Features of Aedeastria latifrons, from De Boer (1993).

Belongs within: Clypeata.
Contains: Melampsalta.

The Tibicinidae include often smaller cicadas in which the males lack tymbal covers on the abdomen so the tymbals are completely exposed (Carver et al. 1991).

<==Tibicinidae [Tibicininae]
|–Prasiini DB93
|    |–Arfaka Distant 1905 DB93
|    |–Jacatra Distant 1905 DB93
|    |–Prasia Stål 1863 DB93
|    `–Lembeja Distant 1892 DB93
|         `–L. brunneosa WEE70
`–+–Gymnotympana Stål 1861 DB93
|–Venustria Goding & Froggatt 1904 DB93
|–Baeturia Stål 1866 DB93, DB91
|    |–B. flava Goding & Froggatt 1904 DB93
|    |–B. kuroiwae (Matsumura 1913) I92
|    `–B. loriae DB91
|–Scottotympana De Boer 1991 DB93
|    |–*S. biardae De Boer 1991 DB91
|    |–S. huibregtsae De Boer 1991 DB91
|    `–S. sahebdivanii De Boer 1991 DB91
`–+–+–Chlorocysta Westwood 1851 DB93
|  |–Glaucopsaltria Goding & Froggatt 1904 DB93
|  `–Owra Ashton 1912 DB93
`–+–+–Cystopsaltria Goding & Froggatt 1904 DB93
|  `–Cystosoma Westwood 1842 DB93
|       `–C. saundersii CGW91
`–+–+–‘Baeturia’ humilis Blöte 1960 DB93
|  `–‘Baeturia’ viridicata Distant 1897 DB93
`–+–Thaumastopsaltria Kirkaldy 1900 DB93, DB91
|    |–T. lanceola DB93
|    |–T. sarissa DB93
|    `–T. sicula DB93
`–Aedeastria De Boer 1990 DB93
|–*A. cobrops DB93
|–A. bullata De Boer 1993 DB93
|–A. cheesmanae De Boer 1993 DB93
|–A. digitata (Blöte 1960) [=Baeturia digitata] DB93
|–A. dilobata De Boer 1993 DB93
|–A. hastulata De Boer 1993 DB93
|–A. kaiensis De Boer 1993 DB93
|–A. latifrons (Blöte 1960) [=Baeturia latifrons] DB93
|–A. moluccensis De Boer 1993 DB93
|–A. obiensis De Boer 1993 DB93
|–A. sepia DB93
`–A. waigeuensis De Boer 1993 DB93

Tibicinidae incertae sedis:
Heuchys fusca ZA05
Scieroptera splendidula ZA05
Abroma ZA05
|–A. maculicollis ZA05
|–A. pumila (Dist. 1892) [=Tibicen pumilus] D14
`–A. tahanensis ZA05
Lemuriana ZA05
Muda obtusa ZA05
Ueana D14
|–U. harmonia Kirk 1905 [incl. U. polymnia Kirk 1905] D14
|–U. lifuana (Montr. 1861) [=Cicada lifuana] D14
`–U. rosacea (Dist. 1892) [=Melampsalta rosacea] D14
Kanakia typica Dist. 1892 D14
Melampsalta D14
Taurella viridis MC13
Urabunana CGW91
Cicadetta CGW91
|–C. crucifera CGW91
|–C. melete C91
|–C. montana RD77
|–C. rubricincta C70
`–C. tympanistria Kirkaldy 1907 K08
Froggattoides typicus CGW91
Abricta curvicosta CGW91
Tibicen E66
|–T. canicularis E66
|–T. chloromera E66
|–T. dealbata E66
|–T. dorsata E66
|–T. linnei E66
|–T. lyricen E66
|–T. marginalis E66
|–T. pruinosa E66
|–T. robinsoniana E66
`–T. vitripennis E66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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