. selectus Nurse 1909 [incl. T. actaeon Beaumont 1960] BM76
  T. semirufus (Cresson 1865) (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. sepulcralis Williams 1914 [incl. T. maneei Banks 1921] BM76
  T. sericans Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
    |–T. s. sericans BM76
    `–T. s. gracilis Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. sexinus Leclercq 1961 BM76
  T. seyrigi Arnold 1945 BM76
  T. siitanus Tsuneki 1971 BM76
  T. similis Rohwer 1910 [incl. T. similans Rohwer 1910] BM76
  T. sinaiticus Pulawski 1964 BM76
  T. sonorensis (Cameron 1889) [=Larra sonorensis] BM76
  T. sordidus Dahlbom 1845 [incl. T. lebedevi Gussakovskij 1952] BM76
  T. speciosissimus Morice 1897 [incl. T. redivivus Kohl 1901] BM76
  T. spinulosus Pulawski 1975 [incl. T. spinosus Pulawski 1974 non Fox 1893] BM76
  T. splendidulus Morawitz 1893 BM76
  T. spretus Kohl 1901 BM76
  T. stachi Beaumont 1936 BM76
  T. stevensoni Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. stimulator Turner 1916 C85
  T. suavis Arnold 1929 BM76
  T. subandinus Pulawski 1974 BM76
  T. subcoriaceus Arnold 1945 BM76
  T. subdentatus Morawitz 1893 BM76
  T. subeditus Leclercq 1961 BM76
  T. subfimbriatus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. subfuscatus Turner 1917 [incl. T. strigatus Turner 1917] BM76
  T. subopacus Turner 1910 [=T. debilis Turner 1908 non Pérez 1907] C85
  T. sulcidorsum Beaumont 1950 BM76
  T. svetlanae Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. tarsatus (Say 1823) (see below for synonymy) BM76
  T. tarsinus (Lepeletier 1845) [=Tachytes tarsinus] BM76
  T. tenuicornis Bischoff 1913 BM76
  T. tenuipunctus Fox 1893 [incl. T. granulosus Mickel 1916] BM76
  T. tenuis Turner 1908 C85
  T. tenuisculptus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. terminatus (Smith 1856) [=Larrada terminata; incl. Larra minor Provancher 1887] BM76
  T. tessellatus Dahlbom 1845 BM76
  T. testaceipes Bingham 1897 BM76
  T. texanus (Cresson 1872) [=Larrada texana] BM76
  T. theseus Arnold 1951 BM76
  T. tinctipennis Cameron 1904 BM76
    |–T. t. tinctipennis BM76
    `–T. t. yaeyamanus Tsuneki 1971 [=T. bengalensis yaeyamanus] BM76
  T. titania Arnold 1923 BM76
    |–T. t. titania BM76
    `–T. t. willomorensis Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. tridentatus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. triquetrus Fox 1893 BM76
  T. truncatifrons Turner 1908 C85
  T. tuckeri Arnold 1923 BM76
  T. undatus (Smith 1856) [=Tachytes undatus; incl. Tachysphex herbstii Kohl 1905] BM76
  T. unguiculatus Arnold 1924 BM76
  T. unicolor (Panzer 1806) GOY03 (see below for synonymy)
    |–T. u. unicolor BM76
    `–T. u. simonyi Kohl 1892 BM76
  T. vanrhynsi Arnold 1940 BM76
  T. vardyi Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. venator Arnold 1960 BM76
  T. verhoeffi Pulawski 1971 BM76
  T. vestitus Kohl 1892 BM76
  T. viarius Arnold 1947 BM76
  T. villosus Arnold 1947 BM76
  T. vitiensis Williams 1928 BM76
  T. vividus Pulawski 1977 C85
  T. vulneratus Turner 1917 BM76
    |–T. v. vulneratus BM76
    `–T. v. foucauldi Beaumont 1952 BM76
  T. walkeri Turner 1908 C85
  T. waltoni Arnold 1940 BM76
  T. wheeleri Rohwer 1911 BM76
  T. williamsi Bohart 1962 BM76
  T. yarrowi Beaumont 1960 BM76

Nomina nuda: Tachysphex antigae Tourn. in Antiga & Bofill 1904 BM76
             T. reticulatus Pérez in Antiga & Bofill 1904 BM76

Tachysphex aequalis Fox 1893 [incl. T. johnsoni Rohwer 1911, T. opwanus Rohwer 1911, Larra rufitarsis Cameron 1889 non Spinola 1851, T. washingtoni Rohwer 1917] BM76

Tachysphex albocinctus (Lucas 1848) BM76, E12 [=Tachytes albocincta BM76; incl. Tachysphex dusmeti Giner Marí 1934 BM76, Tachysphex heliopolites Morice 1897 BM76, Tachysphex mantiraptor Ferton 1912 BM76, Tachytes ruficrus Dufour 1853 BM76, Tachysphex syriacus Kohl 1888 BM76]

