Larva of small bronze azure Ogyris otanes being tended by ant Camponotus terebrans, photographed by R. Fisher.

Belongs within: Lycaenidae.

The Theclini are a group of butterflies with onisciform larvae. Members include the genus Ogyris, azures, which is found in Australasia and usually has the termen of the hind wings dentate and slightly produced at the ends of veins M2 to CuA2 (Braby 2000b). Other genera of Theclini commonly have a well developed tail on the hind wing though this is absent in Coreana and Artopoetes. Chrysozephyrus is a diverse East Asian genus of strongly sexually dimorphic species, males being characterised by genitalia with the brachia elbow-like and uncus undeveloped (Wang & Fan 2002).

Characters (from Wang & Fan 2002): Fore wing with eleven veins; veins R5 and M1 stalked or emitted from cell. Hind wing vein CuA2 with or without tail. Male secondary sexual characters absent. Eyes naked or haired, second labial palpus covered with scales or hairs, male fore tarsus segmented or fused, male genital varied greatly, juxta present, brachia usually well developed.

<==Theclini [Zesiini]
|--Zesius Hübner 1819AV04, B2000b
|--Iozephyrus Wang & Fan 2002WF02
| `--*I. betulinus (Staudinger 1887) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--Coreana Tutt 1907 [=Bergmania Bryk 1946]WF02
| `--*C. raphaelis (Oberthür 1880) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--Protantigius Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1957WF02
| `--*P. superans (Oberthür 1914) [=Drina superans]WF02
|--Saigusaozephyrus Koiwaya 1993 [=Asibatania Fujioka 1993]WF02
| `--*S. atabyrius (Oberthür 1914) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--Shirozua Sibatani & Ito 1942WF02
| |--*S. jonasi (Janson 1877) [=Thecla jonasi, Zephyrus jonasi]WF02
| `--S. melpomene (Leech 1890) [=Dipsas melpomene, S. jonasi melpomene, Zephyrus melpomene, Z. melpone (l. c.)]WF02
|--Shaanxiana Koiwaya 1993WF02
| |--*S. takashimai Koiwaya 1993WF02
| `--S. pauper Sugiyama 1994WF02
|--Artopoetes Chapman 1909WF02
| |--*A. pryeri (Murray 1873)WF02 [=Lycaena pryeriWF02, Cyaniris pryeriB1900]
| `--A. praetextata (Fujioka 1992) [=Laeosopis praetextatus; incl. L. hoenei D’Abrera 1993]WF02
|--Nanlingozephyrus Wang & Pang 1998WF02
| `--N. bella (Hsu 1997) [=Japonica bella]WF02
| |--N. b. bellaWF02
| `--*N. b. nanlingensis Wang & Pang 1998WF02
|--Yamamotozephyrus Saigusa 1993WF02
| `--*Y. kwangtungensis (Saigusa 1993) [=Zephyrus kwangtungensis, Revenna kwangtungensis, Thecla kwangtungensis]WF02
| |--Y. k. kwangtungensisWF02
| `--Y. k. hainanus (Koiwaya 1993) [=Ravenna kwangtungensis hainana]WF02
|--Sibataniozephyrus Inomata 1985WF02
| |--*S. fujisanus (Matsumura 1910) [=Zephyrus fujisanus]WF02
| |--S. kuafui Hsu & Lin 1994WF02
| `--S. lijinae Hsu 1995WF02
|--Leucantigius Shirôzu & Murayama 1951WF02
| `--*L. atayalicus (Shirôzu & Murayama 1943) [=Thecla atayalica]WF02
| |--L. a. atayalicusWF02
| |--L. a. hainanensis Gu & Wang 1997WF02
| `--L. a. unicolor Saigusa 1993WF02
|--Ravenna Shirôzu & Murayama 1956WF02
