Male Baclozygum depressum, from Insects of Tasmania.

Belongs within: Cimicomorpha.
Contains: Cantacaderinae, Tinginae.

The Tingoidea are a group of mostly plant-feeding bugs that lack trichobothria on the head. The costal fracture on the wings is reduced, tarsi are two-segmented and spermatheca are non-functional (Shcherbakov & Popov 2002). The greater number of species belong to the Tingidae, lace bugs, which are characterised by an often ornate lace-like ornamentation of the thorax and wings. The Thaumastocoridae are a group of small, flattened bugs with a relictual distribution in India, Australia and the Americas, characterised by an apical process on the tibiae that is almost as long as the small, slender tarsi (Carver et al. 1991). Joppeicus paradoxus is a small bug found in Asia Minor that preys on other insects on Ficus and usually carries its rostrum directed anteriorly (Richards & Davies 1977).

    |  i. s.: Ignotingis Zhang, Golub et al. 2005 [Ignotingidae]ZG05
    |           `--*I. mirifica Zhang, Golub et al. 2005ZG05
    |--JoppeicusRD77 [JoppeicidaeSP02]
    |    `--J. paradoxusRD77
    |--Thaumastocoridae [Thaumastocoroidea, Thaumastotheriidae]SP02
    |    |  i. s.: Onymocoris hackeriWEE70
    |    |--Thaicoris Kormilev 1969 [Thaicorinae]ZG05
    |    |--XylastodorinaeCGW91
    |    |    |--Discocoris Kormilev 1955ZG05
    |    |    |--Proxylastodoris Heiss & Popov 2002ZG05
    |    |    `--Xylastodoris luteolusRD77
    |    `--ThaumastocorinaeCGW91
    |         |--ThaumastocorisG75
    |         |    |--T. australicusG75
    |         |    `--T. hackeriWEE70
    |         `--BaclozygumCGW91
    |              |--B. brevipilosumWEE70
    |              `--B. depressumCGW91
    `--+--AnommatocorisRD77 [VianaididaeG75]
       |    `--A. coleoptrata [=Vianaida coleoptrata]RD77
            |  i. s.: Tanybyrsa cumberi Drake 1959H82
            |         Stephanitis Stål 1873ZG05
            |           |--S. pyriRD77
            |           |--S. pyrioidesCGW91
            |           |--S. queenslandensisCGW91
            |           `--S. rhododendriCGW91
            |         CorythuchaTW05
            |         VianagrammaGE05
            |         Golmonia Popov 1989GE05, ZG05 [Golmoniini]
            |         Acalypta marcophthalmaH01
            |         MonanthiaK08
            |           |--M. echii [incl. M. wolfii]H01
            |           `--M. natalensis (Stal 1855) [=Physatocheila natalensis]K08
            |         Teleonemia scrupulosaCGW91
            |         Nethersia maculosaG75
            |         Bunotingis camelinusG75
            |         Froggattia Horvarth 1902CGW91, B88
            |           `--F. oliviniaCGW91
            |         Holophygdon Kirkaldy 1908K08
            |           `--*H. melanesica Kirkaldy 1908K08
            |         Gargaphia solaniK08, BR07
            |         Nesocypselas Kirkaldy 1908K08
            |           `--*N. dicysta Kirkaldy 1908K08
            |         DerephysiaK08
            |         Nesocysta Kirkaldy 1908K08
            |           `--*N. rugata Kirkaldy 1908K08
            |         EotingisP92
            `--Serenthia [Serenthiinae]D55
                 |--S. angolana Drake 1955D55
                 |--S. femoralisH01
                 `--S. longa Drake 1954D55

*Type species of generic name indicated


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