Thais clavigera, copyright R. Tanaka.

Belongs within: Rapaninae.

Thais, dog winkles, is a genus of predatory gastropods found on rocky shores and mangroves. Members of the genus have a very low-spired, basally unconstricted shell with a very broad aperture and an outer lip extended to form a curving channel at the adapical end of the aperture.

<==Thais Röding 1798 BR05
    |–*T. fucus (Gmelin 1791) [=Murex fucus, T. lena Röding 1798] BR17
    |–T. aculeata (Deshayes 1844) WG71
    |–T. ‘alveolata’ (Reeve 1846) [=Purpura alveolata non Kiener 1836] F27b
    |–T. armigera (Link 1807) WG71
    |–T. biserialis (Blainville 1832) S11
    |–T. bitubercularis (Lamarck 1822) [=Purpura bitubercularis] H09
    |–T. bufo Lamarck 1822 WG71
    |–T. carinifera (Lamarck 1822) BD86
    |–T. clavigera ZLK11
    |–T. coronata PB27
    |–T. deltoidea (Lamarck 1822) IZ77
    |–T. echinata (Blainville 1832) WG71 [=Purpura echinata H09]
    |–T. gemmulata (Lamarck 1822) [=Purpura gemmulata] H09
    |–T. haemastoma (Linné 1758) BD12
    |    |–T. h. haemastoma IZ77
    |    `–T. h. floridana (Conrad 1837) IZ77
    |–T. hippocastanea (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex hippocastanea] H09
    |–T. kieneri Deshayes 1844 WG71
    |–T. lapillus (Linnaeus 1758) W78
    |–T. luteostoma ZLK11
    |–T. melones SF77
    |–‘Nerita’ nodosa Linnaeus 1758 RA75
    |–T. orbita (Gmelin 1791) WMJ09
    |–T. planospira SF77
    |–T. pseudamygdala (Hedley 1903) [=Purpura pseudamygdala] H09
    |–T. rustica (Lamarck 1822) [=Purpura rustica] H09
    |–T. savignyi (Deshayes 1844) BD12
    |–T. scalaris Menke 1829 F27a
    |–T. succincta (Martyn 1784) F27a [=Buccinum succinctum H09]
    `–T. tuberosa (Röding 1798) BW09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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