Thalassiosira weissflogii, from Bold Systems.

Belongs within: Thalassiosiraceae.

Thalassiosira is a genus of centric diatoms found primarily in marine waters, with some species found in fresh water.

Characters (from Spaulding & Edlund 2008): Valve face flat or tangentially undulate; fultoportulae one to several near the center valve; valve margin with spines or occluded processes; mantle narrow.

    |--T. alleniiCH97
    |--T. angustelineataOSS10
    |--T. balticaB26
    |--T. bioculataB26
    |--T. cleveiB26
    |--T. convexaBC79
    |--T. decipiensB26
    |--T. gravidaOHJ84
    |--T. guillardiiC-SC06
    |--T. hyalinaB26
    |--T. malaOSS10
    |--T. nordenskioeldiiDG01
    |--T. oceanicaJG17
    |--T. partheneiaGE87
    |--T. pseudonana Cleve 1873AB19
    |--T. punctigeraG00
    |--T. rotulaC-SC06
    |--T. subtilisRA05
    `--T. weissflogiiTJ06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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