Tolypothrix tenuis, copyright Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa.

Belongs within: Nostocaceae.

The Tolypothrichaceae are terrestrial or freshwater blue-green algae producing polarised filaments (Hauer et al. 2014).

Characters (from Hauer et al. 2014): Polarised filaments with mainly basal, uniporous heterocytes. Single false branching very common, double branching occuring sporadically. Sheath thick or thin, but always present, sometimes coloured in yellow to yellow brown. Cells shorter or longer than wide, or isodiametric. Trichome not, or very slightly, attenuated toward end. Reproduction by hormogonia with heteropolar germination, hormocytes, or trichome disintegration. Characteristic sequence TTAAAGGA at beginning of 16S–23S ITS region, i.e., starting at position 1,540 relative to 16S rRNA gene of Escherichia coli strain K-12.

<==Tolypothrichaceae [Tolypotrichoideae]HB14
    |--+--Coleodesmium Borzì ex Geitler 1942 [incl. Coleodesmiopsis]HB14
    |  |    `--*C. wrangeliiHB14
    |  `--Spirirestis Flechtner & Johansen in Flechtner et al. 2002HB14
    |       `--*S. rafaelensisHB14
    `--+--+--Rexia Casamatta, Gomez & Johansen 2006HB14
       |  |    `--*R. erectaHB14
       |  `--Hassallia Berkeley ex Bornet & Flahault 1886HB14
       |       |--*H. byssoideaHB14
       |       |--H. compactaG64
       |       |--H. limbataG64
       |       |--H. ocellataG64
       |       `--H. turfosaG64
       `--+--‘Hassallia’ antarcticaHB14
          `--Tolypothrix Kützing ex Bornet & Flahault 1886HB14
               |  i. s.: T. berkeleyanaG64
               |         T. byssoideaSJP60
               |         T. dillwyniiG64
               |         T. irregularis Berkeley 1855L27
               |         T. niveaG64
               |         T. punctataG64
               |         T. rufescensG64
               |--*T. distortaHB14
               `--+--T. fasciculataHB14 [=Calothrix fasciculataG64]
                  `--T. tenuis Kützing 1843HB14, C01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C01] Castenholz, R. W. 2001. Phylum BX. Cyanobacteria: oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria. In: Boone, D. R., R. W. Castenholz & G. M. Garrity (eds) Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd ed. vol. 1. The Archaea and the Deeply Branching and Phototrophic Bacteria pp. 473–599. Springer.

[G64] Gray, J. E. 1864. Handbook of British Water-weeds or Algae. R. Hardwicke: London.

[HB14] Hauer, T., M. Bohunická, J. R. Johansen, J. Mareš & E. Berrendero-Gomez. 2014. Reassessment of the cyanobacterial family Microchaetaceae and establishment of new families Tolypothrichaceae and Godleyaceae. Journal of Phycology 50: 1089–1100.

[L27] Laing, R. M. 1927. A reference list of New Zealand marine algae. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 126–185.

[SJP60] St. John, H., & W. R. Philipson. 1960. List of the flora of Oeno Atoll, Tuamotu Archipelago, south-central Pacific Ocean. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 88 (3): 401–403.

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