Giant squid Architeuthis dux, copyright NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet.

Belongs within: Neocoleoidea.
Contains: Enoploteuthidae, Taoniinae, Loliginidae, Spirulida, Onychoteuthidae, Ommastrephidae, Histioteuthidae.

The Teuthida, squids, are a group of elongate-bodied cephalopods with the shell reduced to an internal, feather- or rod-shaped, gladius, and with ten circum-oral appendages including two contractile tentacles. The Cranchiidae, glass squids, have the coelom modified into a large buoyancy chamber that allows the squid to float passively in the water column.

Teuthida [Oegopsida, Teuthoidea]MG-H11
| | i. s.: Pyrgopsis de Rochebrune 1884P61
| | |--*P. rhynchophoraP61
| | `--P. pacificus (Issel 1908)P61
| | Ascocranchia joubiniBRW98
| |--TaoniinaeBRW98
| `--CranchiinaeBRW98
| |--Cranchia scabra Leach 1817GO06, MG-H11
| |--Liocranchia reinhardtiBRW98
| `--Leachia pacificaBRW98
| |--LoliginidaeGO06
| `--PickfordiateuthidaeBRW98
| `--+--OnychoteuthidaeGO06
| `--OmmastrephidaeGO06
`--+--Lepidoteuthididae [Pholidoteuthidae]YVD98
| |--Lepidoteuthis grimaldiiGO06
| |--Tetronychoteuthis dussumieri [incl. T. massyae]BRW98
| `--PholidoteuthisBRW98
| |--P. adamiBRW98
| `--P. boschmaiBRW98
`--Architeuthis Steenstrup 1857GO06, P61 [Architeuthidae]
|--*A. duxP61
|--A. kirki Robson 1887P61
|--A. longimanus Kirk 1888P61
|--A. stockii Kirk 1882P61
`--A. verrilli Kirk 1882P61

Teuthida incertae sedis:
|--Grimalditeuthis [Grimalditeuthidae]YVD98
| `--G. bomplandiiBRW98
|--C. calyxBRW98
|--C. imperatorBRW98
|--C. joubiniBRW98
|--C. pictetiBRW98
`--C. veranyiH04
|--M. agassiziiBRW98
|--M. cordiiformis Chun 1908MG-H11
|--M. grimaldiBRW98
|--M. hjortiBRW98
|--M. inermisYVD98
`--M. magnaYVD98
CtenopteryxBRW98 [ChtenopterygidaeYVD98]
`--C. siculaBRW98
BathyteuthisBRW98 [BathyteuthididaeYVD98]
`--B. abyssicolaBRW98
|--Gonatus fabriciiW81
|--Thysanoteuthis rhombusBRW98
Jobiniteuthis [Jobiniteuthididae]YVD98
`--J. portieriYVD98
|--Taningia danaeBRW98
|--O. megapteraBRW98
|--O. rugosaBRW98
`--O. siculaBRW98
|--Lampadioteuthis [Lampadioteuthinae]BRW98
|--L. diademaBRW98
`--L. lorigeraBRW98
PyroteuthisBRW98 [PyroteuthididaeYVD98, Pyroteuthinae]
`--P. margaritiferaBRW98
AncistrocheirusBRW98 [AncistrocheiridaeYVD98, Ancistrocheirinae]
`--A. lesueuriBRW98
Glochinomorpha [Glochinomorphidae]D93
`--G. stifeli Gordon 1971D93
Plesioteuthididae [Prototeuthina]D93
|--Maioteuthis maestrichtensis (Binkhorst van den Binkhorst 1862)D93
|--P. hastata (Münster 1843)D93
`--P. sagitata (Münster 1843)D93
| |--Teudopsis glevensis (Smithe 1877)D93
| `--Parateudopsis libanotica (Naef 1922)D93
|--Actinosepia canadensis Whiteaves 1897D93
|--T. hastiformisM79
`--T. palmeri (Schevill 1950)D93
Muensterellidae [Kelaenina]D93
|--Muensterella scutellaris (Münster 1843)D93
|--Calaenoteuthis incerta Naef 1922D93
`--Tusoteuthis longa Logan 1898D93
|--Cycloteuthis sirventyi [incl. C. akimushkini]BRW98
|--D. discusBRW98
`--D. laciniosaBRW98
Brachioteuthis [Brachioteuthidae]BRW98
|--B. behniBRW98
|--B. pictaBRW98
`--B. riiseiBRW98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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