Orchestia gammarella, copyright Auguste Le Roux.

Belongs within: Talitroidea.

The Talitridae are a group of amphipods found on supralittoral beaches and in mangrove and terrestrial forests (Lowry & Myers 2013).

Characters (from Lowry & Myers 2013): Body laterally compressed. Eyes well developed or absent, if present then round or ovoid. Antennae 1–2 calceoli absent. Antenna 1 shorter than peduncle of antenna 2; peduncular article 1 shorter than, subequal to, or longer than article 2; article 2 shorter than, subequal to, or longer than article 3; article 3 subequal to, or longer than article 1; peduncular articles 1–2 not geniculate; accessory flagellum absent. Antenna 2 peduncular article 1 not enlarged. Mandible molar triturative; palp absent. Maxilla 1 basal endite apically setose; palp present or absent, symmetrical. Maxilla 2 basal endite without oblique setal row. Coxal gills not stalked; sternal gills absent; sternal blisters absent; oostegites fringing setae simple or curl-tipped. Gnathopod 1 simple, subchelate or chelate; similar in males and females (not sexually dimorphic); smaller (or weaker) than or similar in size to gnathopod 2; propodus palm without robust setae along palmar margin. Gnathopod 2 subchelate, minutely subchelate, chelate or simple; similar or dissimilar in males and females (sexually dimorphic or not) carpus slightly produced along posterior margin of propodus or not produced along posterior margin of propodus, projecting between merus and propodus. Pereopods 3–4 not sexually dimorphic. Pereopod 4 with or small posteroventral lobe or without posteroventral lobe. Pereopod 5 shorter than pereopod 6; coxa equilobate or with posteroventral lobe or with posterodorsal lobe or with large anteroventral lobe. Pereopod 7 longer than pereopod 5. Pleonites 1–3 without dorsal carinae. Urosomites 1–3 free; without slender or robust dorsal setae. Urosomite 1 without large distoventral robust seta. Urosomite 2 without dorsal setae. Uropod 1 without basofacial robust setae. Uropod 3 not sexually dimorphic; uniramous, without plumose setae. Telson moderately cleft to entire; dorsal or lateral robust setae present or absent; apical robust setae present or absent.