Tachysphex ashmeadii Fox 1893 [incl. T. posterus Fox 1893, Larra rufipes Provancher 1895 non Larrada rufipes Smith 1859 non Tachytes rufipes Aichinger 1870, T. spinosus Fox 1893, T. spissatus Fox 1893] BM76

Tachysphex brullii (Smith 1856) [=Tachytes brullii; incl. Tachytes bicolor Brullé 1856 non Larra bicolor Fabricius 1804, Tachytes montanus Radoszkowski 1886 non Cresson 1865, Tachysphex monticola Dalla Torre 1897, Tachytes rufipes Aichinger 1870, Tachytes spoliatus Girard 1863] BM76

Tachysphex costae (De Stefani 1881) [=Tachytes costae; incl. Tachysphex tadzhicus Gussakovskij 1952, Tachysphex zarudnyi Gussakovskij 1933] BM76

Tachysphex erythrophorus Dalla Torre 1897 [incl. T. erythrogaster Cameron 1889 non Tachytes erythrogaster Costa 1882, T. latissimus Turner 1917, T. pectoralis Pulawski 1964] BM76

Tachysphex erythropus (Spinola 1838) [=Lyrops erythropus; incl. Tachysphex inventus Nurse 1903, Tachysphex mantivorus Beaumont 1940, Tachytes maracandicus Radoszkowski 1877] BM76

Tachysphex fulvitarsis (Costa 1867) [=Tachytes fulvitarsis; incl. Tachytes acrobates Kohl 1878, Tachysphex bipunctatus Morawitz 1891, Tachytes dubius Radoszkowski 1886, Tachytes strigosus Mocsáry 1879] BM76

Tachysphex mackayensis Turner 1908 C85 [incl. Tachytes australis Saussure 1867 non Saussure 1855 C85, Tachysphex australis BM76]

Tachysphex nigerrimus (Smith 1856) [=Tachytes nigerrimus; incl. Tachytes depressus Saussure 1867, Tachytes helmsii Cameron 1888, Astata nigerrima White in Butler 1874, Tachytes sericops Smith 1856] BM76

Tachysphex nigricolor (Dalla Torre 1897) [=Larra nigricolor; incl. T. japonicus Iwata 1933, Larrada nigricans Smith 1873 non Walker 1871] BM76

Tachysphex panzeri (Van der Linden 1829) BM76 [=Tachytes panzeri BM76; incl. Tachytes aurifrons Lucas 1848 BM76, E12, Tachytes aurifrons Cameron 1900 non Lucas 1849 BM76, Tachytes ceylonicus Cameron 1900 BM76, Tachytes discolor Frivaldsky 1876 BM76]

Tachysphex parvulus (Cresson 1865) [=Larrada parvula; incl. T. argyrotrichus Rohwer 1911, T. consimilis Fox 1893] BM76

Tachysphex plicosus (Costa 1867) [=Tachytes plicosus; incl. Tachysphex gallicus Kohl 1883, Tachysphex striolatus Cameron 1903] BM76

Tachysphex pompiliformis (Panzer 1804) [=Larra pompiliformis; incl. Tachysphex austriacus Kohl 1892, Larra dimidiata Panzer 1806-1809, Larra jokischiana Panzer 1806-1809, Tachytes nigripennis Spinola 1808, Tachysphex projectus Nurse 1903, Tachysphex rufoniger Bingham 1897] BM76

Tachysphex puncticeps Cameron 1903 C85 [incl. T. mindorensis Williams 1928 BM76, T. rugidorsatus Turner 1915 C85, T. varihirtus Cameron 1903 BM76]

Tachysphex rufitarsis (Spinola 1851) [=Larra rufitarsis; incl. Tachytes rufipes Reed 1894 non Aichinger 1870, Larrada rufiventris Reed 1892 non Lyrops rufiventris Spinola 1838] BM76

Tachysphex schmiedeknechti Kohl 1883 [incl. T. calopteryx Gussakovskij 1933, T. fasciipennis Gussakovskij 1933, T. heliophilus Nurse 1909, T. ornatipennis Gussakovskij 1933, T. psilopus Kohl 1884] BM76

Tachysphex semirufus (Cresson 1865) [=Larrada semirufa; incl. T. giffardi Rohwer 1917, T. puncticeps Smith 1908 non Cameron 1903, T. punctulatus Smith 1906 non Kohl 1884] BM76

Tachysphex tarsatus (Say 1823) [=Larra tarsata; incl. T. dubiosus Dalla Torre 1897, T. dubius Fox 1893 non Radoszkowski 1886, T. hitei Rohwer 1908, T. zimmeri Mickel 1916] BM76

Tachysphex unicolor (Panzer 1806) GOY03 [=Larra unicolor BM76; incl. Tachytes jurinei Vander Linden 1829 BM76, Lara jurinii Drapiez 1819 BM76]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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