Eremaeus cordiformis, from Seniczak et al. (2013). Belongs within: Brachypylina. Contains: Eueremaeus. The Eremaeoidea are a group of oribatid mites characterised by the presence in nymphs of an apodemato-acetabular tracheal system. The largest family within the Eremaeoidea is the Eremaeidae, members of of which often exhibit anal neotrichy with up to nine pairs of anal… Continue reading Eremaeoidea


The concept of ranks in taxonomy is ultimately an arbitrary one. There is no real definition of what constitutes an ‘order’, a ‘family’ or a ‘subfamily’. What determines the rank that a given taxon is recognised at is a combination of tradition, convenience, and the taxon’s relationships to other recognised taxa. As such, the question… Continue reading Caloppiidae

Oribatid Time Again

The oribatid mite genus Neogymnobates was first recognised from Illinois in 1917. Since then, the genus has been found to be more widespread in North America and has also been described from Korea and Tibet. Species of Neogymnobates are known from arboreal habitats or in association with fallen wood, and live as grazers of micro-vegetation… Continue reading Oribatid Time Again