Termitogaster insolens, from Seevers (1957).

Belongs within: Corotocini.

The Termitogastrina are a lineage of physogastric staphylinids found in association with nasutitermitine termites of the genera Nasutitermes, Trinervitermes and Grallatotermes. Though difficult to characterise as a whole due to the derived morphology of some genera, all carry the variously inflated abdomen recurved over the foreparts. In less derived species, the tarsi are 5, 5, 5-segmented, albeit with the fifth segment partially fused and not movable relative to the fourth segment; in some derived species the tarsi have become 4, 4, 4-segmented. These species have the sixth and seventh tergites characteristically enlarged with the seventh tergite shield-shaped (Seevers 1957).

    |--Termitopithus Seevers 1957S57
    |    `--*T. crassiusculus Seevers 1957S57
    |--Termitophya Wasmann 1902S57
    |    |--*T. heyeri Wasmann 1902S57
    |    |--T. amica Mann 1923S57
    |    |--T. araujoi Borgmeier 1950S57
    |    |--T. ecuadoriensis Seevers 1937S57
    |    |--T. emersoni Seevers 1937S57
    |    |--T. flaviventris Mann 1923S57
    |    |--T. holmgreni Wasmann in Wasmann & Holmgren 1911 [incl. T. wasmanni Holmgren in Wasmann & Holmgren 1911]S57
    |    |--T. inornata Seevers 1937S57
    |    |--T. piliventris Seevers 1937S57
    |    `--T. punctata Mann 1923S57
    `--+--+--Termitomorpha Wasmann 1894 (see below for synonymy)S57
       |  |    |--*T. meinerti Wasmann 1894 (see below for synonymy)S57
       |  |    |--T. costaricensis (Seevers 1946) [=Termitosomus costaricensis]S57
       |  |    |--T. fissipennis (Casey 1890) (see below for synonymy)S57
       |  |    |--T. huachii Seevers 1946S57
       |  |    `--T. manni Seevers 1946S57
       |  `--+--Trachopeplus Mann 1923S57
       |     |    |--*T. setosus Mann 1923S57
       |     |    `--T. disjunctipennis Seevers 1939S57
       |     `--+--Termitoides Seevers 1939S57
       |        |    `--*T. marginatus Seevers 1939S57
       |        `--+--Xenopelta Mann 1923S57
       |           |    |--*X. cornuta Mann 1923S57
       |           |    `--X. tricornis (Mann 1923) [=Ceratoxenus tricornis]S57
       |           `--Xenogaster Wasmann 1891S57
       |                |--*X. inflata Wasmann 1891S57
       |                |--X. fossulata Mann 1923S57
       |                |--X. glabriventris Seevers 1957S57
       |                |--X. inquilina Borgmeier 1950S57
       |                |--X. nana Seevers 1957S57
       |                |--X. pilosula Seevers 1957S57
       |                |--X. reichenspergeri Seevers 1957S57
       |                `--X. subnuda Seevers 1957S57
       `--+--+--Termitosynodes Seevers 1957S57
          |  |    `--*T. williamsi Seevers 1957S57
          |  `--Termitosyne Seevers 1957S57
          |       `--*T. platygastra Seevers 1957S57
          |--+--Neotermitogaster Seevers 1939S57
          |  |    `--*N. colonus Seevers 1939S57
          |  `--Termitogaster Casey 1889S57
          |       |--*T. insolens Casey 1889S57
          |       |--T. beniensis Seevers 1946S57
          |       |--T. bicolor Seevers 1937S57
          |       |--T. brevis Mann 1923S57
          |       |--T. chavantinae Seevers 1957S57
          |       |--T. diversicollis Seevers 1957S57
          |       |--T. emarginatus Seevers 1946S57
          |       |--T. emersoni Mann 1923S57
          |       |--T. impressicollis Seevers 1937S57
          |       |--T. magdalenae Seevers 1946S57
          |       |--T. nigricollis (Silvestri 1901) [=Xenogaster nigricollis]S57
          |       |--T. puncticeps Seevers 1946S57
          |       |--T. testaceus Seevers 1946S57
          |       |--T. wasmanni (Holmgren in Wasmann & Holmgren 1911) [=Xenogaster wasmanni]S57
          |       `--T. wenzeli Seevers 1957S57
          `--+--Termitotima Wasmann 1916S57
             |    `--*T. assmuthi Wasmann 1916S57
             `--+--Idiogaster Wasmann 1912S57
                |    `--*I. escherichi Wasmann 1912S57
                `--+--+--Affinoptochus Kemner 1925S57
                   |  |    `--*A. exclusus Kemner 1925S57
                   |  `--+--Termitella Wasmann 1911 [incl. Termitissa Reichensperger 1912, Termitoctesis Bernhauer 1938]S57
                   |     |    |--*T. lujae Wasmann 1911S57
                   |     |    |--T. foveolata (Reichensperger 1922) [=*Termitissa foveolata]S57
                   |     |    |--T. gridelli (Bernhauer 1938) [=*Termitoctesis gridelli]S57
                   |     |    `--T. rubricollis Seevers 1957S57
                   |     `--+--Termitellodes Seevers 1957S57
                   |        |    `--*T. lativentris Seevers 1957S57
                   |        `--Idioptochus Seevers 1957S57
                   |             `--*I. lehmensicki Seevers 1957S57
                   `--+--Paracorotoca Warren 1920S57
                      |    `--*P. akermani (Warren 1914) [=Corotoca akermani]S57
                      |--Millotoca Paulian 1948S57
                      |    |--*M. mirotermitidis Paulian 1948S57
                      |    `--M. tanganyuikae Seevers 1957S57
                      `--Termitoptochus Silvestri 1910 [Termitoptochini]S57
                           |--*T. indicus Silvestri 1910S57
                           |--T. ceylonicus Silvestri 1921S57
                           |--T. luzonicus Silvestri 1921S57
                           |--T. peninsularis Silvestri 1921S57
                           |--T. philippinus Silvestri 1921S57
                           `--T. sumatranus Silvestri 1921S57

Termitomorpha Wasmann 1894 [incl. Termitosomus Seevers 1939, Thaxteria Fenyes 1921 nec Sacc. 1891 (ICBN) nec Giard 1892 (ICBN)]S57

Termitomorpha fissipennis (Casey 1890) [=Termitogaster fissipennis, *Termitosomus fissipennis; incl. Termitogaster simopelta Mann 1923]S57

*Termitomorpha meinerti Wasmann 1894 [incl. *Thaxteria insularis Fenyes 1921, Termitogaster simulans Mann 1923, Termitosomus simulans]S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

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