Likely Talaurinus foveatus, copyright Peter Woodward.

Belongs within: Cyclominae.

Talaurinus is a genus of amycterine weevils bearing two medial carinae on the rostrum. The genus has been divided between sections on the basis of the elytral sculpture but the significance of these divisions is questionable (Zimmerman 1993).

<==Talaurinus Macleay 1865Z93
|--*T. typicus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. acromialis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. acutipennis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. alternans Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. alternatus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. angularis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. angustatus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. angustus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. brevior Ferguson 1914 [=T. maculipennis var. brevior]Z93
|--T. bubaroides Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. bucephalus (Olivier 1807) (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--T. capito Pascoe 1874Z93
|--T. carbonarius Pascoe 1874Z93
|--T. carinatifrons Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. carinatior Ferguson 1915Z93
|--T. carinatus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. carpentariae Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. carteri Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. catenulatus Macleay 1865 [=T. amycteroides Macleay 1865]Z93
|--T. caviceps Macleay 1866 [incl. T. victor Pascoe 1874]Z93
|--T. confusus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. costipennis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. crassiceps Sloane 1893Z93
|--T. crenulatus Ferguson 1913Z93
|--T. euomoides Macleay 1865 [=T. euomioides (l. c.)]Z93
|--T. fergusoni Carter 1937Z93
|--T. flaveolus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. fossulatus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. foveatus Macleay 1865 [incl. T. foveatus var. montanus Ferguson 1912]Z93
|--T. foveipennis Ferguson 1912 [incl. Mythites variabilis Carter 1939]Z93
|--T. foveogranulatus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. gayndahensis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. griseus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. halmaturinus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. howittii Macleay 1865 [incl. T. victoriae Macleay 1866]Z93
|--T. humeralis Macleay 1865 [incl. T. nodulosus Macleay 1865]Z93
|--T. hystrix Ferguson 1915Z93
|--T. illidgei Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. imitator Blackburn 1896Z93
|--T. impressicollis Macleay 1865 [incl. T. hiscipennis Macleay 1865]Z93
|--T. inaequalis Blackburn 1896Z93
|--T. incanescens Macleay 1865 (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--T. inconspicuus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. irroratus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. kirbii (Macleay 1826) (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--T. lacunosus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. laevicollis Pascoe 1874Z93
|--T. leai Ferguson 1915Z93
|--T. longipes Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. maculipennis Lea 1911Z93
|--T. megalongensis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. miliaris Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. mitchellii Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. multigranulatus (Lea 1910) [=Sclerorrhinus multigranulatus]Z93
|--T. mythitoides Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. niveovittatus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. pallidus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. papulosus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. parallelus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. parvus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. perplexus Ferguson 1915Z93
|--T. plagiatus Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. posticalis Ferguson 1915Z93
|--T. prypnoides Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. regularis Sloane 1893 (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--T. roei (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus roei; incl. T. funereus Pascoe 1874]Z93
|--T. rugicollis Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. rugifer (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--T. scaber (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus scaber, Psalidura scabra; incl. Talaurinus aberrans Macleay 1865]Z93
|--T. scabricollis Ferguson 1913 [=T. scaber Macleay 1865 non Amycterus scaber Boisduval 1835]Z93
|--T. scabrosus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. scalpularis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. semispinosus (Boheman 1843) (see below for synonymy)Z93
|--T. septentrionalis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. simplex Ferguson 1915Z93
|--T. simplicipes Lea 1911Z93
|--T. simulator Pascoe 1874Z93
|--T. sobrinus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. sphaerulatus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. spiniger Ferguson 1914Z93
|--T. squamosus Macleay 1865Z93
|--T. strangulatus Blackburn 1895Z93
|--T. subvittatus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. suttoni Carter 1939Z93
|--T. tuberculosus Zimmerman 1993 [=T. tuberculatus Macleay 1865 non Amycterus tuberculatus Boisduval 1835]Z93
|--T. tumulosus Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. vermicollis Ferguson 1912Z93
|--T. verrucosus (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)Z93
`--T. vitticollis Ferguson 1914Z93

Nomen nudum: Talaurinus cricetus Pascoe 1874Z93
T. incisus Ferguson 1912Z93

Talaurinus bucephalus (Olivier 1807) [=Curculio bucephalus, Amycterus bucephalus; incl. Talaurinus asper Macleay 1865, T. camdenensis Macleay 1865, Amycterus granosus Boisduval 1835, T. gyllenhalii Schoenherr 1834, T. murrumbidgensis Macleay 1865, T. rudis Macleay 1865, T. rugosus Macleay 1865, T. salebrosus Macleay 1865, Amycterus westwoodii Boheman 1843, Euomus westwoodii, Talaurinus westwoodii]Z93

Talaurinus incanescens Macleay 1865 [incl. T. encaustus Pascoe 1874, T. macleayi Pascoe 1874, T. muricatus Macleay 1866, T. incanescens var. muricatus]Z93

Talaurinus kirbii (Macleay 1826) [=Phalidura kirbii, T. kirbyi; incl. Amycterus costatus Boisduval 1835, T. costatus, T. mastersii Macleay 1865]Z93

Talaurinus regularis Sloane 1893 [incl. T. aequalis Sloane 1893, T. helmsi Sloane 1893, T. solidus Sloane 1893, T. regularis var. solidus]Z93

Talaurinus rugifer (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus rugifer; incl. A. excavatus Boheman 1843, Talaurinus excavatus, T. simillimus Macleay 1865]Z93

Talaurinus semispinosus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus semispinosus; incl. Sclerorinus echinops Pascoe 1874, Talaurinus echinops, Amycterus pastillarius Boheman 1843, T. pastillarius, T. pustulatus Pascoe 1874, T. validus Ferguson 1915]Z93

Talaurinus verrucosus (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus verrucosus; incl. A. tuberculatus Boisduval 1835, Psalidura tuberculata, Talaurinus tuberculatus]Z93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[Z93] Zimmerman, E. C. 1993. Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) vol. 3. Nanophyidae, Rhynchophoridae, Erirhinidae, Curculionidae: Amycterinae, literature consulted. CSIRO Australia.

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