Termitohospes unicolor, from Seevers (1957).

Belongs within: Aleocharinae.

The Termitohospitina is a South American group of limuloid staphylinid beetles, found in association with termites of the Nasutitermitinae (Seevers 1957).

Characters (from Seevers 1957): Body-form limuloid. Head strongly deflexed; concealed by large, shield-like pronotum except in Paratermitosocius (in which small part of vertex is visible). Pronotum with anterior and lateral margins continuously arcuate; surface not impressed. Anterior margin of submentum straight or slightly arcuate but not emarginate; anterior angles of mentum produced, apex of mentum emarginate. Abdomen slender, acuminate. Ninth tergite bifid, otherwise unmodified.

|--Termitohospes Seevers 1941S57
| |--*T. miricorniger Seevers 1941S57
| |--T. brasiliana Seevers 1957S57
| |--T. guianae Seevers 1941S57
| |--T. limulus Seevers 1957S57
| |--T. panamensis Seevers 1941S57
| |--T. silvestrii Seevers 1957S57
| |--T. tachyporoides Seevers 1957S57
| `--T. unicolor (Silvestri 1947) [=Termitomus unicolor]S57
`--+--Paratermitosocius Seevers 1941S57
| `--*P. vestitus (Mann 1923) [=Perinthus vestitus]S57
|--Termitosocius Seevers 1941S57
| `--*T. microps Seevers 1941S57
`--+--Blapticoxenus Mann 1923 [incl. Termitocolonus Seevers 1941]S57
| `--*B. brunneus Mann 1923 [incl. *Termitocolonus ericiogaster Seevers 1941]S57
|--Termitosodalis Seevers 1941 [incl. Termitomus Silvestri 1947]S57
| |--*T. barticae Seevers 1941S57
| `--T. fasciatus (Silvestri 1947) [=*Termitomus fasciatus, Termitohospes fasciatus]S57
|--Termitobra Seevers 1957S57
| `--*T. perinthoides Seevers 1957S57
`--Hetairotermes Cameron 1920 [=Termophila Lea 1910 non Grassi 1887]S57
|--*H. latebricola (Lea 1910) [=*Termophila latebricola]S57
|--H. agilis Cameron 1920S57
|--H. bryanti Cameron 1950S57
|--H. formicicola Oke 1933S57
|--H. insulanus Seevers 1957S57
|--H. piceus Cameron 1920S57
`--H. punctiventris (Lea 1910) [=Termophila punctiventris]S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

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