Entocladia viridis, from Scagel (1966).

Belongs within: Chlorophyta.
Contains: Trebouxiophyceae, Volvocales, Chlorococcales, Oedogoniophyceae, Bryopsidales, Ulvales, Ulotrichales, Trentepohliales, Dasycladales, Cladophoraceae, Siphonocladales.

The Tetraphytae are a clade of green algae in which cytokinesis involves a phycoplast, a system of microtubules that is oriented parallel to the plane of cell division.

Characters (from Cavalier-Smith 1998): Cruciate microtubular roots without MLS; telophase spindle collapses; cytokinesis involves a phycoplast.

    |  `--Chlorophyceae [Polyphytes, Volvocida]L-BC03
    |       |  i. s.: Chlorogonium elongatumGLB04
    |       |         DesmodesmusAS12
    |       |         FloydiellaAS12
    |       |         CylindrocapsaAS12
    |       |         HafniomonasAS12
    |       |         MychanastesAS12
    |       |         TreubariaAS12
    |       |         TrochisciaAS12
    |       |         Hemichloris antarcticaSH05
    |       |         Carteria subcordiformisAB19, PP64
    |       |--VolvocalesL-BC03
    |       |--ChlorococcalesL-BC03
    |       `--OedogoniophyceaeAS12
    `--Ulvophyceae [Bryopsidophyceae]L-BC03
         |  i. s.: Ulvellaceae [Ctenocladales]N10
         |           |--Stromatella Kornmann & Sahling 1985N10
         |           |    `--S. monostromatica (Dangeard) Kornmann & Sahling 1985 [=Ulvella monostromatica Dangeard 1965]N10
         |           |--Epicladia Reinke 1889N10
         |           |    |--E. condensata (Setchell & Gardner) Norris 2010 (see below for synonymy)N10
         |           |    `--E. mexicana (Setchell & Gardner) Norris 2010 [=Entocladia mexicana Setchell & Gardner 1924]N10
         |           |--Ulvella Crouan & Crouan 1859N10
         |           |    |--U. applanata (Setchell & Gardner) South & Tittley 1986 (see below for synonymy)N10
         |           |    |--U. lens Crouan & Crouan 1859N10
         |           |    `--U. setchellii Dangeard 1931N10
         |           |--AcrochaeteN10
         |           |    |--A. codicola (Setchell & Gardner) O’Kelly in Gabrielson et al. 2006 (see below for synonymy)N10
         |           |    |--A. flustraeL10
         |           |    |--A. ramoseL10
         |           |    |--‘Ectochaete’ ramulosa Moewus 1949 [=Phaeophila ramulosa]N10
         |           |    `--‘Endoderma’ vagans Børgesen 1920 [=Phaeophila vagans]N10
         |           `--Entocladia Reinke 1879N10
         |                |--E. marchantiae (Setchell & Gardner) Cribb 1995 (see below for synonymy)N10
         |                |--E. polysiphoniae Setchel & Gardner 1924N10
         |                |--E. robustum Cribb 1995 [incl. Endoderma viride f. major Børgesen 1920]N10
         |                |--E. velutina Cribb 1995N10
         |                `--E. viridis Reinke 1879 (see below for synonymy)N10
         |         Phaeophila Hauck 1876 [Phaeophilaceae, Phaeophilales]N10
         |           |--*P. dendroides (Crouan & Crouan) Batters 1902 (see below for synonymy)N10
         |           `--P. polymorpha Jao 1937S57
         |         PseudonochlorisAS12
         |         CyclocrinalesNW04
         |           |--Pasceolus [Pasceolaceae]NW04
         |           |--ApidiaceaeNW04
         |           |--Coelosphaeridium [Coelosphaeridiaceae]NW04
         |           |--AmphispongiaB04 [AmphispongiaceaeNW04]
         |           |    `--A. oblonga Salter 1861B04
         |           `--CyclocrinaceaeNW04
         |                |--CyclocrinitesNW04
         |                |--Mastopora parvaNW04
         |                `--NidulitesNW04
         |         BryopsidalesN10
         |  `--UlotrichalesL-BC03

Acrochaete codicola (Setchell & Gardner) O’Kelly in Gabrielson et al. 2006 [=Entocladia codicola Setchell & Gardner 1920]N10

Entocladia marchantiae (Setchell & Gardner) Cribb 1995 [=Pringsheimia marchantiae Setchell & Gardner 1924, Acrochaete marchantiae (Setchell & Gardner) Neilsen & McLachan 1986, Pringsheimia marchantae, Pringsheimiella marchantiae (Setchell & Gardner) Schmidt & Petrak in Schmidt 1935, Pringsheimiella marchantae]N10

Entocladia viridis Reinke 1879 [=Acrochaete viridis (Reinke) Nielsen 1979, Endoderma viride (Reinke) Lagerheim 1883, Phaeophila viridis (Reinke) Burrows in Parke & Dixon 1976]N10

Epicladia condensata (Setchell & Gardner) Norris 2010 [=Entocladia condensata Setchell & Gardner 1924]N10

*Phaeophila dendroides (Crouan & Crouan) Batters 1902 [=Ochlochaete dendroides Crouan & Crouan 1852; incl. P. engleri Reinke 1889]N10

Ulvella applanata (Setchell & Gardner) South & Tittley 1986 [=Pseudulvella applanata Setchell & Gardner 1920]N10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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