Callianassa tyrrhena, from here.

Belongs within: Reptantia.

The Thalassinida, mud shrimps, are a group of thin-shelled decapods that construct complex burrows in muddy substrates. The first pereiopods of Thalassinida are chelate or subchelate; the second pereiopods are simple or subchelate in Laomediidae, Upogebiidae and Thalassinidae, but chelate in members of the remaining families.

Synapomorphies (from Dixon et al. 2003): Eyes of apposition type. Pereiopod 1 with curved articulation between ischium and merus; row of setae present on pereiopod 2. Seventh thoracic sternite enlarged and lobate.

<==Thalassinida [Axiidea, Callianassoidea, Thalassinidea] DAS03
|–Jaxea [Laomediidae] DAS03
|    `–J. nocturna Nardo 1847 DAS03
`–+–+–Thalassina [Thalassinidae, Thalassinoidea] DAS03
|  |    `–T. anomala (Herbst 1804) DAS03
|  `–+–Eiconaxius acutifrons Bate 1888 DAS03
|     `–Axioidea MD01
|          |–Strahlaxiidae MD01
|          |–Micheleidae MD01
|          |    |–Michelea MG-H11
|          |    `–Tethisea MG-H11
|          |–Calocaris DAS03 [Calocarididae MD01]
|          |    |–C. barnardi K-MC02
|          |    `–C. macandreae Bell 1846 DAS03
|          `–Axiidae MG-H11
|               |–Calastacus myalup Poore & Collins 2009 MG-H11
|               |–Axiopsis tsushimaensis Sakai 1992 MG-H11
|               |–Bouvieraxius keiensis Sakai 1992 MG-H11
|               |–Calaxius acutirostris Sakai & de Saint Laurent 1989 MG-H11
|               |–Paraxiopsis pumilus (Sakai 1994) MG-H11
|               |–Planaxius brevifrons Komai & Tachikawa 2008 MG-H11
|               |–Axius stirhynchus H62
|               |–Australocaris Poore & Collins 2009 MG-H11
|               |    `–*A. pinjarup Poore & Collins 2009 MG-H11
|               `–Acanthaxius MG-H11
|                    |–A. gathaagudu Poore & Collins 2009 MG-H11
|                    `–A. ningaloo Poore & Collins 2009 MG-H11
`–+–Upogebia Leach 1813 DAS03, B55 [Gebiidea, Upogebiidae MD01]
|    |–U. ancylodactyla de Man 1905 MG-H11
|    |–U. bowerbankii (Miers 1884) MG-H11
|    |–U. deltaura (Leach 1815) DAS03
|    |–U. holthuisi Sakai 1982 MG-H11
|    |–U. pugettensis H47
|    |–U. pusilla (Petagna 1792) DAS03
|    |–U. rostrospinosa Bott 1955 B55
|    `–U. tipica (Nardo 1869) KK03
`–+–Callianidea [Callianideidae] DAS03
|    `–C. typa Milne Edwards 1837 DAS03
`–Callianassidae MD01
|–Lipkecallianassa MG-H11
|–Callichirus Stimpson 1866 [Callichirinae] CF06
|    |–*C. major (Say 1818) [=Callianassa major] CF06
|    |–C. symmetricus (Feldmann & Zinsmeister 1984) [=Callianassa symmetrica] CF06
|    `–C. waagei Crawford, Feldmann et al. 2006 CF06
`–Callianassa Leach 1814 DAS03, B55
|–C. australiensis [=Trypaea australiensis] G75
|–C. eiseni (Holmes 1904) [=Lepidophthalmus eiseni] B55
|–C. filholi O81
|–C. sahul Poore 2008 MG-H11
|–C. seilacheri Bott 1955 B55
|–C. setimana (de Kay 1842) DAS03
|–C. truncata Giard & Bonnier 1890 KK03
`–C. tyrrhena (Petagna 1792) DAS03

Thalassinida incertae sedis:
Ctenochelidae CA04
|–Anacalliax MD01
`–Callianopsis de Saint Laurent 1973 CA04
|–C. australis Casadío, de Angeli et al. 2004 CA04
|–C. clallamensis (Withers 1924) CA04
|–C. goniophthalma (Rathbun 1902) CA04
|–C. inornatus Schweitzer & Feldmann 2001 CA04
|–C. muratai (Nagao 1932) (see below for synonymy) CA04
`–C. titaensis (Nagao 1941) CA04
Thomassiniidae MD01

Callianopsis muratai (Nagao 1932) [incl. Callianassa elongatodigitata Nagao 1941, Callianassa kusiroensis Nagao 1941] CA04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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