Scaleyness is Next to Diatom-ness

The last few decades have seen significant advances in our understanding of microbial diversity. Consistent improvements in available technologies and methods for study, both molecular and ultrastructural, have allowed researchers to look further and deeper than they ever could before. Not only have they identified taxa that were previously unknown, they have been able to… Continue reading Scaleyness is Next to Diatom-ness

Lifestyles of the Rosalinidae

Among the modern foraminiferans, one of the most prominent radiations is among members of the Rotaliida, characterised by globose chambers and calcareous, hyaline test walls. Among the numerous families making up the Rotaliida are members of the Rosalinidae. Benthic form of Rosalina globularis, from Brady (1884). Rosalinids may be regarded as fairly typical-looking marine rotaliids… Continue reading Lifestyles of the Rosalinidae