Cone worm Pectinaria granulata (ex sand grain tube), copyright Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Belongs within: Annelida.
Contains: Ampharetidae, Pectinariidae, Terebellidae.

The Terebelliformia are a group of marine annelids characterised by the possession of multiple grooved palps.

<==Terebelliformia [Terebellomorpha]
    |  `--+--TrichobranchidaeSS07
    |     |    |--TerebellidesSS07
    |     |    |    |--T. stroemi Sars 1835SS07
    |     |    |    `--T. woolawa Hutchings & Peart 2000HG14
    |     |    `--Artacamella tribranchiata Hutchings & Peart 2000RP07
    |     `--AlvinellidaeSS07
    |          |--Alvinella pompejanaSP11
    |          `--ParalvinellaPE16
    |               |--P. grasslei Desbruyères & Laubier 1982RP07
    |               |--P. hessleri Desbruyères & Laubier 1989SS07
    |               `--P. palmiformis Desbruyères & Laubier 1986RP07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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