| `--*R. nivea (Nire 1920) [=Zephyrus niveus, Leucantigius niveus]WF02
| |--R. n. niveaWF02
| |--R. n. howarthi Saigusa 1993 [incl. R. nivea jessica Yoshino 1997]WF02
| `--R. n. koiwayai Yoshino 1997WF02
|--Iratsume Sibatani & Ito 1942WF02
| `--*I. orsedice (Butler 1882) [=Thecla orsedice]WF02
| |--I. o. orsediceWF02
| |--I. o. nosei Fujioka 1996WF02
| `--I. o. suzukii (Sonan 1940) [=Zephyrus orsedice suzukii]WF02
|--Esakiozephyrus Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1956WF02
| |--*E. icanus (Moore 1875) [=Dipsas icana, Zephyrus icana, Teratozephyrus icana]WF02
| | |--E. i. icanus [incl. Thecla icana setschuanica Riley 1939]WF02
| | `--E. i. dimuwa (Yoshino 1995) [=Teratozephyrus icana dimuwa]WF02
| |--E. neis (Oberthür 1914) [=Zephyrus neis, Teratozephyrus neis; incl. Z. zotelistes Oberthür 1914]WF02
| `--E. zhengi Huang 1998WF02
|--Iwaseozephyrus Fujioka 1994WF02
| |--*I. mandara (Doherty 1886) [=Thecla mandara, Teratozephyrus mandara]WF02
| |--I. ackeryi Fujioka 1994WF02
| `--I. bieti (Oberthür 1886) [=Thecla bieti, Esakiozephyrus bieti, Teratozephyrus mandara bieti, Zephyrus bieti]WF02
| |--I. b. bietiWF02
| `--I. b. major (Huang 1998) [=Esakiozephyrus bieti major]WF02
|--Cordelia Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1956WF02
| |--*C. comes (Leech 1890) [=Dipsas comes, Zephyrus comes]WF02
| | |--C. c. comesWF02
| | |--C. c. koizumii Koiwaya 1996WF02
| | `--C. c. wilemaniella (Matsumura 1929) [=Zephyrus comes wilemaniella]WF02
| |--C. kitawakii Koiwaya 1993 [=C. kitawaku (l. c.)]WF02
| `--C. minerva (Leech 1890) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--Antigius Sibatani & Ito 1942WF02
| |--*A. attilia (Bremer 1861) [=Thecla attilia, A. attilis (l. c.), Zephyrus attilia]WF02
| | |--A. a. attiliaWF02
| | `--A. a. obsoleta (Takeuchi 1929) [=Zephyrus attilia obsoleta]WF02
| `--A. butleri (Fenton 1881) [=Thecla butleri, Zephyrus butleri]WF02
| |--A. b. butleriWF02
| `--A. b. miniakonga Yoshino 1999WF02
|--Neozephyrus Sibatani & Ito 1942WF02
| |--*N. japonicus (Murray 1874) [=Dipsas japonica, Zephyrus taxila var. japonicus]WF02
| |--N. coruscans (Leech 1893) [=Zephyrus coruscans]WF02
| |--N. dubernardi (Riley 1939) [=Thecla coruscans dubernardi]WF02
| |--N. helenae Howarth 1957WF02
| |--N. taiwanus (Wileman 1908) (see below for synonymy)WF02
| `--N. uedai Koiwaya 1996WF02
|--Pseudalmenus Druce 1902B2000b
| `--P. chlorinda (Blanchard 1848)B2000b
| |--P. c. chlorindaB2000b
| |--P. c. barringtonensis Waterhouse 1928B2000b
| |--P. c. chloris Waterhouse & Lyell 1914B2000b
| |--P. c. conara Couchman 1965B2000b
| |--P. c. myrsilus (Westwood 1851)B2000b
| `--P. c. zephyrus Waterhouse & Lyell 1914 [incl. P. chlorinda fisheri Tindale 1953]B2000b
|--Araragi Sibatani & Ito 1942WF02
| |--*A. enthea (Janson 1877) [=Thecla enthea, Zephyrus enthea]WF02
| | |--A. e. entheaWF02
| | |--A. e. entheoides (Oberthür 1914) [=Zephyrus enthea entheoides]WF02
| | `--A. e. morisonensis (Inoue 1942) [=Thecla enthea morisonensis]WF02
