Thlipsura robusta, right valve, from Benson et al. (1961).

Belongs within: Healdiocopina.

The Thlipsuridae are a group of ostracods known from the Silurian and Devonian periods (Whatley et al. 1993).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Carapace subovate to elongate-subelliptical in lateral view, subelliptical to subquadrate in dorsal view; dorsal border convex; ventral border nearly straight or, in some species, slightly concave; ends round or subround; valves unequal, in known species, left valve overreaching right valve on all margins, overlap slight; lateral surfaces convex except for pits, furrows, or depressed areas and posterior end of carapace, which is characteristically compressed.

|--Conbathella inornata Copeland 1974WSB93
|--Eustephanella Swartz & Swain 1942 [incl. Eustephanus Swartz & Swain 1941 non Reichenbach 1849]BB61
| `--*E. catastephanes (Swartz & Swain 1941) [=Eustephanus catastephanes]BB61
|--Favulella Swartz & Swain 1941BB61
| `--*F. favulosa (Jones 1889) [=Bythocypris favulosa]BB61
|--Hyphasmaphora Van Pelt 1933BB61
| `--*H. textiligera Van Pelt 1933BB61
|--Ponderodictya Coryell & Malkin 1936 [incl. Hamiltonella Stewart 1936]BB61
| `--P. punctulifera (Hall 1860) (see below for synonymy)BB61
|--Rothella Wilson 1935BB61
| `--*R. recta (Roth 1929) [=Dizygopleura recta]BB61
|--Stibus Swartz & Swain 1941BB61
| `--*S. kothornostibus Swartz & Swain 1941BB61
|--Thlipsurina Bassler 1941BB61
| `--*T. elongata Bassler 1941BB61
|--Thlipsuroides Morris & Hill 1951BB61
| `--*T. thlipsuroides Morris & Hill 1951BB61
|--Thlipsuropsis Swartz & Whitmore 1956BB61
| `--*T. diploglyptulis Swartz & Whitmore 1956BB61
|--Thrallella Stewart & Hendrix 1945BB61
| `--*T. phaseolina Stewart & Hendrix 1945BB61
|--Thlipsurella Swartz 1932BB61
| |--*T. ellipsoclefta Swartz 1932BB61
| `--T. fossataS61
|--Polyzygia Gürich 1896WSB93, BB61
| |--*P. symmetrica Gürich 1896BB61
| `--P. neodevonica (Matern 1929)WSB93
|--Eucraterellina Wilson 1935BB61
| |--*E. randolphi Wilson 1935BB61
| |--E. crateriformisBB61
| `--E. oblongaBB61
|--Octonaria Jones 1887BB61
| |--*O. octoformis Jones 1887BB61
| |--O. bifurcataBB61
| `--O. laevilatataBB61
|--Thlipsura Jones & Holl 1869 [incl. Craterellina Ulrich & Bassler 1913]BB61
| |--*T. corpulenta Jones & Holl 1869BB61
| |--T. confluensBB61
| |--T. furcaS61
| |--T. plicata [incl. T. plicata var. unipunctata Jones 1887]C01
| |--T. robustaBB61
| `--T. v-scripta [incl. T. v-scripta var. discreta Hones 1887]C01
`--Strepulites Coryell & Malkin 1936 [incl. Octonariella Bassler 1941]BB61
|--*S. mooki Coryell & Malkin 1936BB61
|--S. crescentiformisBB61
|--S. divectusBB61
`--S. quadricostataBB61

Ponderodictya punctulifera (Hall 1860) [=Leperditia punctulifera; incl. Cytherella bispinulatus Stewart 1927, *Ponderodictya bispinulata]BB61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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