Castes of Coptotermes acinaciformis, from CSIRO. Belongs within: Rhinotermitidae. Coptotermes is a genus of drywood termites in which soldiers bear a large fontanelle opening near the front of the head. Characters (from Maiti 2006): Imago with head dark to dark brown, head and pronotum fairly densely and abdomen densely hairy. Head subround. Eyes of medium… Continue reading Coptotermes


Female blue riverdamselPseudagrion microcephalum, copyright Renjusplace. Belongs within: Zygoptera. Contains: Ischnura, Agriocnemis. The Coenagrionidae are a cosmopolitan group of damselflies whose adults are commonly found skimming over still or sluggish waters (Watson & O’Farrell 1991). Characters (from Theischinger & Hawking 2006): Usually brightly coloured, often vivid red or blue with black markings. Anal vein long;… Continue reading Coenagrionidae


Southern pinfliesNeosticta canescens, copyright Damian White. Belongs within: Zygoptera. The Isostictidae are a group of dull-coloured damselflies found in Australia, New Guinea and New Caledonia (Watson & O’Farrell 1991). Characters (from Theischinger & Hawking 2006): Slender, medium-sized to large damselflies, pale brown to dark greenish grey, rarely black, thorax and abdomen sometimes pruinose. Anal vein… Continue reading Isostictidae


Western river cruiser Macromia magnifica, copyright Jim Johnson.Belongs within: Brachystigmata. Contains: Libellulidae, Hemicorduliidae, Synthemistidae. The Paneurypalpidomorpha are a clade of dragonflies in which the wings have the anterior margin of the hypertriangle distinctly convex, and the primary antenodals close together (Bechly & Ueda 2002). Synapomorphies (from Bechly & Ueda 2002) Anterior margin of hypertriangle distinctly… Continue reading Paneurypalpidomorpha


Male (above) and female Chlorogomphus magnificus, copyright Wildan Ardani. Belongs within: Cavilabiata. Contains: Paneurypalpidomorpha. The Brachystigmata are a clade of dragonflies that mostly have fairly short pterostigmata in the wings (Bechly & Ueda 2002). Synapomorphies (from Bechly & Ueda 2002): Wings with relatively short pterostigmata that cover only 1–3 complete cells (reversed in Libellulinae); “gaff”… Continue reading Brachystigmata


Guadeloupe stick insects Lamponius guerini, copyright Drägüs. Belongs within: Phasmatodea. The Pseudophasmatidae are a group of stick insects in which the femora of the fore legs have four distinct edges. <==Pseudophasmatidae Z04 |–Pseudophasmatinae WBM03 |    |–Pseudophasma rufipes WBM03 |    |–Paraphasma rufipes TW05 |    `–Anisomorpha WBM03 |         |–A. buprestoides K91 |         `–A. ferruginea WBM03 `–Xerosomatinae Z04 |–Xerosomatini Z04 `–Hesperophasmatini… Continue reading Pseudophasmatidae


Caedicia simplex, copyright Donald Hobern.Belongs within: Tettigonioidea. The Phaneropterinae are a group of katydids characterised by a round, globular head, an unarmed prosternum, tibiae that are usually rectangular in cross-section, and a usually short, upcurved ovipositor (Rentz 1996). <==Phaneropterinae R96 |–Acripeza reticulata R96 |–Alectoria superba R96 |–Elephantodeta nobilis R96 |–Torbia viridissima R96 |–Psyra R96 |–Paracaedicia… Continue reading Phaneropterinae


American bird grasshopper Schistocerca americana, copyright Judy Gallagher. Belongs within: Acridoidea. The Cyrtacanthacridinae are a group of often large grasshoppers characterised by mesosternal lobes with their mesal margins separate and parallel or converging posteriorly with their inner posterior angles acute, and a pronotum lacking lateral carinae (Rentz 1996). <==Cyrtacanthacridinae [Cyrtacanthacridini] |–Valanga R96 |    |–V. irregularis R96… Continue reading Cyrtacanthacridinae


Geomydoecus costaricensis, from the Field Museum. Belongs within: Phthiraptera. The Trichodectidae are a group of lice found on mammals, characterised by a broadly oval body in both sexes, and short, thick legs with distally broadened tibiae, a terminal process and single claw. <==Trichodectidae [Bovicolidae] |–Lorisicola GE05 |–Werneckiella equi CM91 |–Felicola subrostratus CM91 |–Stachiella RD77 |–Thomomydoecus… Continue reading Trichodectidae


Saemundssonia lari, from the Spencer Entomological Collection. Belongs within: Phthiraptera. Contains: Columbicola, Austrogoniodes. The Philopteridae are a group of lice parasitic on birds, characterised by paired claws on the legs, a smoothly curved front margin on the clypeus, and a cylindrical last antennal segment (Richards & Davies 1977). <==Philopteridae |–Saemundssonia Timmermann 1936 GE05, HPP80 |    |–S.… Continue reading Philopteridae