Talitridae [Orchestiidae, Talitrinae]
    |--Africorchestia Lowry & Coleman 2011LM13
    |--Agilestia Friend 1982LM13
    |--Americorchestia Bousfield 1991LM13
    |--Arcitalitrus Hurley 1975LM13
    |--Atlantorchestoidea Serejo 2004LM13
    |--Australorchestia Serejo & Lowry 2008LM13
    |--Bellorchestia Serejo & Lowry 2008LM13
    |--Bousfieldia Chou & Lee 1996LM13
    |--Brevitalitrus Bousfield 1971LM13
    |--Britorchestia Lowry & Bopiah 2012LM13
    |--Cariborchestia Smith 1998LM13
    |--Cerrorchestia Lindeman 1990LM13
    |--Chelorchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Chiltonorchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Chroestia Marsden & Fenwick 1984LM13
    |--Cochinorchestia Lowry & Peart 2010LM13
    |--Curiotalitrus Lowry & Coleman 2012LM13
    |--Dana Lowry 2011LM13
    |--Deshayesorchestia Ruffo 2004LM13
    |--Eorchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Floresorchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Hawaiorchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Kanikania Duncan 1994LM13
    |--Keratroides Hurley 1975LM13
    |--Lanorchestia Miyamoto & Morino 2010LM13
    |--Macarorchestia Stock 1989LM13
    |--Makawe Duncan 1994LM13
    |--Megalorchestia Brandt 1851LM13
    |--Microrchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Mysticotalitrus Hurley 1975LM13
    |--Neorchestia Friend 1987LM13
    |--Notorchestia Serejo & Lowry 2008LM13
    |--Orchestiella Friend 1987LM13
    |--Paciforchestia Bousfield 1982LM13
    |--Palmorchestia Stock & Martin 1988LM13
    |--Parorchestia Stebbing 1899LM13
    |--Platorchestia Bousfield 1982LM13
    |--Protaustrotroides Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Protorchestia Bousfield 1982LM13
    |--Pseudorchestoidea Bousfield 1982LM13
    |--Puhuruhuru Duncan 1994LM13
    |--Sardorchestia Ruffo 2004LM13
    |--Sinorchestia Miyamoto & Morino 1999LM13
    |--Talitriator Methuen 1913LM13
    |--Tasmanorchestia Friend 1987LM13
    |--Tethorchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Transorchestia Bousfield 1982LM13
    |--Traskorchestia Bousfield 1982LM13
    |--Trinorchestia Bousfield 1982LM13
    |--Uhlorchestia Bousfield 1984LM13
    |--Vallorchestia Lowry 2012LM13
    |--Vietorchestia Thanh & Anh 2011LM13
    |--Waematau Duncan 1994LM13
    |--Talitroides Bonnier 1898LM13
    |    `--*T. bonnieri Stebbing 1906B69
    |--Austrotroides Friend 1982LM13
    |    `--A. leptomerusM03
    |--Spelaeorchestia Bousfield & Howarth 1976LM13
    |    `--S. koloana Bousfield & Howarth 1976R86
    |--Caribitroides Bousfield 1984LM13
    |    `--C. (Mexitroides Lindeman 1990)LM13
    |--Orchestoidea Nicolet 1849LM13 [incl. Talitronus Dana 1850B69]
    |    |--*O. tuberculata Nicolet 1849B69
    |    |--O. brito (Stebbing 1891)N00a, N00b [=Talorchestia britoN00a]
    |    |--O. californianaS54
    |    |--O. fischeri Milne-Edwards 1828BD95
    |    `--O. meridionalis Schuster 1954S54
    |--Talitrus Bosc 1802LM13 [incl. Talitrorchestia Brandt 1851B69]
    |    |--*T. saltator (Montagu 1808)B69 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--‘Orchestia’ cloqueti Audouin 1826 [=*Talitrorchestia cloqueti]B69
    |    |--T. grillus Latreille in Bosc 1802B69
    |    |--T. medusarum [=Cicada medusarum]L02
    |    |--T. nicaeensis Risso 1826R26
    |    `--T. sylvaticusN26
    |--Talorchestia Dana 1853LM13
    |    |--*T. gracilis (Dana 1852) [=Talitrus gracilis]B69
    |    |--T. deshayesii (Audouin 1826)BD95 [=Orchestia deshayesiiN00a, Orchestoidea deshayesiiN00a]
    |    |--T. longicornisN00a
    |    |--T. megalophthalmusN00a
    |    |--T. novaehollandiaeN00a
    |    |--T. quadrimanaH15
    |    |--T. quoyanaO81
    |    `--T. tridentataN00a
    `--Orchestia Leach 1814LM13 [incl. Scamballa White 1847B69]
         |--*O. gammarella (Pallas 1766)B69 [=Oniscus gammarellusB69, Cancer gammarellusN00a, Talitrus gammarellusL02]
         |--O. cavimanaD01
         |--O. littorea Risso 1826R26 [incl. O. brevidigitata Bate & Westwood 1869N00a, O. euchoreN00a, Talitrus tripudiansN00a]
         |--O. macleayanaH15
         |--O. mediterranea Costa 1857BD95 [incl. O. chilensis Dalla Valle 1893N00a]
         |--O. montagui Audouin 1826BD95
         |--O. perieri Lucas 1846E12
         |--O. platensis Kröyer 1845BD95
         `--O. remyi Schellenberg 1950R86
              |--O. r. remyiR86
              `--O. r. roffensis Wildish 1968R86

*Talitrus saltator (Montagu 1808)B69 [=Cancer (Gammarus) saltatorB69, Oniscus locusta Pallas 1766 non Cancer locusta Linnaeus 1758B69, Talitrus locustaN00a]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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