Deroploopsis brevicornutus, copyright South Australian Museum.

Belongs within: Pentatominae.

The Tarisini are a group of shield bugs in which the scutellum is often enlarged but always leaves most of the lateral margins of the hemelytra exposed (Gross 1975).

Characters (from Gross 1975, as ‘Tarisa group’): Head broad, juga not surpassing apex of anteclypeus. Scutellum variable in size, usually broad and elongate, reaching to or almost to apex of abdomen, apex broadly rounded, rarely triangular and shorter with more acuminate apex; lateral margins of hemelytra at least mostly exposed. Sterna sulcate, prosternal sulcus with elevated sharp margins (if these are lower and blunter then scutellum always enlarged).

<==Tarisini [Graphostomatini, Tarisinae] G75
|–Tarisa G75
|–Putonia G75
|–Dandinus Distant 1904 G75
|    `–*D. crassus Distant 1904 G75
|–Testrica Walker 1867 G75
|    |–*T. antica Walker 1867 G75
|    `–T. bubala Stål 1876 G75
|–Propetestrica Musgrave 1930 G75
|    |–*P. trimaculata Musgrave 1930 G75
|    `–P. angulata Musgrave 1930 G75
|–Protestrica Schouteden 1905 G75
|    |–*P. rudis (Germar 1839) [=Podops rudis, Testrica rudis] G75
|    |–P. montana Gross 1975 G75
|    |–P. stali (Schouteden 1905) [=Testrica stali] G75
|    `–P. subpunctata G75
`–Deroploopsis Schouteden 1905 G75
|–*D. curvicornis (Stål 1876) [=Deroploa curvicornis] G75
|–D. bidentatus Musgrave 1930 G75
|–D. brevicornutus Musgrave 1930 G75
`–D. trispinosus Musgrave 1930 G75

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G75] Gross, G. F. 1975. Plant-feeding and Other Bugs (Hemiptera) of South Australia. Heteroptera—Part I. Handbook of the Flora and Fauna of South Australia.

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