Chinese herring Ilisha elongata, copyright J. E. Randall. Belongs within: Otomorpha. Contains: Clupeidae, Stolephorus, Anchovia, Coilia, Thryssa. The Clupeiformes, herring, anchovies and related taxa, are a cosmopolitan group of mostly marine fishes that usually bear silvery deciduous scales. Characters (from Bond 1996): Scales cycloid, usually silvery, deciduous, often modified into posteriorly directed scutes along mid-line… Continue reading Clupeiformes


Diplomystus dentatus, copyright Yinan Chen. Belongs within: Osteoglossocephalai. Contains: Alepocephaliformes, Ostariophysi, Clupeiformes. The Otomorpha are a clade of ray-finned fishes primarily supported by molecular data, members of which commonly have silvery areas associated with the swim bladder. <==Otomorpha [Ostarioclupeomorpha, Otocephala] B-RB13 |–+–Alepocephaliformes B-RB13 |  `–Ostariophysi B-RB13 `–Clupeomorpha B96 |–Clupeiformes B-RB13 `–Ellimmichthyidae [Ellimmichthyiformes, Paraclupeidae] B96 |–Paraclupea chetungensis… Continue reading Otomorpha


Chinese algae eater Gyrinocheilus aymonieri, copyright Garthhh.Belongs within: Ostariophysi. Contains: Balitoridae, Cobitidae, Catostomidae, Puntius, Labeo, Cyprininae, Gobioninae, Acheilognathinae, Leuciscinae, Barbinae. The Cypriniformes are a cosmopolitan group of freshwater fishes that lack teeth in the front of the mouth. Characters (from Bond 1996): Mouth teeth absent; lower pharyngeal bones sickle-shaped, with teeth that usually bite upwards… Continue reading Cypriniformes


Silversides Alestes baremose, copyright Marc Towers. Belongs within: Ostariophysi. Contains: Characidae. The Characiformes are a group of tropical freshwater fish found in Africa and the Neotropical region. Characters (from Bond 1996): Orbitosphenoid, parietal, symplectic and subopercular bones present; jaw teeth present, opposing pharyngeal teeth usually present; barbels absent; first hypural separated from compound ural centrum;… Continue reading Characiformes