Glyphyalinia Snails

North America (as with pretty much everywhere in the world outside the coldest regions) is home to a wide diversity of small, terrestrial snails that tend to pass unnoticed. Among the more diverse of these is the zonitid genus Glyphyalinia. Glyphyalinia carolinensis, copyright John Slapcinsky. Glyphyalinia species are often found in forest leaf-litter in the… Continue reading Glyphyalinia Snails


Neritoplica trochispira, from Bandel & Kiel (2003). Belongs within: Neritoidea. Contains: Nerita. The Neritidae are marine gastropods characterised by a shell with dissolved inner whorls and radula with large, smooth, mineralised lateral teeth with a cutting and scraping edge (Bandel 2001). Neritidae [Neritae, Neritinia] |–Velates Montfort 1810 [Velatinae] BR05 |    |–V. schmiedelianus Chemnitz 1886 B01 (see… Continue reading Neritidae


Unela remanei, from Arnaud et al. (1986). Length = 3 mm. Belongs within: Heterobranchia. The Acochlidimorpha are a group of small, mostly aquatic slugs that usually bear a large visceral hump projecting freely from the headfoot. <==Acochlidimorpha (see below for synonymy) |–Acochlidioidea [Strubellioidea, Strubellioidei] BR17 |    |–Pseudunela Salvini-Plawen 1973 [Pseudunelidae, Pseudunelloidea] BR05 |    |    `–*P. cornuta (Challis 1970)… Continue reading Acochlidimorpha


Cingula katherinae, copyright Yolanda Villacampa. Belongs within: Rissooidea. Cingula is a genus of minute marine gastropods with a conical shell found in the North Pacific and North Atlantic (Oldroyd 1927). Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell minute, white or horny; conical, pointed, many-whorled; smooth or cancellated; aperture rounded; peristome entire, continuous; outer lip slightly expanded and… Continue reading Cingula


Yellow dove shellPyrene flava, copyright H. Zell. Belongs within: Columbellidae. Pyrene is a genus of dove snails bearing a biconical shell with a strong spiral subsutural cord on early whorls and a crenulated interior on the outer lip. <==Pyrene Röding 1798 BR05 |–*P. rhombiferum Röding 1798 BR17 |–P. abyssicola (Brazier 1877) [=Columbella abyssicola] H09 |–P.… Continue reading Pyrene


Variegated limpetsCellana tramoserica, copyright John Turnbull. Belongs within: Patellogastropoda. Cellana is a tropical Indo-Pacific genus of limpets with a solid, strongly ribbed shell (Knight et al. 1960). Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Shell fairly solid, apex subcentral; radial ribs strong; interior brilliantly glazed. <==Cellana Adams 1869 P61 [incl. Bertinia Jousseaume 1883 BR05, Helcioniscus Dall… Continue reading Cellana


Star limpet Patelloida saccharina, copyright H. Zell. Belongs within: Lottiidae. Patelloida is an Indo-Pacific genus of limpets bearing a radially ribbed shell with strong colour markings (Knight et al. 1960). Patelloida Quoy & Gaimard 1834 [Patelloididae, Patelloidinae, Patelloidini] BR05     |–+–P. pygmaea (Dunker 1860) NO04     |  |    |–P. p. pygmaea NO04     |  |    `–P. p. conulus (Dunker 1861) NO04     |  `–P.… Continue reading Patelloida


Micrelenchus sanguineus, copyright Natural History Museum Rotterdam. Belongs within: Trochidae. Micrelenchus is an Australasian genus of small top shells with a relatively low spire and the columellar fold evanescent or not apparent (Knight et al. 1960). Micrelenchus Finlay 1926 DK08     |  i. s.: M. dilatatus (Sowerby 1870) P61 (see below for synonymy)     |         M. huttoni (Smith… Continue reading Micrelenchus


Opal top shell Cantharidus opalus, copyright Svenja Heesch. Belongs within: Trochidae. Cantharidus is a western Pacific genus of trochids with a smooth, sharp-spired shell known from the Miocene to the present (Knight et al. 1960). Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Spire tapering, surface nearly smooth; columellar fold and tooth weak or absent. Cantharidus Montfort… Continue reading Cantharidus