| `--A. sugiyamai Matsui 1989 [incl. A. vanewrighti Fujioka 1992]WF02
| |--A. s. sugiyamaiWF02
| `--A. s. zhejiangana Tong 1994WF02
|--Wagimo Sibatani & Ito 1942WF02
| |--*W. signata (Butler 1882) [=Thecla signata]WF02
| | |--W. s. signataWF02
| | |--W. s. minamii Fujioka 1994WF02
| | `--W. s. quercivora (Staudinger 1887) [=Thecla quercivora, Zephyrus signata quercivora]WF02
| |--W. asanoi Koiwaya 1999WF02
| |--W. insularis Shirôzu 1957 [=W. sulgeri insularis]WF02
| `--W. sulgeri (Oberthür 1908) [=Thecla sulgeri, Zephyrus sulgeri]WF02
|--Howarthia Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1956WF02
| |--*H. caelestis (Leech 1890) [=Thecla caelestis, H. coelestis (l. c.), Zephyrus caelestis, Z. coelestis (l. c.)]WF02
| | |--H. c. caelestisWF02
| | `--H. c. elegans Sugiyama 1997 [=H. coelestis elegans]WF02
| |--H. cheni Chou & Wang 1997WF02
| |--H. courvoisieri (Oberthür 1908) [=Thecla courvoisieri, Teratozephyrus courvoisieri, Zephyrus courvoisieri]WF02
| |--H. melli (Forster 1940) [=Zephyrus melli, Teratozephyrus melli, Thecla melli]WF02
| |--H. nigricans (Leech 1893) [=Thecla caelestis nigricans, Zephyrus coelestis nigricans]WF02
| `--H. watanabei Koiwaya 1993WF02
|--Acrodipsas Sands 1980AV04, B2000b
| |--A. arcana (Miller & Edwards 1978)B2000b
| |--A. aurata Sands 1997B2000b
| |--A. brisbanensis (Miskin 1884) [incl. A. brisbanensis cyrilus (Anderson & Spry 1897)]B2000b
| |--A. cuprea (Sands 1965)B2000b
| |--A. hirtipes Sands 1980B2000b
| |--A. illidgei (Waterhouse & Lyell 1914)B2000b
| |--A. melania Sands 1980B2000b
| |--A. mortoni Sands, Miller & Kerr 1997B2000b
| `--A. myrmecophila (Waterhouse & Lyell 1913)B2000b
|--Ussuriana Tutt 1907WF02
| |--*U. michaelis (Oberthür 1880) [=Thecla michaelis, U. michelis (l. c.), Zephyrus michaelis]WF02
| | |--U. m. michaelisWF02
| | `--U. m. gabrielis (Leech 1893) [=Zephyrus michaelis gabrielis]WF02
| |--U. choi Wang & Fan 2000WF02
| |--U. fani Koiwaya 1993WF02
| | |--U. f. faniWF02
| | `--U. f. huashana Koiwaya 1993WF02
| |--U. plania Wang & Ren 1999WF02
| `--U. takarana (Araki & Hirayama 1941) [=Coreana michaelis takarana, Ussuria (l. c.) takarana]WF02
|--Gonerilia Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1956WF02
| |--*G. seraphim (Oberthür 1886) [=Thecla seraphim, G. seraphium (l. c.), Zephyrus seraphim]WF02
| | |--G. s. seraphimWF02
| | |--G. s. kimurai Koiwaya 1996WF02
| | `--G. s. mekong Yoshino 1999WF02
| |--G. buddha Sugiyama 1992WF02
| |--G. okamurai Koiwaya 1996WF02
| |--G. pesthis Wang & Chou 1998WF02
| `--G. thespis (Leech 1890) [=Dipsas thespis, Cordelia thespis, Japonica thespis, Zephyrus thespis]WF02
| |--G. t. thespisWF02
| `--G. t. sichuanica Sugiyama 1992WF02
|--Euaspa Moore 1884WF02
| |--*E. milionia (Hewitson 1869) [=Myrina milionia, E. milionea (l. c.)]WF02
| | |--E. m. milioniaWF02
| | `--E. m. formosana Nomura 1931WF02
| |--E. forsteri (Esaki & Shirôzu 1943) [=Thecla forsteri]WF02
| | |--E. f. forsteriWF02
| | `--E. f. kimurai Koiwaya 1996WF02
| `--E. tayal (Esaki & Shirôzu 1943) [=Thecla tayal]WF02
| |--E. t. tayalWF02
