Tegoceras mosense, copyright Ammoniten.org.

Belongs within: Acanthoceratoidea.

Tegoceras is a mid-Cretaceous (upper Lower Albian) genus of small to medium-sized ammonites (Kennedy & Klinger 2008).

Characters (from Kennedy & Klinger 2008): Small to medium-sized, moderately involute to evolute, whorl section compressed to depressed. Ribs alternate in position across venter, may be linked by zigzag ventral rib. Tuberculation variable: feeble to incipient umbilical bullae and poorly developed ventrolateral clavi, or well-developed umbilical bullae and ventrolateral clavi, occasionally accompanied by lateral tubercles. Siphonal ridge may show incipient development of siphonal clavi. Ornament may efface on adult body chamber.

<==Tegoceras Hyatt 1903 [incl. Rauliniceras Douvillé 1911, Seunesiceras Breistroffer 1953 (n. n.); Lyelliceratinae]KK08
    |  i. s.: T. benavidescaceresi Etayo-Serna 1979KK08
    |         T. maderoense Young 1993KK08
    |         T. senebrianum Pictet in Pictet & Roux 1847KK08
    |         T. seunesi (Parona & Bonarelli 1897) [=T. (Rauliniceras) seunesi]KK08
    |--*T. mosense (d’Orbigny 1841) (see below for synonymy)KK08
    `--+--T. camatteanum (d’Orbigny 1841) (see below for synonymy)KK08
       |--T. collignoni (Breistroffer in Breistroffer & de Villoutreys 1953) (see below for synonymy)KK08
       `--Lyelliceras Spath 1921KK08
            |  i. s.: L. huberianum (Pictet 1847) [=Ammonites huberianus, Acanthoceras huberianum]KK08
            |--L. latili Kennedy & Klinger 2008KK08
            |--L. vaasti Destombes et al. 1973KK08
            `--+--*L. lyelli (d’Orbigny 1841) (see below for synonymy)KK08
               `--+--L. pseudolyelli (Parona & Bonarelli 1897) (see below for synonymy)KK08
                  `--Pseudobrancoceras Kennedy 2004KK08
                       |--*P. versicostatum (Michelin 1838) (see below for synonymy)KK08
                       `--P. transiens Kennedy 2004KK08

*Lyelliceras lyelli (d’Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites lyelli, Acanthoceras lyelli; incl. Ac. gevreyi Jacob 1907, Prolyelliceras gevreyi, Collignoniceras (Selwynoceras) gratum van Hoepen 1968, Lyelliceras gratum, Douvilleiceras nodosa Etheridge 1907, L. nodosa, L. lyelli var. ornatissima Ciry 1927]KK08

Lyelliceras pseudolyelli (Parona & Bonarelli 1897) [=Acanthoceras pseudolyelli; incl. A. hirsutum Parona & Bonarelli 1897, L. huberianum f. hirsutum]KK08

*Pseudobrancoceras versicostatum (Michelin 1838) [=Ammonites versicostatus, Brancoceras (Eubrancoceras) versicostatum, Lyelliceras versicostatum, Rauliniceras versicostatum]KK08

Tegoceras camatteanum (d’Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites camatteanus, Acanthoceras camatteanum, Ac. camattei (l. c.), Rauliniceras camatteanum, R. camattei (l. c.)]KK08

Tegoceras collignoni (Breistroffer in Breistroffer & de Villoutreys 1953) [=Rauliniceras (Seunesiceras) collignoni; incl. T. armatum Destombes 1983, T. quadratum Destombes 1977]KK08

*Tegoceras mosense (d’Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites mosensis, Rauliniceras mosense; incl. T. gladiator attenuata Destombes 1979, T. gladiator evoluta Destombes 1979, Hoplites gladiator Bayle 1878, Acanthoceras gladiator, Ammonites gladiator, *Rauliniceras gladiator, Tegoceras gladiator, T. miles Casey 1978]KK08

*Type species of generic name indicated


[KK08] Kennedy, W. J., & H. C. Klinger. 2008. Cretaceous faunas from Zululand and Natal, South Africa. The ammonite subfamily Lyelliceratinae Spath, 1921. African Natural History 4: 57–111.

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