African daisy Gerbera jamesonii, copyright Dinesh Valke. Belongs within: Asteraceae. The Mutisioideae are a cosmopolitan group of composite-flowered plants, most diverse in South America, whose members bear flowerheads with overlapping involucral bracts, disc florets with deeply incised corollas, and styles usually sticking far out of the florets. <==Mutisioideae [Mutisieae] PF02 |–Leucomeris PF02 |–Nouelia PF02 |–Schlechtendahlia… Continue reading Mutisioideae


Twiggy wreath plant Stephanomeria virgata, copyright Noah Elhardt. Belongs within: Cichorioideae. Contains: Leontodontinae, Hieracium, Microseridinae, Crepis, Taraxacum. The Cichorieae are a group of composite-flowered plants bearing flowerheads with all flowers ligulate and stems with milky latex. Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Flowers all ligulate; plants with milky juice; leaves alternate or radial. Flower-heads homogamous,… Continue reading Cichorieae


Chamomile sunray Rhodanthe anthemoides, copyright M. Fagg. Belongs within: Gnaphalieae. Rhodanthe is an Australian genus of everlasting daisies. Characters (from Flora of Victoria): Annual or perennial herbs, glabrous or variously hairy. Leaves entire, sessile, mostly alternate. Capitula solitary or clustered, homogamous or heterogamous, discoid or disciform, subtending leaves, if present, grading to involucral bracts; involucral… Continue reading Rhodanthe


Showy copper wire daisy Podolepis jaceoides, copyright Neil Blair. Belongs within: Gnaphalieae. Podolepis is an Australian genus of wiry herbs producing commonly yellow flowerheads with involucres bearing membranous bracts (Black & Robertson 1965). Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Rather rigid wiry herbs with alternate entire leaves; flowerheads terminal, usually solitary; flowers usually all yellow.… Continue reading Podolepis


Vittadinia scabra, copyright Russell Cumming. Belongs within: Astereae. Vittadinia is an Australasian genus of hairy perennial herbs and subshrubs. Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Perennial herbs or small undershrubs with alternate leaves. Involucre cylindrical or campanulate; bracts narrow, in three to five unequal rows, with scarious margins; receptacle naked; ray-flowers female, about 15–40, ligules… Continue reading Vittadinia


Geigeria ornativa, copyright Ina Dinter. Belongs within: Asteraceae. Geigeria is an African genus of composite-flowered woody shrublets. <==Geigeria |–G. odontoptera CV06 |–G. ornativa ssp. ornativa CV06 |    |–G. o. ssp. o. var. ornativa CV06 |    `–G. o. ssp. o. var. filifolia [incl. G. englerana, G. otaviensis] CV06 |–G. pilifera CV06 |–G. plumosa CV06 |    |–G. p. ssp. plumosa… Continue reading Geigeria


Broad-leaved cudweed Filago pyramidata, copyright Philmarin. Belongs within: Inuleae. Filago, herba impia, is a Holarctic genus of greyish composite-flowered herbs. Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual, greyish, cobwebby to tomentose. Stems generally more or less evenly leafy below, more or less leafless between upper forks. Leaves simple, alternate or seeming whorled, more or less sessile, entire.… Continue reading Filago


Saussurea gossypiphora, copyright Prateek. Belongs within: Asteraceae. Saussurea is a Holarctic genus of composite-flowered herbs found in cooler habitats. Characters (from Hickman 1993): Perennial. Leaves basal and cauline, alternate. Inflorescence with heads discoid, 1–many; involucre ovoid to more or less obconic; phyllaries many, in several series, unequal, acute; receptacle flat or rounded, naked to bristly.… Continue reading Saussurea


Seaside nehe Lipochaeta succulenta, copyright David Eickhoff. Belongs within: Asteraceae. Lipochaeta, nehe, is a genus of composite-flowered plants endemic to Hawaii. <==Lipochaeta |–L. lobata F79 |    |–L. l. var. leptophylla F79 |    `–+–L. l. var. lobata F79 |       `–L. l. var. hastulatoides F79 `–+–+–L. heterophylla F79 |  `–+–L. degeneri F79 |     `–L. succulenta F79 `–+–L. rockii F79 `–L.… Continue reading Lipochaeta


Little ironweed Vernonia cinerea, copyright J. M. Garg. Belongs within: Cichorioideae. The Vernonieae are a group of composite-flowered plants, mostly herbs to shrubs, found in tropical and subtropical parts of the world. Species of the type genus Vernonia commonly bear intensely purple flowers and certain species are used in Africa as leaf vegetables or oilseeds.… Continue reading Vernonieae