Belongs within: Pectinida. Deltopecten is a genus of scallops known from the Late Permian of Australia (Cox et al. 1969). Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Large, orbicular, radially plicate shells with or without fine costae; ligament area striated more or less parallel to hinge axis, resilifers lacking. <==Deltopecten Etheridge 1892DX84 |–D. clarkei Fletcher 1929F71… Continue reading Deltopecten


Belongs within: Poecilosclerida. The Coelosphaeridae is a group of sponges with reduced inhalant and exhalant openings. Characters (from Bergquist 1978): Generally of spherical shape; inhalant and exhalant openings reduced to specialised tubular fistules; remainder of surface a dense layer of tangentially disposed diactinal megascleres. Choanosome a very delicate network of plumoreticulate spicule fibres, collapsing if… Continue reading Coelosphaeridae


Belongs within: Enoplia. The Diphtherophorina are a group of plant-parasitic nematodes whose head bears a protrusible piercing spear (Ley & Blaxter 2002). Diphtherophorina [Diphtherophoroidea] |–DiphtherophoridaeLB02 `–TrichodoridaeLB02 |–ParatrichodorusW02 | |–P. allius [=Trichodorus allius]W02 | `–P. porosus [=Trichodorus porosus]W02 `–Trichodorus Cobb 1913MW69 |–T. borneoensisJ02 |–T. californicusJ02 |–T. cedarusJ02 |–T. coomansiJ02 |–T. cottieriJ02 |–T. cylindricusJ02 |–T. dilatatusJ02 |–T.… Continue reading Diphtherophorina