Creeping cinquefoil Potentilla reptans, copyright Olivier Pichard. Belongs within: Roperculina. Contains: Horkelia, Ivesia. Potentilla, cinquefoils, is a northern temperate genus of herbs and shrubs with usually yellow flowers (Hickman 1993). Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual to shrub; odor resinous or absent. Leaves generally basal, odd-1-pinnate to 1-palmate or 1-ternate; leaflets more or less toothed or… Continue reading Potentilla


Jujube Ziziphus jujuba, copyright Zeynel Cebeci. Belongs within: Rhamnaceae. Ziziphus is a mostly tropical group of trees, shrubs and vines of which some species are cultivated for their edible fruits. Characters (from Hickman 1993): Tree, shrub, vine. Branches alternate, flexible, sometimes 2-3-ranked; twigs thorn-tipped. Leaves in part clustered on short shoots, deciduous or evergreen, petioled;… Continue reading Ziziphus


Chewstick Gouania lupuloides, copyright Dick Culbert. Belongs within: Rhamnaceae. Gouania is a genus of shrubs and lianas found in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and the Americas. Characters (from Flora of Zimbabwe): Climbing shrubs or lianes; branches with coiled tendrils. Leaves alternate. Inflorescence a thyrse. Flowers usually bisexual, 5-merous. Petals 5, hooded. Stamens… Continue reading Gouania


California buckthorn Rhamnus californica, copyright Brofri. Belongs within: Rhamnaceae. Rhamnus, buckthorns, is a genus of shrubs and small trees found primarily in temperate regions with a smaller number of tropical species (Hickman 1993). Characters (from Hickman 1993): Shrub, small tree. Stem with branches alternate, flexible; twigs sometimes thorn-tipped. Leaves sometimes clustered on short shoots, deciduous… Continue reading Rhamnus


Darling plum Reynosia septentrionalis, from the Leon Levy National Plant Preserve. Belongs within: Rhamnaceae. Reynosia is a genus of shrubs and small trees found in the West Indies and adjoining regions of North and Central America. Characters (from Flora of North America): Shrubs or small trees, unarmed; bud scales present. Leaves persistent, opposite; blade not… Continue reading Reynosia


Littleleaf ceanothus Ceanothus parvifolius, copyright Dcrjsr. Belongs within: Rhamnaceae. Ceanothus, California lilac, is a North American genus of shrubs and small trees with showy flowers (Hickman 1993). Characters (from Hickman 1993): Shrub, small tree, prostrate to erect, thorny or not. Stem with branches generally arranged as leaves. Leaves alternate or opposite, deciduous or evergreen, petioled;… Continue reading Ceanothus


Bitter cryptandra Cryptandra amara, copyright John Tann. Belongs within: Rhamnaceae. Cryptandra is an Australian genus of mostly heath-like shrubs. Characters (from Harden 1990): Shrubs, mostly heath-like, branchlets often short and spinose. Leaves alternate, generally small and often clustered, lower surface usually whitish tomentose but often concealed by revolute margins. Flowers more or less sessile, crowded… Continue reading Cryptandra


Lady’s mantle Alchemilla venosa, from Gardeners’ World. Belongs within: Roperculina. The Fragariinae are a clade of rosaceous plants defined by Eriksson et al. (2003) as the most inclusive clade including Fragaria vesca but no Potentilla anserina, P. reptans or Sanguisorba officinalis. Members of the genus Fragaria, the strawberries, are widely grown for their edible fruits.… Continue reading Fragariinae