Femora of Antarctosaurus wichmannianus, copyright Beatrice Murch.

Belongs within: Camarasauromorpha.
Contains: Lithostrotia.

The Titanosauria are a clade of sauropods that has been defined as all taxa closer to Saltasaurus than Brachiosaurus. Members of this clade are characterised by a prominent caudolateral expansion of the caudal end of the sternal plate, and an extremely robust radius and ulna with the radius proximal width at least 33% of its length (Upchurch et al. 2004). Many titanosaurs, placed in the clade Lithostrotia,
possessed a dorsal armour of scattered dermal osteoderms.

<==Titanosauria [Titanosauridae, Titanosaurinae, Titanosauroidea]
    |--Andesaurus Calvo & Bonaparte 1991WU03, UBD04 [Andesauridae]
    |    `--A. delgadoi Calvo & Bonaparte 1991UBD04
    |--Phuwiangosaurus Martin, Buffetaut & Suteethorn 1994UBD04
    |    `--P. sirindhornae Martin, Buffetaut & Suteethorn 1994UBD04
       `--Austrosaurus Longman 1933UBD04
            `--A. mckillopi Longman 1933UBD04
Titanosauria incertae sedis:
  Aegyptosaurus Stromer 1932UBD04
    `--A. baharijensis Stromer 1932UBD04
  Aepysaurus elephantinus Gervais 1853 (n. d.)N85, UBD04
  Algoasaurus bauri Broom 1904 (n. d.)N85, UBD04
  Campylodoniscus Kuhn 1961 (n. d.)N85, UBD04
    `--*C. ameghinoi (Huene 1929) [=Campylodon ameghinoi]UBD04
  Macrurosaurus semnus Seeley 1869 (n. d.)N85, UBD04
  Tangvayosaurus Allain, Taquet et al. 1999UBD04
    `--T. hoffeti Allain, Taquet et al. 1999UBD04
  Iuticosaurus Le Loeuff 1993 (n. d.)WU03
    |--*I. valdensis (Huene 1929) (n. d.) [=Titanosaurus valdensis]UBD04
    `--I. lydekkeri (Huene 1929) (n. d.) [=Titanosaurus lydekkeri]WU03
  Hypselosaurus Matheron 1869D07
    `--H. priscus Matheron 1869 (n. d.)APS03
  Argentinosaurus Bonaparte & Coria 1993UBD04
    `--A. huinculensis Bonaparte & Coria 1993UBD04
  Chubutisaurus Corro 1974UBD04
    `--C. insignis Corro 1974UBD04
  Mongolosaurus haplodon Gilmore 1933 (n. d.)WS98, UBD04
  Agustinia Bonaparte 1999UBD04
    `--A. ligabuei Bonaparte 1999UBD04
  Janenschia Wild 1991UBD04
    `--J. robusta (Fraas 1908) [=Gigantosaurus robustus, Tornieria robustus]UBD04
  Venenosaurus Tidwell, Carpenter & Meyer 2001UBD04
    `--V. dicrocei Tidwell, Carpenter & Meyer 2001UBD04
  Bruhathkayosaurus Yadagiri & Ayyasami 1989D07
    `--B. matleyi Yadagiri & Ayyasami 1987 (n. d.)UBD04
  Adamantinasaurus mezzaliraiF12
  Amazonsaurus maranhensisF12
  Baurutitan britoiF12
  Bonatitan reigiF12
  Borealosaurus wimaniF12
  Daxiatitan binglingiF12
  Erketu ellisoniF12
  Fusuisaurus zhaoiF12
    |--H. liujiaxiaensisF12
    `--H. ruyangensisP10
  Ligabuesaurus leanzaiF12
  Malarguesaurus florenciaeF12
  Muyelensaurus pecheniF12
  Puertasaurus reuiliF12
  Rinconsaurus caudamimusF12
  Uberabatitan riberoiF12
  Gobititan shenzhouensisP10
  Ruyangosaurus giganteusP10
  Baotianmansaurus henanensisP10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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