Spring crocus Crocus vernus, copyright Franz Xaver. Belongs within: Iridaceae. Crocus is a genus of low-growing herbs in which flowers arise at ground level with a subterranean ovary (Healy & Edgar 1980). Characters (from Healy & Edgar 1980): Low-growing, more or less inconspicuous; flowers arising singly, one to several from a corm, at first stalkless… Continue reading Crocus


Yellow flag iris Iris pseudacorus, copyright James St. John. Belongs within: Iridaceae. Iris is a genus of monocotyledons found primarily in northern temperate regions, bearing showy flowers with petal-like style branches (Hickman 1993). Characters (from Hickman 1993): Perennial; rhizome creeping or more or less tuber-like. Inflorescence with flowers 1-many. Flowers with perianth parts clawed, sepals… Continue reading Iris


Romulea toximontana, copyright Dwergenpaartje. Belongs within: Iridaceae. Romulea, star-grass, is a genus of grass-like herbs found primarily in southern Africa with a smaller number of species extending into Europe (Healy & Edgar 1980). Characters (from Healy & Edgar 1980): Summer-green perennial. Corm small; tunic hard, woody, brown, usually smooth. Stem often not protruding above ground… Continue reading Romulea


Moraea crispa, from Silverhill Seeds and Books. Belongs within: Iridaceae. Moraea, the Cape tulips, is a genous of corm-bearing herbs native to southern Africa. Characters (from Flora of Victoria): Perennial herb, leaves and flowers annual; corm globose or ovoid, outer layers fibrous to woody, sometimes with bulbils. Stem sometimes below ground at flowering. Leaves 1–several,… Continue reading Moraea