Bright orange darter Telicota augias augias, copyright Green Baron Pro.

Belongs within: Hesperiinae.

Telicota is an Indo-Australian genus of skippers with larvae feeding on Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Flagellaria (Braby 2000).

Characters (from Braby 2000): Length of antenna variable, slightly less than half length of costa of fore wing in female, more than half length of costa in male; club broad, swollen, with apiculus short and pointed; third segment of labial palp short, stout and erect; fore wing with vein CuA2 arising nearer base than end of cell; termen of hind wing strongly produced near tornus; mid tibia lacking spines; male with patch of sex-scales.

<==Telicota Moore 1881B00
    |--T. ancilla (Herrich-Schäffer 1869)B12
    |--T. anisodesma Lower 1911B00
    |--T. augias (Linnaeus 1763)B12
    |    |--T. a. augiasB12
    |    `--T. a. krefftii (Macleay 1866) (see below for synonymy)B12
    |--T. brachydesma Lower 1908B00
    |--T. colon (Fabricius 1775) [incl. T. esa Evans 1934]B00
    |    |--T. c. colonB12
    |    `--T. c. argea (Plötz 1883)B12
    |--T. doba Evans 1949B00
    |--T. eurotas (Felder 1860)B00
    |    |--T. e. eurotasB00
    |    `--T. e. laconia Waterhouse 1937B00
    |--T. eurychlora Lower 1908 [=T. eurotas eurychlora]B00
    |--T. mesoptis Lower 1911B00
    `--T. ohara (Plötz 1883)B00

Telicota augias krefftii (Macleay 1866) [=Pamphilla krefftii; incl. T. krefftii argilus Waterhouse 1933, T. augias argilus, T. ancilla baudina Evans 1949]B12

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B00] Braby, M. F. 2000. Butterflies of Australia: their identification, biology and distribution vol. 1. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Victoria).

[B12] Braby, M. F. 2012. The butterflies of El Questro Wilderness Park, with remarks on the taxonomy of the Kimberley fauna, Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 27 (2): 161–175.

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