Sclerites of Theelia undulata, from Frizzell & Exline (1966).

Belongs within: Apodida.

Theelia is a genus of wheel sclerites known from the Triassic (possibly the Late Carboniferous) to the Pleistocene (Frizzell & Exline 1966).

Characters (from Frizzell & Exline 1966): Spokes 6–10; rim inclined to plane of wheel, curving upward and inward, denticulate on inner margin, teeth not extending to periphery as seen from above; center imperforate, typically with hemispherical or conical tubercle or button.

<==Theelia Schlumberger 1891 [incl. Chiridotites Deflandre-Rigaud 1949]FE66
    |--*T. undulata (Schlumberger 1888) [=Chirodota undulata]FE66
    |--T. agariciformisFE66
    |--T. angulataFE66
    |--T. atavaFE66
    |--T. clavataFE66
    |--T. convexaFE66
    |--T. crassidentataFE66
    |--T. curriculumFE66
    |--T. deflandreaeFE66
    |--T. eisenstadtensisFE66
    |--T. florealisFE66
    |--T. floridaFE66
    |--T. guembeliFE66
    |--T. heptalampraFE66
    |--T. hexacneme Summerson & Campbell 1958SG93
    |--T. ingensFE66
    |--T. lanceolataFE66
    |--T. liptovskaensis Gazdzicki et al. 1978SG93
    |--T. mortenseniFE66
    |--T. muellendorfensisFE66
    |--T. petasiformisFE66
    |--T. pralongiaeFE66
    |--T. quinquelobataFE66
    |--T. raraFE66
    |--T. rigaudaeFE66
    |--T. rosettaFE66
    |--T. rotulaFE66
    |--T. sinaiensisFE66
    |--T. speciosaFE66
    |--T. synapta Gilliland 1992SG93
    |--T. tuberculaFE66
    |--T. venustaFE66
    |--T. vetustaFE66
    `--T. wessexensisFE66

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FE66] Frizzell, D. L., & H. Exline. 1966. Holothuroidea—fossil record. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt U. Echinodermata 3 vol. 2 pp. U646–U672. The Geological Society of America, Inc., and The University of Kansas Press.

[SG93] Simms, M. J., A. S. Gale, P. Gilliland, E. P. F. Rose & G. D. Sevastopulo. 1993. Echinodermata. In: Benton, M. J. (ed.) The Fossil Record 2 pp. 491–528. Chapman & Hall: London.

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