Termitonannus vagans, from Seevers (1957).

Belongs within: Aleocharinae.

The Termitonannini are a group of mostly limuloid staphylinid beetles found in association with nasutitermitine termites (Seevers 1957).

Characters (from Seevers 1957): Body usually non-physogastric and limuloid, very rarely physogastric. Head either prognathous or hypognathous; antennae 9-11-segmented, terminal antennal segments bearing one or more pairs of polytrichous coeloconic sensilla; mentum free except in certain derived genera. Mesocoxal cavities margined; hind coxae and metepimera generalised except in certain derived genera. Tarsi 4, 4, 4-segmented or 4, 4, 5-segmented.

| | i. s.: Termitocomes Seevers 1941S57
| | |--*T. wasmanni Seevers 1941S57
| | `--T. trinidadensis Seevers 1957S57
| |--+--Eunannodes Silvestri 1946S57
| | | `--*E. reconditi Silvestri 1946S57
| | `--Nannellus Silvestri 1946S57
| | `--*N. anoplotermitis Silvestri 1946S57
| `--+--Termitonilla Borgmeier 1950S57
| | `--*T. luteola Borgmeier 1950S57
| `--+--Macrotrichuris Silvestri 1946S57
| | |--*M. brasiliensis Silvestri 1946S57
| | `--M. notabilis Silvestri 1946S57
| `--Termitonannus Wasmann 1902 [incl. Tetraphilus Silvestri 1946]S57
| |--*T. schmalzi Wasmann 1902S57
| |--T. brachycerus Silvestri 1946 [=T. (*Tetraphilus) brachycerus]S57
| |--T. domunculi Silvestri 1946S57
| |--T. echinoides Seevers 1946S57
| |--T. gatuni Seevers 1941S57
| |--T. major Wasmann 1902S57
| |--T. microsomatis Silvestri 1946S57
| |--T. parvulus Silvestri 1946S57
| |--T. proximatus Silvestri 1946S57
| |--T. setosus Seevers 1941S57
| |--T. silvestrii Wasmann 1902S57
| `--T. vagans Silvestri 1946S57
`--Perinthina [Perinthini]S57
|--Termitopelta Borgmeier 1950S57
| `--*T. fulgens Borgmeier 1950S57
`--+--Termitonicus Mann 1926S57
| |--*T. mahout Mann 1926S57
| `--T. uroclaviger Silvestri 1946S57
`--+--Macrognathellus Silvestri 1946S57
| `--M. crassicornis (Wasmann 1902) [=Perinthus crassicornis; incl. *M. paraguayensis Silvestri 1946]S57
`--+--Poduroides Mann 1926S57
| `--*P. bovingi Mann 1926S57
`--+--Perinthus Casey 1890S57
| |--*P. dudleyanus Casey 1890S57
| | |--P. d. dudleyanusS57
| | |--P. d. major Seevers 1957S57
| | `--P. d. wasmanni Mann 1923S57
| |--P. bolivari Seevers 1946S57
| |--P. guatemalae Seevers 1946S57
| |--P. hageni Seevers 1937S57
| |--P. mayaeS57
| |--P. tarsatus Mann 1923S57
| `--P. xenocostalis Seevers 1937S57
`--+--Termitocola Seevers 1937S57
| |--*T. cylindricornis Seevers 1937S57
| `--T. silvestrii (Wasmann 1902) [=Perinthus silvestrii]S57
`--+--Lauella Mann 1921S57
| |--*L. vitiensis Mann 1921 [incl. Hetairotermes leai Cameron 1927]S57
| |--L. javana Seevers 1957S57
| `--L. palauensis Seevers 1957S57
`--+--Eutermitophila Cameron 1939S57
| `--*E. fletcheri Cameron 1939S57
`--+--Perinthodes Seevers 1957S57
| `--*P. africanus Seevers 1957S57
`--Paraperinthus Seevers 1957S57
`--*P. pauciseta Seevers 1957S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

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