Belongs within: Dictyoptera.Contains: Hodotermitidae, Kalotermitidae, Rhinotermitidae. The Isoptera include the termites, social insects that feed on wood and other cellulose-rich plant material. Termites live in colonies with differentiated worker, soldier and/or reproductive castes. The basal families Termopsidae and Kalotermitidae lack a true worker caste with reproductive nymphs fulfilling this role (Inward et al. 2007). The… Continue reading Isoptera


Belongs within: Thripida. The Merothripidae are a family of minute, pale thrips that are found in leaf litter or on dead twigs, apparently feeding on fungal hyphae (Mound & Marullo 1996). Characters (from Mound & Marullo 1996): Antennae with eight or nine clearly separate segments, moniliform with long lateral setae, segments III and IV each… Continue reading Merothripidae


Belongs within: Sericothripinae. Neohydatothrips is a genus of thrips found worldwide, distinguished from the closely related Hydatothrips by the absence of a deeply excavated anterior margin to the metasternum (Mound & Marullo 1996). Characters (from Mound & Marullo 1996): Sense cones on antennal segments III–IV forked. Metasternum anterior border rounded. First vein of forewing with… Continue reading Neohydatothrips