European mole Talpa europaea, copyright Bas Kers.

Belongs within: Talpidae.

The Talpini are a Eurasian clade of subterranean moles characterised in which the humerus is specialised for a heavily fossorial lifestyle and the tympanic bone is expanded into a bulla (Van Valen 1967).

    |  i. s.: Geotrypus Pomel 1848 [incl. Protalpa Filhol 1877]V67
    |           |--G. acutidentatus (de Blainville 1840) [=Talpa acutidentata; incl. G. jungi Lavocat 1951]HO01
    |           |--G. antiquus (de Blainville 1840) (see below for synonymy)HO01
    |           |--G. ehrensteinensis Ziegler 1990HO01
    |           |--G. haramiensis Hoek Ostende 2001HO01
    |           |--G. kesekoeyensis Hoek Ostende 2001HO01
    |           |--G. montiasini Ziegler 1990HO01
    |           |--G. oschiriensis Rümke 1974HO01
    |           `--G. tomerdingensis (Tobien 1939) [=Talpa tomerdingensis]HO01
    |--Talpa Linnaeus 1758FS15, P04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |  i. s.: T. asiatica Linnaeus 1758L58
    |    |         T. fossilis Petényi 1864P04
    |    |         T. micuraM94
    |    |         T. minor Freudenberg 1914 [incl. T. csarnotana Kretzoi 1959]P04
    |    |         T. minutaA05
    |    |         T. streetiIT07
    |    |         T. tellurisA05
    |    |--T. altaicaFS15
    |    `--+--T. levantis Thomas 1906FS15, P04
    |       `--+--T. stankoviciFS15
    |          `--+--T. caucasicaFS15
    |             `--+--+--T. caecaFS15
    |                |  `--T. romanaFS15
    |                `--+--T. europaea Linnaeus 1758FS15, P04
    |                   `--+--T. davidianaFS15
    |                      `--T. occidentalisFS15
    `--+--Euroscaptor Miller 1940FS15, V67
       |    |--+--E. micruraFS15
       |    |  `--E. mizura (Günter 1880)FS15, I92
       |    |       |--E. m. mizuraI92
       |    |       `--E. m. ohtai (Imaizumi 1955)I92
       |    `--+--Scaptochirus Milne Edwards 1867FS15, V67 [incl. Chiroscaptor Heude 1898V67]
       |       |    `--S. moschatusFS15
       |       `--+--E. grandisFS15
       |          |--E. klossiFS15
       |          |--E. longirostrisFS15
       |          `--E. parvidensFS15
       `--+--Parascaptor Gill 1875FS15, V67
          |    `--P. leucuraFS15
          `--Mogera Pomel 1848FS15, V67
               |  i. s.: M. kobeaeIT07
               |         M. minorIT07
               |--M. uchidaiFS15
               `--+--M. insularisFS15
                  `--+--+--M. etigoFS15
                     |  `--M. tokudea Kuroda 1940FS15, I92
                     `--+--M. imaizumiiFS15
                        `--+--M. robustaFS15 [=Talpa robustaBP87]
                           `--M. wogura Temminck 1842FS15, M76 [=Talpa woguraBP87]

Geotrypus antiquus (de Blainville 1840) [=Talpa antiqua; incl. G. arambourgi Lavocat 1951, Protalpa cadurcensis Filhol 1877, G. cadurcensis]HO01

Talpa Linnaeus 1758FS15, P04 [incl. Asioscalops Stroganov 1941V67, Eoscalops Stroganov 1941V67, Heterotalpa Peters 1863V67, Talpops Gervais 1868V67]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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