Raphidia ophiopsis, copyright Guido Bohne. Belongs within: Raphidioptera. The Raphidiidae are a group of snakeflies characterised by the presence of three ocelli and a tube-like pronotum laterally covering the pleural region (Aspöck & Aspöck 1991). <==Raphidiidae     |–Agulla Navás 1914 VM20, A02     |    |–A. adnixa K67     |    |–A. astuta RD77     |    `–A. bicolor WHW10     `–+–Mongoloraphidia VM20        |    |–M. eklipes… Continue reading Raphidiidae


Fibla hesperica, copyright Thijs Valkenburg.Belongs within: Neuropterida. Contains: Baissopteridae, Mesoraphidiidae, Raphidiidae. The Raphidioptera, snakeflies, are a Holarctic group of predatory insects characterised by a remarkably elongate pronotum giving a appearance of a distinct ‘neck’. Characters (from Aspöck & Aspöck 1991): Mandibulate, endopterygote Neoptera; antennae multisegmented; compound eyes always present; ocelli present only in Raphidiidae; prothorax… Continue reading Raphidioptera