Thelyphonus sp., copyright Arthur Anker.

Belongs within: Uropygi.

The Thelyphoninae is a group of whipscorpions found in south-east Asia and Melanesia (Rowland & Cooke 1973).

Characters (from Rowland & Cooke 1973): Tarsal segments of first leg of female usually modified (except in Minbosius manilanus and Abaliella rohdei), variously incrassate or apophysate; pedipalpal patellar apophysis of male unmodified, occasionally longer than in female; abdominal sternites II and III modified; two, four or no ommatoids present; keel present between lateral and median eyes; posterior abdominal tergites divided.

<==Thelyphoninae [Thelyphonini]
    |--Minbosius Speijer 1936RC73
    |    `--*M. manilanus (Koch 1843)RC73
    |--Chajnus Speijer 1936RC73
    |    `--*C. renschi Speijer 1936RC73
    |--Glyptogluteus Rowland 1973RC73
    |    `--*G. augustus Rowland 1973RC73
    |--Ginosigma Speijer 1936RC73
    |    |--*G. schimkewitschi (Tarnani 1894)RC73
    |    `--G. lombokensis Speijer 1936RC73
    |--Tetrabalius Thorell 1888RC73, H02
    |    |--*T. seticauda (Doleschall 1857)RC73
    |    `--T. nasutus Thorell 1889RC73
    |--Abaliella Strand 1928 [=Abalius Kraepelin 1897 (preoc.)]RC73
    |    |--*A. rohdei (Kraepelin 1897)RC73
    |    |--A. dicranotarsalis Rowland 1973RC73
    |    |--A. gertschi Rowland 1973RC73
    |    |--A. manilana (Kraepelin 1901)RC73
    |    |--A. samoana (Kraepelin 1879)RC73
    |    `--A. willeyi (Pocock 1898)RC73
    `--Thelyphonus Latreille 1802H02 [=Telyphonus (l. c.)KK90]
         |--*T. caudatus (Linnaeus 1758)RC73 [=Phalangium caudatumH02; incl. T. thorellii Tarnani 1890T94]
         |--T. anthracinus Pocock 1894RC73
         |--T. antillanusT94
         |--T. asperatus Thorell 1888RC73
         |--T. assamensis Stoliczka 1869 [=Telyphonus assamensis]S69
         |--T. billitonensis Speijer 1931RC73
         |--T. borneensis Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. burchardi Kraepelin 1912RC73
         |--T. celebensis Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. doriae Thorell 1888RC73
         |--T. grandis Speijer 1931RC73
         |--T. hanseni Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. ignotusT94
         |--T. insulanus Koch & Keyserling 1884RC73, KK90
         |--T. javanusT94
         |--T. kinabaluensis Speijer 1933RC73
         |--T. klugi Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. lawrencei Rowland 1973RC73
         |--T. leucurus Pocock 1898RC73
         |--T. linganus Koch 1843RC73
         |--T. manillanusP00
         |--T. pococki Tarnani 1901RC73
         |--T. proscorpiusT94
         |--T. rufipes [=Telyphonus rufipes]D57
         |--T. schimkewitschiiP00
         |--T. schnehageni Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. semperi Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. sepiaris Butler 1873RC73 [incl. T. nigrescens Butler 1873T89]
         |--T. seticauda Doleschall 1857 [=Telyphonus seticauda]D57
         |--T. spinimanus [=Telyphonus spinimanus]S69
         |--T. stimpsonii Wood 1861 [=Telyphonus stimpsonii]S69
         |--T. sucki Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. sumatranus Kraepelin 1897RC73
         |--T. vanoorti Speijer 1936RC73
         `--T. wayi Pocock 1900RC73

*Type species of generic name indicated


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