Lateral and dorsal views of Termitobia burgeoni, from Seevers (1957).

Belongs within: Aleocharinae.

The Termitopaediini is a group of physogastric staphylinid beetles found in association with fungus-culturing termites in Africa and southern Asia (Seevers 1957).

Characters (from Seevers 1957): Maxillary acetabula moderately sized; galea and lacinia moderate in length, galea usually foliate and membranous; terminal antennal segments without coeloconic sensilla; mesocoxal acetabula large, shallow, faintly margined externally or not at all; broad mesosternal process rounded or angulate; middle coxae narrowly or moderately widely separated; hind coxae subtriangular, not produced beyond lateral articulation; metepimera obliquely truncated posteriorly, not prolonged beyond coxal articulation; tarsi 4, 5, 5-segmented.

| i. s.: Termitobaena Bernhauer 1915S57
| `--*T. bryanti Bernhauer 1915S57
| Termitotropha Wasmann 1899S57
| `--*T. oneili Wasmann 1899S57
|--+--Termitotecna Wasmann 1912S57
| | `--*T. braunsi Wasmann 1912S57
| |--Protermitobia Seevers 1957S57
| | |--*P. kirbyi Seevers 1957S57
| | `--P. comes Seevers 1957S57
| `--Termitobia Wasmann 1891S57
| |--*T. physogastra Wasmann 1891 [=T. gastrophysa (l. c.)]S57
| |--T. burgeoni Cameron 1930S57
| |--T. paolii Gridelli 1928S57
| `--T. rhodesiae Seevers 1957S57
`--+--Termitopaedia Wasmann 1911S57
| `--*T. kohli Wasmann 1911S57
|--Termitolinus Wasmann 1911S57
| `--*T. natalensis Wasmann 1911S57
|--Neodioxeuta Seevers 1957S57
| |--*N. oudemansi (Franssen 1932) [=Jacobsonella oudemansi]S57
| `--N. burmae Seevers 1957S57
|--Termitopulex Fauvel 1899 [incl. Silvestrinus Bernhauer 1932]S57
| |--*T. grandicornis Fauvel 1899 [incl. *Silvestrinus erythraeanus Bernhauer 1932]S57
| |--T. natalensis Wasmann 1912S57
| `--T. sjoestedti Eichelbaum in Sjöstedt 1908S57
`--Dioxeuta Sharp 1899 [incl. Jacobsonella Silvestri 1910]S57
|--*D. microps Sharp 1899 [incl. *Jacobsonella termitobia Silvestri 1910]S57
|--D. flavescens (Cameron 1939) [=Jacobsonella flavescens]S57
`--D. indosinensis (Silvestri 1946) [=Jacobsonella indosinensis]S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

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