Thracia phaseolina, from here.

Belongs within: Pholadomyoida.

The Thraciidae are a group of usually deep water bivalves with a tightly closing shell found buried in mud or silt.

|--Phragmorisma watsoniBRW98
|--Thraciopsis angustata Angas 1867TW07
|--Parvithracia Finlay 1927P61
| |--*P. suteri Finlay 1927P61 [=Montacuta triquetra Suter 1913 non Verrill & Bush 1898F27b, *P. triquetraP61]
| `--P. cuneata Powell 1937P61
| |--A. huaughaensis Xu 1989XZ10
| `--A. villosiorC64
| |--C. dubiosa Dall 1915PP78
| |--C. plicata [=Thracia plicata]C64
| |--C. semirugosaWE63
| `--C. undulata Conrad 1854C64
`--Thracia Blainville 1824P61 [incl. Cetothrax Iredale 1949BRW98, Eximiothracia Iredale 1924P61]
|--*T. corbuloidea Blainville 1824D56
|--T. alciope Angas 1872TW07
|--T. conradiBRW98
|--T. convexaN79
|--T. curta [incl. T. trapezoides]C64
|--T. dissimilisG79
|--T. distortaPC11
|--T. haasti Woods 1917 [=Eximiothracia haasti]F27a
|--T. mactropsis Conrad 1856C64
|--T. magna M. & M. 1921 [=Eximiothracia magna]F27a
|--T. meridionalisBRW98
|--T. modesta Angas 1867H09 [=Eximiothracia modestaBRW98]
|--T. ovalisBRW98
|--T. papyracea [=Tellina papyracea]J64
|--T. persacrosaBRW98
|--T. phaseolinaN79 [=Amphidesma phaseolinaJ64]
|--T. pubescensBBB-S95
|--T. septentrionalis Jeffreys 1872 [=T. truncata Mighels & Adams 1842 non Brown 1827]J49
|--T. speciosa Angas 1869D56, H09 [=*Eximiothracia speciosaD56, Thraciopsis speciosaH09]
|--T. squamosaC64
|--T. vegrandis M. & M. 1919 [=Eximiothracia vegrandis]F27a
|--T. villosiusculaN79 [=Anatina villosiusculaJ64, T. papyracea var. villosiusculaJ64]
`--T. vitrea (Hutton 1873)P61 [=Lyonsia vitreaD56, Eximiothracia vitreaD56]

Nomen nudum: Thracia obtusa Mighels 1841J49

*Type species of generic name indicated


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