| |--E. t. moritai Koiwaya 1996WF02
| `--E. t. wuyishana Koiwaya 1996WF02
|--Japonica Tutt 1907WF02
| |--*J. saepestriata (Hewitson 1865) [=Dipsas saepestriata, Zephyrus saepestriata]WF02
| | |--J. s. saepestriataWF02
| | `--J. s. takenakakazuoi Fujioka 1993WF02
| |--J. adusta (Riley 1939) [=Thecla lutea adusta]WF02
| | |--J. a. adustaWF02
| | `--J. a. hasegawai Fujioka 1993WF02
| |--J. lutea (Hewitson 1865) [=Dipsas lutea]WF02
| | |--J. l. luteaWF02
| | |--J. l. dubatolovi Fujioka 1993WF02
| | `--J. l. tatsienluica Fujioka 1993WF02
| `--J. patungkoanui Murayama 1956 [=J. lutea patungkoanui]WF02
|--Teratozephyrus Sibatani 1946WF02
| |--*T. arisanus (Wileman 1909) [=Zephyrus arisanus]WF02
| |--T. chibahideyukii Fujioka 1994WF02
| |--T. florianii Bozano 1996WF02
| |--T. hecale (Leech 1893) [=Zephyrus hecale]WF02
| |--T. hinomaru Fujioka 1994WF02
| |--T. nuwai Koiwaya 1996WF02
| |--T. picquenardi (Oberthür 1914) (see below for synonymy)WF02
| |--T. tsangkie (Oberthür 1886) [=Thecla tsangkie, Esakiozephyrus tsangkie, Zephyrus tsangkie]WF02
| |--T. tsukiyamahiroshii Fujioka 1994WF02
| |--T. vallonia (Oberthür 1914) [=Zephyrus vallonia, Esakiozephyrus vallonia]WF02
| `--T. yugaii (Kano 1928) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--Thecla Fabricius 1807 [=Aurotis Dalman 1816, Ruralis Tutt 1906, Zephyrius Billberg 1820, Zephyrus Dalman 1816]WF02
| |--*T. betulae (Linnaeus 1758)WF02 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--T. b. betulae [incl. T. betulae yiliguozigounae Huang & Murayama 1992]WF02
| | |--T. b. coreana (Nire in Matsumura 1931) [=Zephyrus betulae coreana]WF02
| | `--T. b. elwesi Leech 1890 [=Zephyrus betulae elwesi; incl. Z. betulae var. crassa Leech 1893]WF02
| |--T. cecropsFS54
| | |--T. c. cecropsFS54
| | `--T. c. beon Cramer 1782FS54
| |--T. damo Druce 1870FS54
| |--T. evipusOO90
| |--T. ilicisF92
| |--T. linus (Sulzer 1776)S55
| |--T. ohyai Fujioka 1994WF02
| |--T. quercusOO90 [=Zephyrus quercusF92]
| |--T. sicrana Jones 1912FS54
| `--T. yojoa Reakirt 1886FS54
|--Jalmenus Hübner 1818B2000b
| |--J. aridus Graham & Moulds 1988B2000b
| |--J. clementi Druce 1902B2000b
| |--J. daemeli Semper 1879B2000b
| |--J. eichhorni Staudinger 1888B2000b
| |--J. evagoras (Donovan 1805)B2000b
| | |--J. e. evagorasB2000b
| | `--J. e. eubulus Miskin 1876B2000b
| |--J. icilius Hewitson 1865 (see below for synonymy)B2000b
| |--J. ictinus Hewitson 1865B2000b
| |--J. inous Hewitson 1865B2000b
| | |--J. i. inousB2000b
| | `--J. notocrucifer Johnson, Hay & Bollam 1992B2000b
| |--J. lithochroa Waterhouse 1903B2000b
| `--J. pseudictinus Kerr & Macqueen 1967B2000b
|--Favonius Sibatani & Ito 1942WF02
| |--*F. orientalis (Murray 1875) [=Dipsas orientalis, Zephyrus orientalis]WF02
| | |--F. o. orientalisWF02
| | `--F. o. coelestina Riley 1939WF02
| |--F. cognatus (Staudinger 1892) [=Thecla orientalis var. cognatus]WF02
| | |--F. c. cognatusWF02
| | `--F. c. ackeryi Fujioka 1994 [=F. latifasciatus ackeryi]WF02
| |--F. korshunovi (Dubatolov & Sergeyev 1982) [=Neozephyrus korshunovi]WF02
