African daisy Gerbera jamesonii, copyright Dinesh Valke. Belongs within: Asteraceae. The Mutisioideae are a cosmopolitan group of composite-flowered plants, most diverse in South America, whose members bear flowerheads with overlapping involucral bracts, disc florets with deeply incised corollas, and styles usually sticking far out of the florets. <==Mutisioideae [Mutisieae] PF02 |–Leucomeris PF02 |–Nouelia PF02 |–Schlechtendahlia… Continue reading Mutisioideae


Twiggy wreath plant Stephanomeria virgata, copyright Noah Elhardt. Belongs within: Cichorioideae. Contains: Leontodontinae, Hieracium, Microseridinae, Crepis, Taraxacum. The Cichorieae are a group of composite-flowered plants bearing flowerheads with all flowers ligulate and stems with milky latex. Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Flowers all ligulate; plants with milky juice; leaves alternate or radial. Flower-heads homogamous,… Continue reading Cichorieae


Chamomile sunray Rhodanthe anthemoides, copyright M. Fagg. Belongs within: Gnaphalieae. Rhodanthe is an Australian genus of everlasting daisies. Characters (from Flora of Victoria): Annual or perennial herbs, glabrous or variously hairy. Leaves entire, sessile, mostly alternate. Capitula solitary or clustered, homogamous or heterogamous, discoid or disciform, subtending leaves, if present, grading to involucral bracts; involucral… Continue reading Rhodanthe


Showy copper wire daisy Podolepis jaceoides, copyright Neil Blair. Belongs within: Gnaphalieae. Podolepis is an Australian genus of wiry herbs producing commonly yellow flowerheads with involucres bearing membranous bracts (Black & Robertson 1965). Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Rather rigid wiry herbs with alternate entire leaves; flowerheads terminal, usually solitary; flowers usually all yellow.… Continue reading Podolepis


Vittadinia scabra, copyright Russell Cumming. Belongs within: Astereae. Vittadinia is an Australasian genus of hairy perennial herbs and subshrubs. Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Perennial herbs or small undershrubs with alternate leaves. Involucre cylindrical or campanulate; bracts narrow, in three to five unequal rows, with scarious margins; receptacle naked; ray-flowers female, about 15–40, ligules… Continue reading Vittadinia


Water snowflake Nymphoides indica, copyright Alex Popovkin.Belongs within: Campanulidae. Contains: Campanulaceae, Stylidiaceae, Goodeniaceae, Asteraceae. The Asterales are a diverse clade of flowering plants including the composite-flowered plants, bellflowers and related taxa, characterised by the possession of notably small seeds ( Characters (from Starch generally absent; apotracheal parenchyma absent; leaves spiral; corolla apiculi inflexed; stamens… Continue reading Asterales


Wahlenbergia gloriosa, copyright Murray Fagg. Belongs within: Campanuloideae. Wahlenbergia is a genus of herbs and subshrubs found primarily in the southern temperate regions (Black & Robertson 1965). Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Annual and perennial herbs and undershrubs. Flowers usually blue, pedunculate, often in terminal, dichotomous leafy panicles. Calyx and corolla-lobes mostly 5, rarely… Continue reading Wahlenbergia


Stylidium turleyae, copyright William Archer. Belongs within: Asterales. Contains: Stylidium subgenus Tolypangium. The Stylidiaceae are a Gondwanan group of mostly herbaceous plants in which flowers have the stamens and style fused in a central column. In members of the genus Stylidium, trigger-plants, the column is long and usually exserted, and curved so that when the… Continue reading Stylidiaceae

Stylidium subgenus Tolypangium

Stylidium utricularioides, copyright Kevin Thiele. Belongs within: Stylidiaceae. The subgenus Tolypangium of the genus Stylidium is a group of triggerplants characterised by ovoid to longish capsules. <==Stylidium subg. Tolypangium LK00     |  i. s.: S. beaugleholei LK00     |–S. sect. Despectae LK00     |    |–S. inundatum LK00 [incl. S. brachyphyllum BR65, S. despectum LK00]     |    |–S. sidjamesii Lowrie & Kenneally 2000… Continue reading Stylidium subgenus Tolypangium


Dampiera diversifolia, copyright Mrpbps.Belongs within: Goodeniaceae. Dampiera is a genus of herbs and subshrubs endemic to Australia, most diverse in the west of the continent (Black & Robertson 1965). Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Perennial herbs or undershrubs, more or less tomentose with stellate hairs, which are either short, or longer and stellately branched,… Continue reading Dampiera