Ocean sunfish Mola mola, copyright Steve Woods.

Belongs within: Percomorpharia.
Contains: Ostracioidei, Triacanthodidae, Monacanthidae, Balistidae, Tetraodontidae, Diodontidae.

The Tetraodontiformes are a cosmopolitan group of fishes characterised by a small mouth with few, often enlarged teeth or with massive beak-like tooth plates, a small gill opening on the side of the body, scales that are usually modified into spines, enlarged plates, or a carapace, and reduced or absent pelvic fins (Matsuura 2015).

<==Tetraodontiformes [Balistoideo, Plectognathi, Tetraodontoidea, Tetraodontoideo]
    |--Cretatriacanthus guidottiiB-RB13
    |--Plectocretacicus clarae Sorbini 1979B-RB13, P93
    `--+--+--Triodon [Triodontidae, Triodontoidea]M15
       |  |    |--T. antiquus Leriche 1905P93
       |  |    `--T. macropterus Lesson 1831M15
       |  `--+--OstracioideiM15
       |     `--Triacanthoidea [Triacanthoidei]M15
       |          |--TriacanthodidaeM15
       |          `--TriacanthidaeM15
       |               |  i. s.: Protacanthodes ombonii (de Zigno 1884)P93
       |               |--Triacanthus Oken 1817M15
       |               |    |--T. biaculeatus (Bloch 1786)M15 (see below for synonymy)
       |               |    |--T. blochii Bleeker 1852M58
       |               |    |--T. brevirostris Schegel 1850 [incl. T. rhodopterus Bleeker 1861]M58
       |               |    |--T. nieuhofii Bleeker 1852M15 [=Priacanthus nieuhoffiP89a]
       |               |    `--T. striglifer Cantor 1849M58
       |               `--+--Pseudotriacanthus Fraser-Brunner 1941M15
       |                  |    `--P. strigilifer (Cantor 1849)M15
       |                  |--Trixiphichthys Fraser-Brunner 1941M15
       |                  |    `--T. weberi (Chaudhuri 1910)M15
       |                  `--Tripodichthys Tyler 1968M15
       |                       |--T. angustifrons (Hollard 1854)M15
       |                       |--T. blochii (Bleeker 1852)M15
       |                       `--T. oxycephalus (Bleeker 1851)M15
       `--+--Balistoidei [Balistoidea]B-RB13
          |    |--MonacanthidaeB-RB13
          |    `--BalistidaeM15
             |    |--TetraodontidaeM15
             |    `--DiodontidaeB-RB13
             `--Molidae [Moloidea, Moloidei]M15
                  |  i. s.: Diplanchias nasusP89b
                  |         OrthagoriscusP89b
                  |           |--O. molaP89b
                  |           |--O. oblongusP89b
                  |           `--O. oxyuropterusP89b
                  |         EoranzaniaP93
                  |--Eomola bimaxillariaND13
                     |    |--R. laevis (Pennant 1776)M15
                     |    `--R. truncataD56
                     `--+--Austromola angerhoferiND13
                        `--+--Masturus Gill 1884M15
                           |    |--M. lanceolatus (Liénard 1840)M15
                           |    `--M. oxyuropterus (Bleeker 1873)M15
                           `--Mola Koelreuter 1766M15
                                |--M. aculeata [=Orthagoriscus aculeata]P89b
                                |--M. asperaPP89
                                |--M. lanceolataC02
                                |--M. mola (Linnaeus 1758)M15
                                |--M. nasusD56
                                `--M. ramsayi (Giglioli 1883)M15
Tetraodontiformes incertae sedis:
  Trigonodon [Trigonodontidae]P93
    `--T. oweni Sismonda 1849P93
  Eospinus daniltshenkoi Tyler & Bannikov 1992P93
    |--Spinacanthus cuneiformis (de Blainville 1818)P93
    `--Protobalistum imperiale (Massalongo 1857)P93
  Eoplectidae [Zignoichthyidae]P93
    |--Eoplectus bloti Tyler 1973P93
    `--Zignoichthys oblongus (Zigno 1874)P93
  Moclaybalistes danekrusNE12

Triacanthus biaculeatus (Bloch 1786)M15 [=Balistes biaculeatusM58; incl. T. macrurus Bleeker 1865M58, T. oxycephalus Bleeker 1878M58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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