| |--F. leechi (Riley 1939) [=Thecla orientalis leechi, F. suffusa leechi]WF02
| |--F. saphirinus (Staudinger 1887) [=Thecla saphirina]WF02
| | |--F. s. saphirinusWF02
| | |--F. s. okadai Koiwaya 1996WF02
| | `--F. s. pedius (Leech 1893) [=Zephyrus pedius, Teratozephyrus pedius]WF02
| |--F. taxila (Bremer 1861) (see below for synonymy)WF02
| | |--F. t. taxilaWF02
| | `--F. t. xilongensis Murayama 1991WF02
| `--F. ultramarinus (Fixsen 1887) [=Thecla ultramarinus]WF02
| |--F. u. ultramarinusWF02
| |--F. u. okumotoi Koiwaya 1996WF02
| `--F. u. suffusa (Leech 1893) [=Zephyrus orientalis var. suffusa, Favonius orientalis suffusa]WF02
|--Ogyris Angas 1847AV04, B2000b [Ogyrini]
| |--O. abrota (Westwood 1851)B2000b
| |--O. aenone (Waterhouse 1902)B2000b
| |--O. amaryllis (Hewitson 1862)B12 [incl. O. amaryllis hopensis Burns 1948B2000a]
| | |--O. a. amaryllisB2000b
| | |--O. a. amata (Waterhouse 1934)B2000b
| | |--O. a. hewitsoni (Waterhouse 1902)B2000b
| | `--O. a. meridionalis (Bethune-Baker 1905) [incl. O. amaryllis parsonsi (Angel 1951)]B2000b
| |--O. barnardi (Miskin 1890)B2000b
| | |---O. b. barnardiB2000b
| | `--O. b. delphis (Tindale 1952)B2000b
| |--O. genoveva (Hewitson 1853) (see below for synonymy)B2000b
| |--O. ianthis (Waterhouse 1900)B2000b
| |--O. idmo (Hewitson 1862)B2000b
| | |--O. i. idmoB2000b
| | `--O. i. halmaturia (Tepper 1890)B2000b
| |--O. iphis (Waterhouse & Lyell 1914)B2000b
| | |--O. i. iphisB2000b
| | `--O. i. doddi (Waterhouse & Lyell 1914)B2000b
| |--O. meeki Rothschild 1900B2000b
| |--O. olane (Hewitson 1862) [incl. O. olane ocela (Waterhouse 1934)]B2000b
| |--O. oroetes (Hewitson 1862)B2000b
| | |--O. o. oroetesB2000b
| | `--O. o. apicaulata (Quick 1972)B2000b
| |--O. otanes (Felder & Felder 1865)B2000b
| |--O. subterrestris Field 1999B2000b
| | |--O. s. subterrestrisB2000b
| | `--O. s. petrina Field 1999B2000b
| `--O. zosine (Hewitson 1853) (see below for synonymy)B2000b
`--Chrysozephyrus Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1956WF02
|--*C. smaragdinus (Bremer 1861) [=Thecla smaragdina, Neozephyrus smaragdinus, Zephyrus smargdina]WF02
| |--C. s. smaragdinusWF02
| |--C. s. abaensis Sugiyama 1994 [incl. C. leii Chou 1994]WF02
| `--C. s. sikongensis (Murayama 1955) [=Neozephyrus smaragdinus sikongensis]WF02
|--C. ataxus (Doubleday & Hewitson 1852) [=Dipsas ataxus; incl. D. katura Hewitson 1865]WF02
| |--C. a. ataxusWF02
| |--C. a. lingi Okano & Ohkura 1969 [incl. C. subnivalis Kawazoé & Wakabayashi 1969]WF02
| `--C. a. zulla (Tytler 1925) [=Zephyrus ataxus zulla, Neozephyrus ataxus zulla]WF02
|--C. brillantinus (Staudinger 1887) [=Thecla brillantina, Favonius brillantinus, Zephyrus brillantina]WF02
| |--C. b. brillantinus (see below for synonymy)WF02
| `--C. b. jakowskii (Seitz 1906) [=Zephyrus brillantinus jakowskii]WF02
|--C. chinensis (Howarth 1957) [=Neozephyrus chinensis]WF02
| |--C. c. chinensisWF02
| `--C. c. wakohi Koiwaya 1996WF02
|--C. desgodinsi (Oberthür 1886) [=Thecla desgodinsi, Neozephyrus desgodinsi, Zephyrus desgodinsi]WF02
