Tomocerus minor, copyright Francisco Welter-Schultes.

Belongs within: Collembola.

The Tomoceridae are a group of elongate springtails in which the third abdominal segment is longer than the fourth (Womersley 1939).

Characters (from Womersley 1939): Postantennal organ absent. Abdominal segment 3 longer than 4, all tergites free. With or without scales, if present then these with longitudinal ribs. Ciliated sensory setae present on abdominal segments or not. Furca present and well developed.

|  i. s.: Lasiofinus CP02
|         Entomocerus Christiansen & Pike 2002 CP02
|           `–*E. mirus Christiansen & Pike 2002 CP02
|–Lepidophorellinae W39
|    |–Neophorella Womersley 1934 [Neophorellini] S-AB08
|    |–Lepidophorella Schäffer 1897 (see below for synonymy) S-AB08
|    |    |–L. australis Carpenter 1925 W39
|    |    `–L. brachycephala (Moniez 1894) [=Drepanura brachycephala] W39
|    |–Antennacyrtus Salmon 1941 S-AB08
|    |–Lasofinius Ireson & Greenslade 1990 S-AB08
|    `–Novacerus Salmon 1942 S-AB08
`–Tomocerinae S-AB08
|–Aphaenomurus Yosii 1956 S-AB08
|–Monodontocerus Yosii 1955 S-AB08
|–Tritomurus Frauenfeld 1854 S-AB08
`–Tomocerus Nicolet 1842 CB80
|  i. s.: T. bicolor (Say 1821) (n. d.) [=Podura bicolor] CB80
|         T. iricolor Say 1821 (n. d.) CB80
|         T. longicornis (Müller 1776) [=Podura longicornis] CB80
|         T. lubbocki Schäffer 1900 S00
|         T. niger Bourlet 1839 (n. d.) CB80
|         T. nigritus Maynard 1951 (n. d.) CB80
|         T. tasmanicus Womersley 1935 W39
|–T. (Tomocerus) CB80
|    |–*T. (T.) minor (Lubbock 1862) CB80 (see below for synonymy)
|    `–T. (T.) vulgaris (Tullberg 1871) CB80, W39
|–T. (Lethemurus Yosii 1970) CB80
|    `–T. (*L.) missus Mills 1949 [=T. (Tritomurus) missus] CB80
|–T. (Plutomurus Yosii 1956) CB80
|    |–‘Tritomurus’ riugadoensis Yosii 1939 [=*Plutomurus riugadoensis] CB80
|    |–T. (P.) brevimucronatus Denis 1929 CB80
|    |–T. (P.) californicus Folsom 1913 [=Tritomuruc californicus; incl. Tr. oregonensis Denis 1929] CB80
|    |–T. (P.) grahami Christiansen 1980 CB80
|    `–T. (P.) wilkeyi Christiansen 1965 CB80
|–T. (Pogonognathellus Paclt 1944) (see below for synonymy) CB80
|    |–T. (*P.) plumbeus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Podura plumbea, *Pogonognathus plumbeus] CB80
|    |–T. (P.) bidentatus Folsom 1913 (see below for synonymy) CB80
|    |–T. (P.) celsus Christiansen 1965 CB80
|    |–T. (P.) dubius Christiansen 1965 CB80
|    |–T. (P.) elongatus Maynard 1951 [=*Maynardia elongata] CB80
|    `–T. (P.) flavescens (Tullberg 1871) (see below for synonymy) CB80
|–T. (Tomocerina Yosii 1955) CB80
|    |–T. (*T.) minutus Tullberg 1876 CB80
|    |–T. (T.) curtus Christiansen 1965 CB80
|    |–T. (T.) lamelliferus Mills 1934 CB80
|    `–T. (T.) teres Christiansen 1965 CB80
`–T. (Tomolonus Mills 1949) CB80
`–T. (*T.) reductus (Mills 1949) [=*Tomolonus reductus] CB80

Lepidophorella Schäffer 1897 [incl. Millsia Womersley 1942, Pseudolepidophorella Salmon 1941; Lepidophorellini] S-AB08

Tomocerus (Pogonognathellus Paclt 1944) [=Pogonognathus Börner 1908 non Agassiz 1846; incl. Architomocerura Denis 1931, Maynardia Yosii 1956] CB80

Tomocerus (Pogonognathellus) bidentatus Folsom 1913 [incl. Tritomurus henroti Delamare 1949, To. jeanneli Bonet 1934] CB80

Tomocerus (Pogonognathellus) flavescens (Tullberg 1871) [=Macrotoma flavescens; incl. T. albus Packard 1877, T. americanus Schött 1896, T. arcticus Schött 1893, *Architomocerura crassicauda Denis 1931, T. pallidus Packard 1888, T. separatus Folsom 1913] CB80

*Tomocerus (Tomocerus) minor (Lubbock 1862) CB80 [=Macrotoma minor CB80; incl. M. tridentifera Tullberg 1872 CB80, Tomocerus tridentifer S00]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[W39] Womersley, H. 1939. Primitive Insects of South Australia: Silverfish, springtails, and their allies. South Australian Branch of the British Science Guild: Adelaide.

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