Titicaca water frog Telmatobius culeus, from Muñoz-Saravia et al. (2018).

Belongs within: Hyloidea.

Telmatobius is a genus of medium to large, flattened frogs found in the Andean highlands, with some species being permanently aquatic.

<==Telmatobius Wiegmann 1834 [Telmatobii, Telmatobiinae, Telmatobiini]FG06
| i. s.: T. escomeliB50
| T. walkeriL07
|--+--T. nigerPW11
| `--T. zapahuirensisPW11
`--+--T. vilamensisPW11
|--+--T. jahuiraFG06
| `--T. marmoratusPW11
|--+--T. vellardiPW11
| `--+--T. truebaePW11
| `--+--T. espadaiPW11
| `--+--T. sanborniPW11
| `--T. verrucosusPW11
`--+--+--+--T. culeusPW11
| | | |--T. c. culeusB50
| | | `--T. c. albiventrisB50
| | `--T. gigasPW11
| `--+--T. hintoniPW11
| `--T. huayraPW11
`--+--T. simonsiPW11
`--+--T. bolivianusPW11
|--T. sibiricusPW11
`--T. yuracarePW11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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