Glyphyalinia Snails

North America (as with pretty much everywhere in the world outside the coldest regions) is home to a wide diversity of small, terrestrial snails that tend to pass unnoticed. Among the more diverse of these is the zonitid genus Glyphyalinia. Glyphyalinia carolinensis, copyright John Slapcinsky. Glyphyalinia species are often found in forest leaf-litter in the… Continue reading Glyphyalinia Snails


Unela remanei, from Arnaud et al. (1986). Length = 3 mm. Belongs within: Heterobranchia. The Acochlidimorpha are a group of small, mostly aquatic slugs that usually bear a large visceral hump projecting freely from the headfoot. <==Acochlidimorpha (see below for synonymy) |–Acochlidioidea [Strubellioidea, Strubellioidei] BR17 |    |–Pseudunela Salvini-Plawen 1973 [Pseudunelidae, Pseudunelloidea] BR05 |    |    `–*P. cornuta (Challis 1970)… Continue reading Acochlidimorpha