|--C. disparatus (Howarth 1957) [=Neozephyrus disparatus]WF02
| |--C. d. disparatusWF02
| `--C. d. pseudotaiwanus (Howarth 1957) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--C. duma (Hewitson 1869) [=Dipsas duma, Neozephyrus duma, Zephyrus duma]WF02
| |--C. d. dumaWF02
| `--C. d. sadayukii Koiwaya 1996WF02
|--C. esakii (Sonan 1940) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--C. gaoi Koiwaya 1993WF02
|--C. garmanitus Wang & Fan 2002WF02
|--C. giganteus Wang & Fan 2002WF02
|--C. inthanonensis Kimura & Murayama 1990WF02
| |--C. i. inthanonensisWF02
| `--C. i. hainanicus Koiwaya 1993WF02
|--C. ioi Wang & Fan 2000WF02
|--C. kabrua (Tytler 1915) [=Zephyrus kabrua]WF02
| |--C. k. kabruaWF02
| |--C. k. konga Yoshino 1999WF02
| `--C. k. niitakanus (Kano 1928) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--C. kuromon (Sugiyama 1994) [=Teratozephyrus kuromon]WF02
|--C. leigongshanensis Chou & Li 1994WF02
| |--C. l. leigongshanensisWF02
| `--C. l. dabashanus Koiwaya 1996WF02
|--C. linae Koiwaya 1993WF02
|--C. marginatus (Howarth 1957) [=Neozephyrus marginatus]WF02
|--C. meili Yoshino 1999WF02
|--C. morishitai Chou & Zhu 1994WF02
|--C. mushaellus (Matsumura 1938) (see below for synonymy)WF02
|--C. nigroapicalis (Howarth 1957) [=Neozephyrus nigroapicalis]WF02
|--C. nishikaze (Araki & Sibatani 1941) [=Thecla nishikaze, Neozephyrus nishikaze]WF02
|--C. paona Tytler 1915WF02
| |--C. p. paonaWF02
| `--C. p. albidus Saigusa et al. 1997WF02
|--C. rarasanus (Matsumura 1939) [=Zephyrus rarasanus, Neozephyrus rarasanus]WF02
| |--C. r. rarasanusWF02
| `--C. r. occiduus Hsu 1999WF02
|--C. rileyi (Forster 1940) [=Zephyrus rileyi, C. mushaellus rileyi, Neozephyrus mushaellus rileyi]WF02
|--C. sakula Sugiyama 1992 [incl. C. minicus Sugiyama 1994]WF02
|--C. scintillans (Leech 1893) [=Zephyrus scintillans, Neozephyrus scintillans]WF02
| |--C. s. scintillans [incl. C. choui Tong 1994]WF02
| |--C. s. emeishanus Koiwaya 1996WF02
| `--C. s. hainanensis Wang & Gu 1997 [incl. C. disparatus hainanus Wang & Gu 1997]WF02
|--C. setohi Koiwaya 1996WF02
|--C. shimizui Yoshino 1997WF02
|--C. souleana (Riley 1939) [=Thecla souleana, Neozephyrus souleana]WF02
| |--C. s. souleanaWF02
| `--C. s. angustimargo (Howarth 1957) [=Neozephyrus souleana angustimargo]WF02
|--C. splendidulus Murayama & Shimonoya 1965 [=C. hisamatsuzanus splendidulus]WF02
|--C. tatsienluensis (Murayama 1955) [=Neozephyrus tatsienluensis]WF02
|--C. tiemushanus Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1956 [=Neozephyrus tiemushanus]WF02
|--C. watsoni (Evans 1927) [=Thecla letha watsoni]WF02
| |--C. w. watsoniWF02
| |--C. w. dabaensis Koiwaya 1996WF02
| `--C. w. inflatus Sugiyama 1997WF02
|--C. yoshikoae Koiwaya 1993WF02
| |--C. y. yoshikoaeWF02
| `--C. y. hunanensis Koiwaya 1996WF02
|--C. yuani Wang & Fan 2002WF02
|--C. yuchingkinus Murayama & Shimonoya 1960WF02
|--C. yunnanensis (Howarth 1957) [=Neozephyrus yunnanensis]WF02
`--C. zoa (de Nicéville 1889) [=Zephyrus zoa]WF02
|--C. z. zoaWF02
`--C. z. interruptus Sugiyama 1992WF02

