White bass Morone chrysops, from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.Belongs within: Acanthomorphata. Contains: Gerreidae, Labridae, Uranoscopiformes, Centrarchiformes, Serraniformes, Pempheridae, Epigonidae, Pentacerotidae, Ephippiformes, Spariformes, Malacanthidae, Pomacanthidae, Haemulidae, Caesionidae, Lutjanidae, Sillago, Emmelichthyidae, Lobotidae, Sciaenidae, Leiognathidae, Chaetodontidae, Acanthuriformes, Tetraodontiformes, Lophiiformes, Priacanthidae, Cepolidae, Siganidae. The Percomorpharia are a major clade of acanthomorph fishes united by molecular data (Betancur-R.… Continue reading Percomorpharia

By the Light of the Pony

Light-emitting organs have evolved in many different species of marine fish. For the greater part, they are associated with inhabitants of the deep sea, the twilight and midnight zones beyond the reach of celestial light. Light production by species found in shallow waters is much less common. Nevertheless, one particularly notable radiation of near-surface glowers… Continue reading By the Light of the Pony


Swampfish Chologaster cornuta, from within: Acanthomorphata. Contains: Zeiformes, Gadiformes. The Paracanthomorphacea are a clade of spiny-finned fishes united on the basis of molecular data. <==Paracanthomorphacea B-RB13 |–Zeiogadaria [Zeioigadiformes] B-RB13 |    |–Zeiformes B-RB13 |    `–Gadariae B-RB13 |         |–Gadiformes B-RB13 |         `–Stylephorus [Stylephoridae, Stylephoriformes, Stylephoroidei] NE12 |              `–S. chordatus Shaw 1791 O99 `–Percopsiformes [Percopsaria, Salmopercae] B-RB13 |–Sphenocephalus P93 [Sphenocephalidae,… Continue reading Paracanthomorphacea


Yellowtip halfbeak Hemirhamphus marginatus, copyright John E. Randall.Belongs within: Atherinomorpha. Contains: Belonidae, Exocoetidae. The Exocoetoidei are a group of fishes in which the lower jaw is elongate for at least part of the life history. Members of the suborder also possess a plate-like process on the posterioventral part of the basioccipital, one nasal opening on… Continue reading Exocoetoidei


Fivebar flagtailsKuhlia mugil, copyright Philippe Bourjon. Belongs within: Percomorpharia. Contains: Cirrhitoidei, Centrarchidae, Terapontidae. The Centrarchiformes are a clade of marine and freshwater fishes associated by molecular data that are most diverse in temperate and subtropical waters. <==Centrarchiformes |  i. s.: Dinolestes [Dinolestidae] SC07 |           `–D. lewini SC07 |–+–Percalates ND13 |  |    |–P. colonorum ND13 [incl. P. fluviatilis G75]… Continue reading Centrarchiformes