Taranis mayi, from Verco (1909).

Belongs within: Raphitomidae.

Taranis is a genus of small deep-water conoids with members lacking an operculum or radula. The genus includes both species with planktotrophic larvae and direct-developing or lecithotrophic species (Bouchet & Waren 1980).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell very small, 2.5-6 mm, ovate-biconic, predominantly medially angulate and spirally keeled, usually crossed by lamellate axials, producing a fenestrate sculptural pattern. Protoconch paucispiral, of barely two whorls, papillate to slightly globose, superficially smooth, but with a microscopic sculpture of closely spaced stippled spiral lirae. Sinus shallow, its apex at the peripheral angle or major keel, and with unequal angles of approach, being steep and straight above, but protractively arcuate below. Pillar abruptly twisted at beginning of a short shallowly notched anterior canal. No colour pattern, white or translucent. Operculum absent.

<==Taranis Jeffreys 1870BR17 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*T. moerchii (Malm 1861)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
    |--T. allo (Jousseaume in Lamy 1934) [=*Allo allo, *Feliciella jousseaumei Lamy 1934]P66
    |--T. benthicola (Dell 1956) [=Fenestrosyrinx benthicola]P66
    |--T. bicarinata (Suter 1915)P66 (see below for synonymy)
    |--T. borealis Bouchet & Waren 1980 [incl. Pleurotoma parvulum Jeffreys in Locard 1897 non P. parvula Reeve 1845]BW80
    |--T. gratiosa (Suter 1908)P66 [=Bathytoma gratiosaP66, Fenestrosyrinx gratiosaP61]
    |--T. imporcata (Dell 1962) [=Fenestrosyrinx imporcata]P66
    |--T. laevisculpta Monterosato 1880 [=Pleurotoma morchii var. laevisculpta Monterosato 1875 (n. n.)]BW80
    |--T. malmi (Dall 1889) (see below for synonymy)BW80
    |--T. mayi (Verco 1909)P66 [=Hemipleurotoma mayiP66, Asperdaphne mayiH22, Daphnella mayiH22]
    |--T. nexilis (Hutton 1885)P66 [=Clathurella nexilisP66, Fenestrosyrinx nexilisP61]
    |    |--T. n. nexilisP66
    |    `--T. n. recens (Fleming 1948) [=Fenestrosyrinx nexilis recens]P66
    |--T. panope Dall 1919D19
    |--T. spirulata (Dell 1962) [=Fenestrosyrinx spirulata]P66
    |--T. strongi Arnold 1903O27
    |--T. turritispira (Smith 1882) [=Pleurotoma (Taranis) turritispira]P66
    `--T. zeuxippe Dall 1919D19

Taranis Jeffreys 1870BR17 [incl. Allo Lamy 1934BK11, Feliciella Lamy 1934BK11, Fenestrosyrinx Finlay 1926BK11; Taraninae, Taranini]

Taranis bicarinata (Suter 1915)P66 [=Turris nexilis bicarinatusP66, *Fenestrosyrinx nexilis bicarinataP61; incl. Leucosyrinx thomsoniF26]

Taranis malmi (Dall 1889) [=Pleurotomella (Gymnobela) tornata var. malmii; incl. Pleurotoma pycnoides Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896, Azorilla pycnoides]BW80

*Taranis moerchii (Malm 1861)BR17 [=Trophon moerchiiBR17, Mangelia moerchiN79, Pleurotoma moerchiN79; incl. Ta. alexandrina Sturany 1896BW80, Pleurotoma cirratum Brugnone 1862 non P. cirrata Bellardi 1848BW80, Ta. cirrata var. curta Locard 1897BW80, Bela demersa Tiberi 1868BW80, Ta. cirrata var. minor Locard 1897BW80, Ta. cirrata var. simplex Locard 1897BW80, Ta. cirrata var. spinulosa Locard 1897BW80, Ta. cirrata var. tenuis Locard 1897BW80, Ta. morchii var. tornatus Verrill 1884BW80]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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