Chrysozephyrus brillantinus brillantinus (Staudinger 1887) [incl. Thecla aino Matsumura 1925, C. aurorinus Shirôzu & Yamamoto 1956, Neozephyrus aurorinus]WF02

Chrysozephyrus disparatus pseudotaiwanus (Howarth 1957) [=Neozephyrus disparatus pseudotaiwanus; incl. N. mushengi Shimonoya & Murayama 1971]WF02

Chrysozephyrus esakii (Sonan 1940) [=Zephyrus esakii; incl. Thecla scanctissimus Araki & Sibatani 1941, Z. teisoi Sonan 1941, Chrysozephyrus teisoi, Neozephyrus teisoi]WF02

Chrysozephyrus kabrua niitakanus (Kano 1928) [=Zephyrus niitakanus, Neozephyrus kabrua niitakanus; incl. Z. kanonis Matsumura 1929, Chrysozephyrus neidhoeferi Shimonoya & Murayama 1971]WF02

Chrysozephyrus mushaellus (Matsumura 1938) [=Zephyrus mushaellus, Neozephyrus mushaellus; incl. Chrysozephyrus chungianus Murayama 1958, C. hsuehshanus Murayama & Shimonoya 1969]WF02

Cordelia minerva (Leech 1890) [=Dipsas minerva, Cordelea (l. c.) minerva, Japonica minerra (l. c.), J. minerva, Zephyrus minerva]WF02

*Coreana raphaelis (Oberthür 1880) [=Thecla raphaelis, *Bergmania raphaelis, Zephyrus raphaelis; incl. Dipsas raphaelis flamen Leech 1887, Z. raphaelis flamen, Coreana raphaelis yamamotoi Kano 1953]WF02

Favonius taxila (Bremer 1861) [=Thecla taxila; incl. T. taxila var. aurorinus Oberthür 1880, Zephyrus jozanus Matsumura 1915]WF02

*Iozephyrus betulinus (Staudinger 1887) [=Thecla betulina, Zephyrus betulina; incl. Z. betulina gaimana Doi & Chou 1931]WF02

Jalmenus icilius Hewitson 1865 [incl. J. icilius mitchelli Edwards 1951, J. icilius obscurus Edwards 1951, J. icilius parvus Burns 1951]B2000b

Neozephyrus taiwanus (Wileman 1908) [=Zephyrus taiwanus; incl. Z. taiheizana Nomura 1931, Z. coruscans takasagoensis Nire 1920, Neozephyrus takasagoensis, Z. tattakana Matsumura 1929]WF02

Ogyris genoveva (Hewitson 1853) [incl. O. genoveva araxes (Waterhouse & Lyell 1914), O. genoveva duaringa (Bethune-Baker 1905), O. genoveva gela (Waterhouse 1941), O. genoveva genua (Waterhouse 1941), O. genoveva splendida (Tindale 1923)]B2000b

Ogyris zosine (Hewitson 1853) [incl. O. zosine typhon (Waterhouse & Lyell 1914), O. zosine zolivia (Waterhouse 1941)]B2000b

*Saigusaozephyrus atabyrius (Oberthür 1914) [=Zephyrus atabyrius, *Asibatania atabyrius, Chrysozephyrus atabyrius, Leucantigius atabyrius, Teratozephyrus atabyrius, Zephyrus atalyrius (l. c.)]WF02

Teratozephyrus picquenardi (Oberthür 1914) [=Zephyrus picquenardi, Te. arisanus picquenardi, Thecla picquenardi; incl. Th. ouvrardi Riley 1939, Teratozephyrus arisanus ouvrardi, Te. zhejiangensis Chou & Tong 1994]WF02

Teratozephyrus yugaii (Kano 1928) [=Zephyrus hecale yugaii, T. hecale yugaii; incl. Z. hecale niitakana Matsumura 1929, Z. hecale shirakiana Matsumura 1929]WF02

*Thecla betulae (Linnaeus 1758)WF02 [=Papilio (Plebejus) betulaeWF02, L58, *Aurotis betulaeWF02, *Ruralis betulaeWF02, *Zephyrius betulaeWF02, *Zephyrus betulaeWF02; incl. Thecla spinosa Gerhard 1853WF02]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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