Ghost ants Tapinoma melanocephalum, copyright Kalesh Sadasivan.

Belongs within: Dolichoderinae.

Tapinoma is a cosmopolitan genus of very small, mostly arboreal ants. They are characterised by a petiole with a greatly reduced, more or less obsolete node, and a gaster with four visible tergites (Heterick 2009).

<==Tapinoma Förster 1850FT08 (see below for synonymy)
|--T. erraticum (Latreille 1798) [=Formica erratica, *T. collina Förster 1850]TB85
|--T. ambiguumH09
|--T. annandaleiH09
|--T. fragileH09
|--T. indicum Forel 1895 [=T. melanocephalum indicum]Z01
|--T. litoraleH09
|--T. melanocephalum (Fabricius 1793)FT08 (see below for synonymy)
|--T. minutum Mayr 1862FT08
| |--T. m. minutumTB85
| |--T. m. broomense Forel 1915 [=T. minutum broomensis]TB85
| |--T. m. cephalicum Santschi 1928 [=T. (Micromyrma) minutum cephalicum]TB85
| `--T. m. integrum Forel 1902TB85
|--T. nigerrimum (Nylander 1856)OM19
|--T. pallipesH09
|--T. pomoneH09
|--T. sessileH09
|--T. simrothi Krausse 1911OM19
|--T. subtileH09
|--T. trochis Wilson 1985P92
`--T. williamsiH09

Tapinoma Förster 1850FT08 [incl. Micromyrma Dufour 1857Z01, Neoclystopsenella Kurian 1955Z01, Tapinoptera Santschi 1925Z01, Zatapinoma Wheeler 1928Z01]

Tapinoma melanocephalum (Fabricius 1793)FT08 [=Formica melanocephalaZ01, Micromyrma melanocephalaZ01; incl. Tapinoma (Micromyrma) melanocephalum var. australis Santschi 1928Z01, T. (M.) melanocephalum var. australeZ01, Formica nana Jerdon 1851 non Latreille 1802Z01, Myrmica pellucida Smith 1858Z01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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